[Something not Very Clever about Hammers]: Elemental Scion Cadence Witchblade (SR75, controller friendly)

Part eighteen of my controller friendly build series: Elemental Cadence Scion Witchblade.

Grimtools link. The greens aren’t optimal, just the best I have.

I should shoutout Dutchy’s Scion Battlemage, which is pretty similar, but probably stronger. I considered a Battlemage, but opted for Witchblade because it offers 43% elemental resist reduction.

This build is pretty similar in playstyle to my Physical Leviathan Death Knight, so I’m going to start with the comparison to that.

Cons vs Death Knight:

  • lower health

  • lower resists

  • way lower damage

  • substantial downtime on War Cry

  • despite much higher DA, is a lot less tanky.

  • may be unable to clear SR80

  • Death Knight cruises through SR80, and can definitely go higher

  • has to cast Curse of Frailty, which is clunky with low cast speed

  • has greens

  • probably not that well done, to be completely honest

Pros vs Death Knight:

  • more OA

  • more DA

  • more room for improvement

  • cooler looking helmet

So, with all that having been said, I’m going to make this build guide short, since this is the vastly inferior build.

Video proof of clear


As usual, the resists are overcapped to deal with resist reduction on high SR. I wasn’t confident about many of the component choices, but they seemed to sort of work.

Essential Gear:

  • Scion of Arcane Force: what the build is based around

Stuff I’m pretty sure is best in slot:

  • Horns of Korvaak: AS, +1 to all skills, elemental damage, and important conversions make this an item I’m confident about.

  • The Crimson Claws: really really needed the lifesteal, and gives good AOE bonuses.

  • Boots of Primordial Rage: good stats. +2 to Cadence.

  • Shroud of Illusion: the aether conversion isn’t wasted, the OA and DA are needed, and the +2 to Cadence means it has some synergy.

  • Mark of the Dreadblade: the aether is converted, the speed is nice, the vit res is good, and the boosts to Cadence is really important. This build struggles for healing, and the 6% Cadence to health is needed.

  • Arcane Harmony Leggings: I considered Leggings of Arcane Currents, but they don’t offer much more damage (since Cadence is maxed already), and offer worse defense, and the skill disruption protection is always good to have.

Other stuff:

  • Conduit of Eldritch Whispers: would be better if it came with pierce resist. Still, offers good stuff. But there may be a better option.

  • Ugdenbog Girdle: +1 to all skills in Soldier is important, and they can come with elemental damage, which this build needs. There wasn’t anything with a lot of synergy here.

  • Rings: I had no idea what to do here. Combustion band kind of makes sense, since it gives AS, fire damage, and slight resist reduction.

  • Shoulders: Haunted Shoulderpad isn’t great. Kra’Vall’s Shoulderguards should be much stronger, but I don’t have any good ones.

  • Serenity: Doom offers more damage, but I felt like I needed the defense.


I decided to go for all 3 elemental -% RR, but I’m not sure it was worth it.

Levelling Tips

Levelling was rough. Voldrak’s Crusher was surprisingly good.


I want to share my own version of same concept: WB Ele Cadence

This is in-game stat without any buff

And this is when you have full proc

This is one of few builds that actually enjoy Chain of Anguish (especially high ADCTH) belt due to high physical res and a lot of insurance proc. If you dont like the belt, change to combo Stolen Dream belt (i need the Occultist skills much more than Soldier, and free 2 more RR/ a lot of OA) + Bane relic (you need those ADCTH from Bane relic).
My personal exp with 3 elemental -RR% devo was so awful, since i couldnt proc them frequently enough, and the set up with 3 RR% have much lower actually DPS than set up you can ignore them and go fer more powerful Elemental Devo (Phoenix + Hyrian + Crab + BLIND SAGE!). Other than that, the green rings can be farm easily in shops, and try getting maximum OA for those incredible crit damage. And final: if you dont like spirit dump, just change to physique (but i dont really need those DA until SR 8x)

Interesting. How high can it go? It looks a lot less tanky to me, especially when chain is popped. The sheet DPS is a lot higher, of course, but I only count 24% WPS, which is a lot less than my 63%; it looks like you’re just maxing single target damage. How does it fare against clumps of monsters?

Given the weapon allows Cadence to hit 5 enemies, it’s probably not bad combined with the other stuff. But yeah, in my testing I’ve found WPS invaluable for adding more DPS.