SPOILER ALERT: Lore Discussion

I belive İlzuin lost his mind in his grive when 3 find him broken .they put an spell on him… I belive riggs is the one …now live with 3 as a antiqe dealer…

thats unlikely. because there are some items that hints the existence of ulzuin cults and also gets blessing from ulzuin himself. riggs also doesn’t show any revenge-y angry behaviour like ulzuin should be. riggs worshipped money (iron. which means he worships iron man. lulz) and influence anyway. i think riggs is just another business partner to the 3,

also, if the 3 controls ulzuin, he should make some appearance in forgotten gods, due to the 3 being greatly weakened because of kymon’s chosen’s worshipping of korvaak that buffed korvaak.

i wished ulzuin appeared in forgotten gods. he would be a 3rd party faction that opposes both the 3 and korvaak (because he’s mad at korvaak for not revealing to him that empyrion is gone after the war of the gods). but at this point we can only hope ulzuin will appear in gd2 with blazing dynamic entrance.


Zantai said we meet Riggs before who he can be???

Huh? He said we’d meet him which we did in FG, but before?

Really?? I misunderstood then …sorry…

This was mentioned in a stream at the time. You never know if they are serious, teasing or a mix of both. :smirk:

Yeah, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve already met him somewhere along the way. Could be another possible storyline for GD2.

Besides, who knows what goes on in Grava’s head. :wink:

i wonder if riggs has some connection to baldir. since he’s wearing baldir’s oathkeeper set.


I wonder that too… who can be riggs… I am now sure Zantai mention we meet him before…yes yes he said in stream …“you olready meet him before” …ı am sure he said that… but hwo is he … can be a god? but we know other tree god is around …do they tolerate that? if he is a mortal …how he can know all about “Iris of Eternal Night” . that thing is sealed with knowladge of mogdrogen …all witneses kiled…only way he can know about beacuse he was there? what about Tuha we know he go in to casm to die there …what if his god coorvak granted him a imortaltiy… may be… or just I am making out too far ??

In case people didn’t notice the quest “Now You Owe Me” each first letter from every word you can spell “money” :wink:


you might be confusing what zantai said about riggs with the forgotten gods’ yugol dungeon update. zantai might be referring to the taken meeting riggs and learning of his profession when the taken gets invited by the emissary to korvan basin for the forgotten gods main quest.

when you agree to riggs’ offer of giving you random ‘good’ items in exchange for you agreeing to help him if he asked for a favor, zantai’s saying ‘you already met him before’ refer to this particular request from riggs, which is to give player the quest for morgoneth’s yugol dungeon and being attacked by riggs’ bounty hunters if you refuse. its obvious the 3 is the parties that ask riggs to handle the task of seeking people that can stop morgoneth and iris of the night. the 3 knows almost everything that happens in cairn anyway, though its kinda weird they didn’t contact the taken at all in the quest for the iris.

riggs only appeared in fg. theres no mention of him at all in other grim dawn contents. as for tuha being revived in ghost form yet still retaining his sanity, it might have nothing to do with korvaak. its probably some anomaly that happens due to grim dawn and korvaak’s awakening tearing apart the veil between cairn and other worlds.

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İndeed suca important task and we know Yugol is more dangerous than Korvaak and they trust Riggs for it… pretty sure Dreeg aware of danger of Yougol!!! …and we stil dont know nature of Yugol…why Riggs interested of it? why othre Tree dosent say about it… Riggs is fishy …ıI dont belive he is just a mortal merchant…

What? We do.

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So that means tree dosen’t try to figth it?? is it that desparate??? Humm…it is just natural fenomen for them…???.. for us? threre is noting more about it??? ok…still someting off here… they aware remowing a promodial god such as Korvaak …will invite Yugol …they know this…and they just eccept the their faith???

There is definitely one other ‘mortal’ who runs around Cairn and has been documented to change identities on numerous occasions.

Also from Zantai:

the 3 seems to be trying their best to stave off yugol’s arrival as long as possible. just take a look on how they scour the korvan lands for all leftover artifacts/powers from korvaak’s empire like thieving archeologist.

also, they have big interest on unraveling the secrets of the shattered realm, in which the ralyoth empire in shattered realm scorn their patron god from all memory and become totally helpless to yugol’s nomnomness. hopefully the 3’s continuous study of the shattered realm won’t make the taken be lost forever in there in gd2…

another thing worth mentioning; byscilla gains control of a gargoyle-like spawn of ateph when you complete her cult’s honor-tier quest. ateph was the god of moon as explained in the lores of korvan lands, which gain special place in the lores of morgoneth’s heresy. there’s a special branch of ateph cult that works like nightblade house, seeking and exterminating heretical cults that deviate from ateph’s teaching. morgoneth’s yugol cult is one such example. a fitting analogy between full moon and the dark side of the moon. byscilla’s interest in ateph’s spawn might meant that she’ll take the position of… goddess of the moon… and set herself in the frontline battle against yugol’s influence…

or maybe she just want to raise hordes of pseudo celestial gargoyle babies. who knows…

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Who could be that ???

byscilla/bysmiel can do that.
ulgrim have mysterious past too. and him being the first blade of the emperor is the clue that he also changes his identity a lot.


He can be… I wont be Surprised if it is so… XD