Still confused about double conversion on Guardian of Empyrion

I asked about this in another thread ( but I’m still confused and I felt bad to use other’s thread to ask my own question, hence this post.

I know questions about conversion have been asked a lot, I’ve done some search on the forum and have read posts like this, now I understand that there is no double conversion in GD. But I also remember seeing people talking about converting damage of transmuted guardian (sorry can’t find that post), so I’m really confused and did some test myself.

Here’s the video of the test:


So basically with 461 spirit (forgot to show in video) I have +214.4% bonus magical damage. Grimtool says Lv2 celestial presence (guardian aura) damage is 24. I also have +15% acid damage. So without conversion the damage is 24*(1+2.144+0.15) = 79, which is correctly shown in the tooltip of the aura.

Training dummy has 18% acid resist and aura has -12% acid RR, so actual damage = 79*(1-0.18+0.12) = 74, which was exactly what I’ve got in video when I put on the Infernal Knight’s Girdle.

But if I change the belt to Crimson Lotus with 44% acid -> fire conversion, the damage change to 111.

Assume that the belt conversion works, we have 240.44 = 10.56 fire and 240.56 = 13.44 acid. With +491% fire damage we have 10.56*(1+2.144+4.91) = 85.05 fire, and 13.44*(1+2.144+0.15) = 44.27 acid. Finally with resists we have 85.05*(1-0.18) = 69.74 fire and 44.27*(1-0.18+0.12) = 41.61 acid, thus total damage is exactly 111.

So it seems that the damage of Guardian of Empyrion (or more precisely Celestial Presence) IS converted from fire to acid through transmuter then back to fire through global conversion, thus resulting in a double conversion.

Is this an exception to No Double Conversion rule, or did I misunderstand anything here?

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its not double conversion since the transmuter is actually a skill-switch and not a true conversion.

Storm Totem works the same (afaik)

I think it was said that the transmuter changes it to a different skill with the new RR and damage types, and you’re converting those types so it’s technically only converted once.

Like malawiglenn mentioned. The transmuter mechanically swaps out the first pet for a different one (due to the model changes, name changes etc. it’s not just a simple damage conversion). This is what allows you to convert the damage on both of them.

Thanks guys for explanation (and sorry for late reply). So this transmuter is actually not a real damage conversion like Dreeg’s Reproach but it changes the original skill directly? That makes a lot of sense.

I wish they could write the skill descriptions in different ways though, because at the moment they are written in the same way and it’s a little bit confusing.

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If they could have the damage convert on the transmuter normally, I’m pretty sure they would but it’s just a limitation of how they had to implement the transmuters for the Guardians (and for Storm Totem as well).

It doesn’t really make a huge difference if you can convert the damage again and I’ve yet to see any builds that take advantage of it.