Some thoughts!

I like the game and enjoy a lot

Here is what i would like to see:

1.Chicken/ Goose farm for production of meat and eggs and feathers. Feathers were used for stuffing pillows and blankets in the old days. The farm would need grain to function or vegetables. The feathers could be used with flax for production of pillows/blankets and stuff like that, so that another need. But the meat could not be used for smoking. There could be an upgrade for the backery to use eggs and flour and produce more bread and longer lasting.

  1. Sheep farms for production of wool and meat. The wool could be used for production clothing or stuff I mentioned above. Pig farms for meat and tallow

  2. Upgrade for fishing racks. The fisherman would use boats and nets to produce fish. There could be boatmakers wich use planks and flax could be used for production of nets.

4.The city walls is what i don’t like in the game. The walls schould be brighter and soldiers should be able to walk on them. The walls should have functional defence towers. Somethig like the game Stronhold as an example. A bit more realistic and functional, right now it’ very boring.

  1. More fruit varieties like cherries or plums. There could also be a distillery for liquer production. Grapes for wine production

  2. Watchmaker or jeweler which would use gold and iron ingots for some luxury goods

  3. University or something like a police station, there should be a crime factor where food or gold could be stolen if not controlled with the station. Prison, monastery, castle…

  4. The farms could have a higher tier upgrade where farmers could use animals for ploughing. Stables would be needed for horses/bulls and a plough maker or just tools and the ploughing would reduce the growing time for plants for 10%. The barracks could use the horses for building a cavalry army for example in late game

  5. Butcher wich would use meet and produce sausages or something similar , building like the backery

  6. Cement as last tier building material

Thx for reading i wish you all the best, it’s great game and i see much potential


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