Some urgently needed functionality


After building several 1k pop villages, there are few things which are a constant struggle because of how tedious they are - fighting the universe. So here is a quick list of mostly QOL things desperately needed:

  1. Auto-fertilise - this just couldn’t be more annoying and tedious, please add a button to the building which would make it auto-fertilise the least fertile field. Guessing it’s not hard to implement as there is already a mod dealing with it.

  2. A button in “P” menu to reassign all the workers - this would literally work like pressing “-” on each single profession, getting it down to 0 and then back to previous value. This would solve most of commuting issues. Another mod out there does kind of similar thing. Or make it automatic every year or so.

  3. For all the buildings in which we can adjust manufacturing rate, work area radius, number of workers etc - please enable us do that as soon as we place the building site. Literally every other city builders / rts games do that.

  4. Logs - most basic and most important resource - if there is anything I always buy from traders - it’s the logs - and if a trader doesn’t show up with logs - you are having hard times because all other trees on the map haven’t re-grown yet. Planting trees from decor menu is just too tedious, I just don’t think it was the idea to keep your peeps alive.
    Increase re-grow rate or introduce some kind forester maybe?
    I was about to mention mining stuff here but I think I’ve read it somewhere you guys are going to implement some solution to them.

  5. Arborist - too tedious, after planting the trees - some button to automatically re-plant a new tree when it’s life span came to an end? Arborist can’t be so dumb to not understand so simple need.

After reaching year 35-40 with 600-800 pop you just don’t do anything else than watching over all of the above.

  1. Trading post - not really sure how to bite it’s main issue, at the moment the only solution to it is to keep your production buildings and storehouses close to trading center. If your storehouse/production buildings is far away - like 150 tiles - they will never bring it. Watched over few years, requested to bring 100 shirts - they will go pick it, then drop it on the ground half way because they got hungry, some other folk picks it up and puts back to the very same storehouse - causing almost infinite loop, number of workers won’t really help here, it’s just going to be more of them doing the very same thing - the only solution at the moment is to relocate the storehouse but this often has serious implications on other folks working nearby. Yea, I could disable storing it in the far away store but then building it in the first place wouldn’t make sense.
    Another crucial “must do” thing here (already mentioned it somewheere else) is to replace “always keep in store” with “bring to trading post if quantity in stores exceeds a number”. At the moment “always keep in store” is literally suicidal, making it useless. Then introducing next tier and increasing number of workers would make some sense.

  2. Some kind of shelters you could spread around your village, so people could hide in there when you ring the bell during raid. At the moment there is only few folks going inside the town center and the rest of my villagers just wank around like nothing really happened.

  3. Forts/towers - when one is destroyed, your soldiers literally drop their swords and shields and run away - makes completely no sense at all. The way it works now, the only simple solution that comes to my mind is to assign them to other military buildings of the same type first (if there are free slots) before making them running away in panic?

  4. Getting food / stocking shelters - this is just playing with numbres so shouldn’t be hard to implement.
    The idea is if the villager is busy - tune the numbners a bit so he finishes his job, make him go get food when his “hunger level” goes down to let’s say 50%. Increase it to 75% when the villager is wanking around (idling) so he goes get the food sooner and be ready for his next assignment. Same with shelter stocking. Don’t know the real numbers here so the values are just example to show the idea. Makes sense, right?

  5. In the building menu UI showing number of buildings you already have / being built. Then a button or keyboard shortcut to jump to next same type building when selected. Already a mod doing it out there, so not hard to implement.

  6. It would be nice to see, some adjustment of the working area radius - like you make it bigger when you scroll up and smaller when scrolling down.

  7. Some way of destroying items - in one of my villages I ended up with 30k water stored - wtf? Now I’m literally disabling storing water in every single building. Same happens with bows at some point, you just don’t need them anymore, they just take store space and will never be used, cuz you got crossbows. Give us a way to destroy items please!

