[Spoiler] Solved! Dalia's SUPER SECRET QUEST

I have solved the secret quest related to Dalia. I may be the first player to have done so. Or perhaps it is still incomplete.

So this quest is well hidden and I shall outline where to look. Each step will be hidden by a separate spoiler so that you can figure it out at your own discretion. Also, it’s only doable in ultimate. All that is below is ultimate only.

Step 1 Hint

Read Dalia’s entry Carefully, you can find it at thornsbury farm just west of Homestead. It’s in a house. You will need to find the first place mentioned in it, the first item, talk to Dalia, then find the second place mentioned in it.

Step 1 Walkthrough

Go to the Tomb of Korvaak on ultimate difficulty. Make sure you turned in Dalia’s diary to her on ultimate first ! Otherwise this won’t work. Hidden near one of the snow areas is an urn that contains her legendary sword. While it’s in your inventory or equipped, go to talk to Dalia. Also keep it in your inventory because I haven’t tested the rest without it.

Step 2 Hint

Find the Weeping Oak

Step 2 Walkthrough

Blood Grove, I believe it’s the tree bodies are hanging from. Walk around and you should find a little diary on the floor, but you can’t pick it up. It will automatically place a quest item in your inventory from Dravis. It’s in the far west south side of the blood grove. You will get a text prompt and a quest note from dravis when you find it.

Step 2 Hint

Anguish? Rocks left unturned?

Step 2 Walkthrough

There is a secret area in the southwestern most area of the final level of the Steps of Torment, aka Anguish. Walk around inside the secret room, there is a small thing on the floor that has blue smoke coming out of it, if you go close enough to it you should get a text prompt and the next Dravis note in your inventory.

Step 3 Hint

Look in every Chthonic Rift

Step 3 Walkthrough

In the Forsaken Wastes, from the Plains of Strife rift in the north eastern area there is an area in the north east of the map that is white. It is a broken down house. You can find there a blook on the floor with blue special effects coming out of it. Walk over it and you have the third note.

Step 4 Hint

City of the dead

Step 4 Hint, more specific

Necropolis literally means city of the dead

Step 4 Walkthrough

Head North from the gates of the Necropolis and hug the eastern wall. You will find a bunch of aether ground blocked by an aether crystal. I suggest having dmg absorb, specifically an aether cluster to get through. Head south east through the aether floor to find… a spirit, a circle, and a corpse

Step 5 Hint

You need salt with an aether glow, not a component

Step 5 Walkthrough

You need the salt bag that new characters start with. If you have one, great. If not, make a new character, rush the reanimator in burial hill, and transfer the necklace over.

Step 6 Hint

If you think the shrine and final entry is all that’s left, you are naive

Step 6 Walkthrough

Click the torch on the wall

Step 7 - what you will find in the secret

You will enter a secret area called the edge of reality, which contains every type of monster in an area for each type. It looks to be strewn together from outdated versions of old areas, and some other stuff I don’t recognize. Like edited versions of current areas. Then you will find…

Seriously if you read this part, you will ruin the secret for yourself.

Secret Bourbon level and fight. He is purple named at the end and will multiply. You will fight a total of 3 normal clones, 3 frozen clones, 3 fiery clones, 3 corrupted clones, 3 electrified clones, 3 tainted clones, 3 deathly clones, and 1 cough final form… :wink: He drops a special item that I posted proof of below

Proof I completed the secret

I have ascended! (And yes my iron is edited, I was tired of farming iron for crafting.)

Oh and a note. I’ve been informed by Dikkiedik that he will be posting a much better guide in a week. With screenshots and everything. Devs forbid playtesters from posting or giving any help to people on the matter for a week. Devs shoulda let me be a playtester if they didn’t want me figuring it out in 2 hours >.> and ruining it!

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I wish my Maiven’s were this strong.

This would probably be a lot more enjoyable if Ultimate weren’t borked and thus forcing me to cheese everything.

Edit: Yeah, no, my chars can’t do it until Ultimate is rebalanced.

Yeah… Though I’d argue the fight itself is what is borked.

So your internet is so bad you can’t even upload an image. lol…

I would like it if there were more quests lines like this in the future.

Let’s just spawn SIX FABIUSES+ AT ONCE.

It was. So I cropped them and fixed it. Can’t tell if you’re being a snooty skeptic or you just pity my shit internet. Check out the images.

Well played crate, well played

Well played crate, well played. This game should get some good rewards of the year imo. Lately I have been struggling to find interest in any game ( the disaster of having played too many different genres!). But this game gives such a nice scavenger hunt and decent lore with good combat, that it actually feels good to play.

I wish. That would be easier for me lol…

This fight is all about micromanaging a billion little things at once or cheesing the hell out of it.

Yeah I basically gave up. The final form is also on another level of broken.

Still, running the Edge of Reality is a lot of fun.

The last balance pass on that encounter didn’t make B31. It will be in the hotfix though.

Preaching to the choir.

Still, running the Edge of Reality is a lot of fun.

Yeah, although it would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t such a death trap. Try grinding that shit out in hardcore. I think I have psychosis from spending so much time on the edge…

[SPOILER]I can foresee the changelog now.

“Something got nerfed.”[/spoiler]

Too late, I refused to accept defeat! Just have to go collect the remaining pieces of my shattered mental state…[/spoiler][SPOILER] Good job on the secret, btw. It was genuinely the best and most fun secret I’ve experienced in a game, even if the end is super frustrating. Hope you will do something like this again in an expansion.

This does sound fun, tryna decide whether I continue playing my new character or jump on my one that has already completed ultimate to check this out…

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Yea definitely a fun zone. Like how the environment is basically different versions of Devil’s Crossing.

My one character also can’t handle the difficulty so I’ll have to wait until it’s more balanced. That or find someone to tank everything in that fight lol.

What’s best about this, for me who I"ve been playing this game since the earliest of access, is that it feels like a nod towards all early access players who’ve felt the pain of running into The Clone of Captain John Bourbon time and time again. And now, we can finally kill that sunova…

Feels great. Just great. I absolutely love it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Can anyone help me theorycrafting a build around this item? I so want a legit ultimate viable character running around with this.

Fixed that for you.

Edit: I honestly hope that the fight will not be made easier.

I can see arguments for both sides. There’s no real reward for beating the fight, I don’t see much reason for it becoming easier. If they do nerf it, I hope it’s a minor nerf at most. Another great thing about this is people have wanted a secret bourbon level for a long time. So this is an example of devs listening to their fanbase and having a hella good time with it. It was the most amusing secret I’ve come across in a long time. It felt so epic running into this dark clone losing it’s mind. I hope in the expanion they let us fight hundreds of bourbons ala d2 secret cow level. If not I will mod it in.