[] Cold FS Saboteur-pure DW melee,no greens Gladiator viable


This is my first new build since the re-roll.
Saboteur is one of the weakest classes in the game.This class combo offers very little protection,almost no valuable resistances,little health,mines are always hated,but this char has some nice item support available for dual wield melee.John Smith put on map Sabo in 7.1 patch and I am going to try to make it regain some of the lost glory.John’s build took more defensive stance,while I go to offensive route.N&O allows player to chart crazy devotion routs,so here it is.


Here’s my latest version. Super offensive devotion map but also with Bat and enough defense to feel tanky.


Update GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G4ybnV

Here’s video from Crucible 150-170 -6:40!


Changed the build to match the current state of GD. Build is very safe now clear rate with this version is 100 % 9 out of 9 in my playthrough. Crucible times are all solid under 7.40, fastest is 7.05. Only way you can go over 8 minutes is if you are not concentrated like me and forget to trigger Blade Spirits and they proc Ultos :sweat_smile:
Still you need to be careful in 169 and not stand still in middle of the arena!

Very good passive defenses can help you, AdctH, Blast Shield, Prismatic Diamond, Ghoul, Serenity and ofc Pneumatic burst.

In SR build is not safe enough for high shards, though in that configuration. Still can beat 75 in easy boss combo!


  • permanent buffs only, DPS should be higher if you are not stupid like me and use Searing Strike :sweat:

GT :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25ob9lZ

YouTube from 150-170 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqNByXW6neM

YouTube from SR 75 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOxYSdUZdzo&feature=youtu.be


GT linkhttps://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkodrdN

If you feel DA is low and dont’t have good rolls on items,put more points in Temper.Usual idea of Sabo is to boost only wps,but here I used Fire strike to deal more damage as well.Conversion from head and belt push dps to over 150 k.Rimetongue set is at home and Mageslayer RR is crucial for succes.Devotion route-idea is to get Ultos,Amatok and Yugol.Yugol is good here,because of N&O conversions.




Crucible time is actually not bad.I can do 3 runs in same buff duration,if I manage to survive and this Sabo after all.Actually I am not sure what’s build potential.I am bad pilot and have severe lag on my old laptop,I think this build have potential to go under 7 minutes for sure.Kuba is PITA for cold builds,double Reaper can burst you in seconds,Kymon DA debuff is dangerous,kill Kaisan before poison crystals kills you:p

>>>>>Final words<<<<<

Actually comparing builds my times with Sabo are not that far behind Deathmarked BM and this is certainly not meme build.Plus cold FS with Nightblade wps is fun to play with!


All I see is a GT to an ugdenbog chillstrife :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that might be the wrong grimtools link

Nery corrected it just now.

Oops,obviously blank char with one Chillstrife is not my guy:D.Corrected and embed the video.

Build looks good on paper but barely making it to 8 minutes with 4 (!) blessings and a banner is a laughable performance from cold melee Nightblade. And it’s not Nery’s fault, I think he did everything he could here. It just shows how still weak and meme-tier Sabouter is and with him how weak and meme-tier Nex and Ortus have became. Shame.

@Nery Great effort, mate, you did what you could.

Thanks!In my video I had toughened mutator,combine with lag,without it will be faster,but I can’t see much ground for improvement.On top of that Sabo don’t have many options.My theory crafts with Harra resulted in bad core stats and surviving is questionable.

since i probably wont every get around to posting this ill just leave it here… it is my shattered balance saboteur… safest sabo (oxymoron i know) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV74zQJZ Moar armor and moar phys resist. Kill speeds are still good. ~220k - 260k executes on dummy without the shattered total damage buff up… with prismatic diamond and shattered set buff up damage is crazy in those windows.
17 second dummy reset… dps output is higher with the yugol procs + shattered set total damage buffs.

I also feel like this might be the only sabo that can do SR with reliability. Ive cleared 67 but gave up… I think 75 might be possible with good piloting and good mutators.


feel free to test and update post if you like it

That looks interesting.SR set and Sage instead of Ultos.I have not played recently in SR,but in new patch might give it go.You have very unorthodox ideas:)

I’ve been looking for an N+O saboteur build, I think that yours looks like the best out there. Though I think I’ll combine your ideas with Nery’s thought to use the alkamos rings, that dmg % reduction from proc should really come in handy with a glassy build like this (in hardcore).

FYI, I’m wondering how many builds are going to start showing up with the SR set now…I’m thinking that there will be a bunch that I will want to try out.

SR set proc is indeed intriguing.If you don’t use Alky rings,you can always slap Kymon will as augment,although the ring proc is more reliable.

Build updated!

Now it’s safe and times are decent in Crucible.

Hey I forgot Searing Strike, damn :blush:

Build updated!

New GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G4ybnV

New video 6:40

Also created very good devotion map for cold!

Hey @mad_lee why despite the tons of procs and better sheet damage build is slower than your Sabo with SR set?

I think yours should be faster (although I have no idea how you are surviving with that armor/phys res). I don’t particulary like your devotion map tho, you might be lacking flat RR in crucial moments. I would also definitely overcap mines and softcap Flashbang for better results.

Also, I am a faster pilot, so there is that.

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Thanks for the input. Actually this devotion map is faster than classical with DG for around 10-15 seconds in my playing with limited number of tries.

Build have around 90% or close success rate. Blast Shield, Ghoul, Serenity, Life Steal, Dodge, Deflect, Flashbang, Diamond, so many defenses, hard to die.

Hey @Nery, being hunkered down at home now has given me some inspiration to level another character, and I figured why not try something with my 2 favourite masteries. :+1:

I really like the looks of your build, leveling will take me awhile but I also want to try and acquire as many pieces as possible with other chars while I’m doing that. The obvious issue are the Alkamos rings, I do have one but getting the other will take a major sacrifice to RNGesus, do you have any alternate rings for the build in the meantime?

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Yes, actually with Yugol constellation providing damage reduction there’s less incentive to use Alkamos rings. I would use Elemental balance rings. They’re level 82 and craftable.

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That’s exactly what I was hoping you’d say, haha. Tyvm.

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Hey @Nery, I’m into the final stretch of leveling my Sabo and was wondering if you had a suggestion for a more offensive relic? I’m most likely going to stick to MC with this char so I don’t think I need the extra resists of Serenity. Do you like Nidalla’s? Yugol’s? Another one perhaps?

If you want offensive relic, then I can’t look past Nidalla. Proc is nice, you still get +1 Nightblade. Nemesis or Belgo are also possible. I don’t like Yugol because it doesn’t have + class. And skill is same as EoR, so can’t be used.

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