  8. Fire alarm radius could be tweaked down significantly or put it in UI so we can adjust it on our own.

  9. Minimap - like for real? Game like this without minimap?

  10. Forager priority or enable/disable what to pick

  11. Auto refill vacancies - at some point late game, when people start to die of age, need to press P almost every minute and assign new workers. This is getting tedious, please give us some kind of button to turn on auto refill.

  12. After pressing Esc, there is Seed number on the bottom of the menu, double click could copy it to the clipboard.

  13. A hotkey to hide/show trees/rocks etc - sometimes it’s problematic to place new building sites.

I really hope you can make these work if not for the upcoming update, then for the one after. I’m quite sure these small but meaningful changes would be appreciated by everyone.



Re #6, would enabling your wagons to traport goods between storage facilities help? In your shirts example, you task a wagon w bringing, e.g. 80 shirts per year from this storage facility to the one by your trader (or, even better, directly to your trader)?

I think this would be really helpful anyway, may solve one problem with another.

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Good suggestions, I agree with pretty much every point. I’m using mods where possible to fix those issues, it would be great to see them added to the base game.

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Yes, I guess that would do. Good point.

Yeah, so do I. I made this list so everyone can enjoy it the way we do :slight_smile:

Right, almost forgot, added minimap to the list ^^

Updated based on my last game - forager option to enable/disable stuff. Ended up having 1 medical root in the middle of veggies/berries. Had to build 3 foragers to get the root.

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Or at the least allow us to prioritize medicinal herbs like we now can with willow. I’ve had this happen as well.

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Another good possibility would be, as Lordy Lord mentioned, that the working radius of the collector can be adjusted, i.e. made smaller or larger

I agree with prioritization and I also find foragers involve too much micromanagement. One forager has only 1 patch of greens and 3 patches of medicinal herbs in work radius and I want those herbs. But after they are harvested, there’s nothing left to forage, I have to remember to change their work area later in the year. If there was a way to change their work areas throughout the year automatically, say click work area, a popup calendar appears, click when you want to start foraging, then place the circle.

Maybe this is too much of a crutch for my old, feeble mind, but it would greatly increase my food.


Definitely agree with the mini map. I heard there’s a mod for this but am afraid to use it lol.

What I would like to see is when viewing say a Hunter Cabin, it’ll be nice to have a toggle to click to move towards other Hunter Cabins in the area. This way it’s a quick route to check upon things whatever that resource, industry etc. is doing or requires of.

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Don’t be afraid, some mods solve few issues mentioned in the first post and they are amazing! Building helper is my fav.

Added point 16 to the list :slight_smile:

Building helper? ok now am interested. Where can I find this mod? Pls. send link when your able.
Cheers mate!

Building Helper

Read the description first!

Also you will need to download melon loader from github first:

And apply it to your game executable file, I’ve seen a tutorial somewhere around on forum.

All other mods listed:

Nexus Mods Farthest Frontier

Send me a PM if you need some further assistance

Added another QOL improvement idea to the list.

Nice. I’ll check this out later.
Thanks mate!

Is it logical to get your soldiers or enemy solder gear back after battles? That stuff is expensive, recovery/salvage should be an option.
I have used up all the nearby herbs, and have scoured the map for more. To no avail. I cannot make soap, and vendors are not bringing herbs or soap, my villagers are constantly sick. Can we adjust this balance please? I have found no in game work around. Please advise if I am doing something wrong.

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you mean you’ve used up all the nearby herbs? They do regrow so your foragers will pick them again each year. You don’t have enough? Have you explored the map to see if you can find more of them? The area you start in isn’t the whole map, there’s much more hidden away that you need to uncover by sending your villagers out to explore it - either using the exploration flag or by selecting a villager and then directing them to the area of the map you want to look at. Traders will bring herbs and soap.

Sounds like they hit the Harvest button instead of just placing the ring around the area they want worked.

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