Spicy Greyhounds - Low CD Fire Doggo Pyromancer Showcase []

Kinda weird name since the good names like Hot dogs and Kamikaze dogs are already taken. Also to start off with a bit of Fashion Souls!

Basically a Lost souls Hellhound focused build with LOTS of attack speed and very low cooldown on Doggos. I wanted to primarily focus on the dogs so the only other minions are the bysmiel rat and raven which mainly buff the dogs and have flat RR(Ele storm/ rat). Since the low cooldown allows for very easy resummoning, build skips BIG pet defenses like Tree of life/Ishtar route and Mogdrogen relic instead focusing on Pet attack speed with Bysmiel relic and Howl of Mog. Character itself is fairly tanky(and has to be since pets keeping aggro is not guaranteed) with decent regen, heal, blast shield and bysmiel proc allowing to tank hits(also Possession DR). Hellhounds with upto 250% attack speed is not bad (would be great with some phys to fire :confused: ). Blazing eruption(boom on death) is pretty meh imo it is pretty much on par with a 22/22 ember claw. It could really use like double the damage or maybe some extra dmg to bosses (or something like sunder’s increased dmg taken) to really make players lean into it more. Can also swap to Voidmancer’s cord/ Shadowfiend’s cord specifically for Fabius (I didn’t though it would’ve made it easier).

Current build: Pyromancer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
This is the build used for all the achievements below. Like a buffoon, I forgot to put a point in Possession which is free 9% DR. Also I was too lazy to switch out the medal and ring components to an additional frozen heart which would help freeze/petrify res.
Build updated: Pyromancer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

SR 95-100 (covered every nemesis in the SR runs also the Seeker and Yugul trio bossrooms)

SR 100-101 (cooldown fabius is BS)

Callagadra (easy fight just run around and resummon for like 7 minutes :confused: dust storms are unbalanced for pets and players imho)

Ravager of Nullification totem spam 2 min kill(seriously give this guy a damn cooldown)

Lag generating box

Demolitionist mainly brings a lot of flat with flame touched and nice defense from blast shield(also mines RR). I haven’t crunched the numbers(mainly because I can’t) but Shaman seems like it would be a much stronger build with a tanky briarthorn, additional phys res to your minions and better regen. Kinda sad that Demo can’t do more for the build, I still feel some form of phys to fire conversion would help Pyromancer be a considerable alternative to Conjurer(maybe through some transmuter to Flame touched like IEE/Solael Witchfire or a gear modifier that doesn’t lock out weapon slot). But can’t really complain with the results.

Additional Ideas:

  1. Conjurer duh, better regen, higher hp, phys res from the briarthorn, Primal bond DR.
  2. Test tanky hellhounds, Ishtak+tree of life route, Conjurer may be better for this(emboldening phys res),
  3. Dual wield Lost souls+Korvaak’s BB for phys conversion was initially my draft design for this Pyro Dual Wield Doggos - Lost souls Pyromancer but the cooldown is extremely necessary for this build. Maybe a tankier pets version could get away with it.

Apologies for a late reply, but I wanted to let you know that this build is very much appreciated! I’ve been going crazy making alts since 1.2, and inevitably getting frustrated with them for one petty reason or another, but I’ve finally found this one that I’ve been able to stick to. At least as far as 48, which sounds trivially low, but believe me, I’m so easily distracted by shiny alts that she’s my second highest character since I’ve been playing (just after AoM was released), and certainly my strongest! (I got a Shieldbreaker to 60-something just after FG, and if I never see spinning again it’ll be too soon.)

One thing I have done a bit different, just for leveling purposes, is added more pets via items. I have that Og’Napesh Grimoire as well as Savagery (or whatever, the relic), giving me a nicely strong army. At least a few times so far I’ve only realized I was fighting a Hero, or even a Boss, until the message popped up saying they were dead. Totems just put the laughter in slaughter: drop Mines and activate totem and collect all the loot like three seconds later.

So thanks, a lot. I’ll not swear she’ll make 100 of course but odds are a lot better than ever before I think!