Some small stuff

These are my suggestions

1. Barrowholm Rescue Mission-

For the Barrowholm rescue quest give us the option to send those people we find in the Bog elsewhere. When we do this make Barrowholm go hostile with us

2. Opportunity to go hostile with Barrowholm-

When we learn about them being Cannibals we get the dialogue option “I’m going to put a stop to this”. Clicking it doesn’t really do anything. Give us the opportunity to kill Scorv and lay waste to that place

3. New Harbor Side Quests-

[spoiler]New Harbor, if one does save everyone in that small town it’d be nice to get some repair quests and scavenge quests related to New Harbor from them and the Rovers.



These are small things and don’t impact gameplay at all but they’d be nice additions

“Small” is such an understatement. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh come on. It’s just a few lines of dialog, right? Right? How hard could it be?

(Don’t hurt me.)

This may be true. But Chthon makes sense, really.

New Harbor and Rovers are too close to each other for some sort of interaction not to take place. While we have the option to burn the whole place down because of our actions, why don’t we add an option to save them instead?
Let Rovers help, let them rebuild their settlement.

About Barrowholm - definitely agreed here. While it’s fairly obvious they are cannibals, the role-playing factor is still there. We can have the option to enhance the experience, by allowing our character to intervene more with the cult in various means.

I defintely hope this is at least on your things-to-do in the future list, Big Z. Take your time.

I defintely hope this is at least on your things-to-do in the future list, Big Z. Take your time.

He’s only little z when he’s working on the small stuff.

Actually I don’t see why people are so concerned with that whole “Barrowholm are cannibals!” thing, but I agree on the New Harbor suggestion.
I’ve always wondered what was up with that place, I’ve always felt there was something odd about it.
That area is just too big and too detailed, it just reeks of “There’s more content hidden here!”, plus it doesn’t really make sense that those people would stay out there all alone, helpless against the brigands and the wilderness.
So the logical action would be to either fortify that place (basically what Chthon suggested) or to evacuate to somewhere safer (Devil’s Crossing or Homestead).


  • Perhaps the outlaws in the cages near Boris’ pit could join New Harbor if you spare them? Perhaps there’s even some more of them?
  • There’s this dead end in the Hannefy (?) mine that also always seemed odd. Perhaps a stash is hidden there that someone in New Harbor wants you to secure before he is willing to evacuate, or because it would help them to defend their village?
  • There’s also this entrance in the arkovian cemetery area near the village that leads to the Hannefy mine; I’ve found that to be a bit strange too, because it really offers no significant benefit. Perhaps this could lead to a mini-dungeon instead with some quest attached to it?

In any way, the more I think about it the more I like the idea to add a few more quests to that area. It always seemed so dull to me, I always try to get through it as fast as possible, and some more details could help to alleviate that.