Sorcerer/Pyromancer DW Melee question

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I have some questions to ask you. In previous updates, I loved playing a dw melee sorcerer (like this build [] Lifestealer DW Fire Burn Sorceress / Sorcerer - 14s MQ, Gargabol, Fabius, Kuba, Grava) and a dw melee pyromancer too (like this build [] Corrupted Chaos Lifestealer DW Melee Pyromancer - Grim Fate Gruesome Invincible Tentacle).
However since forgotten gods nobody dared (or succeeded?) to post a dw melee build for these two classes. Is there any reason ? If not, can someone help me or offer me a viable start of build for these two classes?

Sorry for my poor english and thanks for your help !

The reason probably is very simple: time has changed, and these builds have fallen out of meta as being too inconsistent or viable only for MC. And now standards aim for Glad Crucible and SR.

This one still stands:

Had some buffes and nerfs since Nothing major though. I’ll update it once i figure out a way to improve it.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile: