[Something Less Clever about Burning]: Fire Flames of Ignaffar Purifier (SR75, controller friendly)

Part six of my controller friendly build series: Fire Flames of Ignaffar Purifier.

Grimtools link.

After the success of my Chaos FoI Mage hunter, I looked for other FoI avenues to pursue. Fire Purifier works, as it can clear SR75, so here are the pros and cons of the new build compared to my chaos FoI build:


  • MI main weapon
  • MI head
  • MI medal
  • MI chest
  • MIs need good prefixes and affixes to make the build work. The ones on the grimtools link are just the best I happened to have, not theoretically optimal.
  • MI main weapon pretty much needs a great casting speed roll, and is a pain to farm. The one I’m using is actually level 92, not 94, for that reason.
  • Conduit of Runic whispers requires several attempts to get right prefix and a useable affix
  • less raw damage
  • less defense
  • WAY less crit
  • worse energy management
  • has to cast thermite mine


  • may be slightly easier to level
  • more resist reduction (but not enough to offset the raw damage difference)
  • Fire may be thematically preferable for some inquisitors.

So, with all that having been said, I’m going to make this build guide short, since I doubt many people will use it. Mostly I’m publishing this because it proves that Fire FoI is a viable option for purifiers, and it also proves that it’s not the best FoI build. I don’t doubt that it can clear higher SRs with better MIs, but my chaos FoI can definitely go beyond the SR80 that I tested it at.

In game stats:

Video proof of clear

Fight tips

  • Offense: make sure your enemy is on your thermite mines.

  • Defense (excerpt from my Chaos FoI): the most important thing is to keep casting FoI, since its lifesteal will quickly heal you to full. Be careful when casting Inquisitor Seal or Word of Pain, as they interrupt your healing. With only seven points in Inquisitor Seal, you don’t need to be in it. It’s just nice.

  • Controller: if you have FoI bound to “A”(xbox)/“X”(sony)) When you interrupt FoI by casting another spell, there will be a slight delay before restarting FoI. If FoI is on “A”, the game will initiate an auto attack before realizing that FoI is available, robbing you of damage and delaying your healing. If you bind FoI to another button, this should go away.

Leveling tips

When levelling this build, you may struggle for healing. If you can get a Bloodsworn Sigil, that will help a ton. Otherwise, you have Vindictive Flame and Word of Renewal. Pay attention to your energy management in item and component choices, since it can easily get out of hand.


dude you’d forgot to add the abilities to your build on the grim tools side of thing knock knock anyone home lol!.

It literally doesn’t matter? People will use the set up they find the most comfortable and most likely switch the buttons around anyhow.

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The abilities have points in them, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which abilities the build uses. (Hint: Flames of Ignaffar) Putting the abilities on the bar doesn’t mean much, since their usage depends on how many points are in them, what devotions are bound, and what item modifiers they have. You have to look at the point distribution anyway, so, as Foehammer says, “It literally doesn’t matter.”

And maybe try not being rude, since we take the time to write these guides entirely for the benefit of others.


how would people knw the order of the abilities if they’re not listed just saying.

What order? The order to use them in? That has nothing to do with the preferred keys/buttons for the abilities. You put the abilities on whichever buttons are the most comfortable for you, based on usage. And there are 6 active abilities in total, falling into the most basic usage pattern in the game: cast buffs on yourself (Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal), cast debuffs on enemies (Word of Pain, Thermite Mine), apply damage (Flames of Ignaffar), and use mobility if you need to run away. All of that is in the video, by the way, and 60fps is worth 60,000 words per second over 120 seconds = 7,200,000 words.

Did you mean the order to level them? That depends on the gear you have available, and your levelling plan.

The order you carve them into idols to pray to? That’s not covered in this guide.*

*This writer does not endorse the usage of idols. Side effects of idols may include but are not limited to: prayers going unanswered, exile for blasphemy, eternal damnation, wasting money on idols, Aetherial Possession, Cthonic exsanguination, and/or Eldritch diarhhea. Do not use idols.
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