SPOILER ALERT: Lore Discussion

How do you change your camera angle. I’ve been trying to use in game assets for cinematic purposes just like you. Not the same concept as you but the same principle. Please and thank you

I just used a camera mod, nothing complicated.

so folks…is there any guess who is the big bad the next villain" in third expansion: Fangs of Asterkarn? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

obviously the giant ice defiler(s) that’s pushing the Kurn out



well I thing we gona get second Chihonian faction … cold bllody ones … so new enemy should be another Chitonian Monster or similar…or fallen god like Amatok??? hummm can be…

If you compare old Creed and Ulgrim dialohues with new one (v1.2), you’ll mention, that the western nation of Carinea / Carineans was replaced by Kurn. And that’s Kurn had summoned Loggy first time, right before Necropolis was built.


i guess we should prepare for more encounters with chthonian and scorvwendigo stuff. also prepare +speed recovery items because its gonna get REALLY cold.

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So from some items descriptions:

Korba's Fury - Item sets - Grim Dawn Item Database
Armor of Korba, the untamed daughter of Hrothnar who earned herself the moniker Fang of the Great White Wolf.

Bane of the Winter King
Crown of King Hrothnar, ruler of the northern reaches and son of the great white wolf.

Bane of the Winter King
Sacred blade of King Hrothnar, ruler of the northern reaches and son of the great white wolf.

Bane of the Winter King
Heart of the Winter King (Granted by Item)
The winter king was a savage, yet just ruler, who fiercely defended his homeland besides his loyal white wolf, whom he called father. The spirit of the great king still dwells within his mighty blade

Lapis Lupus
Might of the Dire Wolf (30% Chance on Critical Attack)
Embody the might and fury of the great white wolf.

Direwolf Crest
"Crest of the great white wolf, patron animal of the northern wastes.

Mogdrogen’s Ardor
“The lonely wolf dies, the pack survives.”

Bloodrager’s Frenzy
Armor of the Bloodragers, a savage clan from the frozen wastelands of the north.

We know Ulgrim was there when the Loghorrean was summoned.
Also from the live stream, we know there will be a connection to Mogdrogen.


i would be very surprised if moggy didn’t appear at all in a beast faction focused dlc.

that reminds me, homestead will always grant happy +reputation whenever we kill beasts anywhere even across realities of the multiverse… i wonder if there’ll be a pro beast faction in FoA that will always be angry at us with -reputation whenever we kill beasts anywhere across realities of the multiverse…

You mean a different one to the one we already have in the game?

the beast faction is enemy faction no matter what we do.
what i meant to say is, i wonder if we could get some friendly beast lover faction that would give -reputation everytime we kill beasts, but they give+reputation easily by killing otherworldy invaders that threaten the balance of nature in cairn. you can say… they’re like moggy’s more hardcore eco lovers followers… since moggy seems to be planning to increase his rank of loyal (and fanatic) followers after receiving news of korvaak being banished from cairn and the 3 witch gods gaining more power, its very likely that he will elevate some of the chosen rhowari/rovers and any other nature lovers from various factions into his ranks…

maybe this would mean more work for crate, like creating separate tag between natural beasts and corrupted beasts… mog’s hardcore followers will be displeased if we kill a lot of natural beasts, but they will be pleased if we kill corrupted beasts (aether/chthonian/wendigo corrupted ones). i mean, mog already had asked for our help to purify the corrupted beasts and plants in his ugdenbog grove, so this hardcore version of mog’s followers isn’t that outlandish to be implemented into the game.

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I think that Mogdrogen was the patron of Kurn people because of his shrine in Asterkarn. He left them and settled for Rowari when Kurn became corrupted and summoned Loghorrean, consequently defiling his shrine in Asterkarn which we restore in the game. If you think about it, Arkovia didn’t seem to reach so far up the north towards Asterkarn. As a matter of fact, The current Arkovia seem to be the most western point of the kingdom, that stretches further east. Near Burwitch is a shrine of Ishtak and there seem to be Arkovian ruins in ugdenbog as well, where coincidentally, is Mogdrogen’s sacred grove.

EDIT: Are we going to get few more devotions in FoA, like we did with FG?


that makes sense. mogdeer is willing to purge his beloved nature stuff if it gets corrupted too much. the kurn being implied to have aid in summoning loghorrean (who knows intentionally or they unintentionally helped chthonians to shed so much blood as sacrifice in the war with erulans) would make mog wary of the kurn’s bloodthirstiness… which could make them easy pawn for the ravager or the chthonians…

mogdrogen wolf, amatok, the beastly animals, the berserker and the huntress are probably already enough as representation constellations for FoA. though i wouldn’t mind if crate decide to add new constellations and devotion points.

this might not need to be discussed, but i can’t help to notice how there are very similar resemblance between:
-empyrion’s pantheon of gods rebelling against cthon and banishing+imprisoning him forever in the void while taking cthon’s power to create their own realms as rulers.
-dreeg rebelling against korvaak and after allying with bysmiel and solael, they defeat korvaak and imprisoned him in the eldritch realms while siphoning his power through his eldritch throne and use korvaak’s eldritch power to create their own secret cults to rule cairn from shadow.

^the resemblance is about naughty children stealing their parents’ money and home properties while kicking their parents into gotham’s arkham asylum :smiley:


Wonder if we’ll hear anything about King Rhowan in the expansion? Reading this today makes me think we might since Zantai said in the dev stream the expansion will involve the Kurn, Erulan and Arkovia.

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Another old face. Been a while, @Mauricius.


I’m guessing that his original wolf form from back when he was a Titan was probably worshipped.

Z mentioned 2 new factions but didn’t specify anything about enemy factions. I’m guessing that we’d be facing either Chthonians or Aetherials. Considering we’ve already had an Aetherial DLC where we defeat their chief innovator on Cairn, I’m guessing that this will be a Chthonian focused expansion.


Keep forgetting that Kurn summoned Log or at least did something to attract Log. So yeah, we’re gonna continue persecuting the innocent Chthonians.

Their (Beast faction) leader attacks you after little to no dialogue exchange. I’d pay good money to never getting to ally with the Beasts and also getting to fight Mog repeatedly. Guy’s a prick.

Plus, not every beast that attacks you is corrupted. It’s kinda like Dermapterans (those Homestead insects), they’re not all corrupted but they’re all assholes.

Also, how do i multi-quote?

Like this, simply highlight the quotes and then click on the quote option that comes up. Have to do each one individually, but doesn’t take long.

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@Chthon indeed good to see some old faces :slight_smile:

From: Last Days of Arkovia

For so long, we feared our doom would come from the barbarous mountain tribes, but in the end we’ve been the instruments of our own demise, helped along by the insidious promises of the necromancers.

And from: Excerpt from the Annals of Arkovia

Upon returning from a successful campaign against the barbarian tribes of Agarond’s Peak, the King raved about a chance meeting with a weary traveler whom he called Mogdrogen.

I would assume this all relates to the Kurn.

And a connection with the cult of Chthon and perhaps the first few steps that ultimately let to the time of first summoning of the Loghorrean.
Ravings of Naren Kur

In truth, they fear me. They fear what I’ve achieved, what I’ve uncovered in the depths of our libraries. There is a power in this universe, a gnawing madness that threatens to unravel all we’ve built. It yearns for the blood that was taken, and we are but mere drops in the ocean of its torment.

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chthon may boasts however he want about how cairn and its puny mortals-demigods-celestials are just mere drops in the ocean of his torment. but we all know he’s totally helpless against the power of player save-scumming blessed by crate of mild amusement.