Still having trouble with FPS

After around 300+ people my FPS just keeps dropping between 10-20 FPS. Its really hard to get to400 population and build big cities. Is this computer that bad?


Plenty of CPU and RAM, but a bottleneck at the GPU.

Upgrade at least one or two more generations of GPU if you can.

Even then you’ll still have some lag.

This game generates polygons in numbers most everyone’s equipment will choke on.

1080 isn’t that bad of a GPU. What happens when you turn your graphics to low? You might have an underlying issue going onalso this game does not utilize a bunch of cores. Not 100% but I think this game preforms better with faster cores as my tuned 10600k seems to preform better than a lot of i7/r7s

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The 1080 is a very fine GPU, and I have in the past, used the hell out of one.

But it is now several generations and their updates behind bleeding edge, where this game lives.

Minimum spec is not a General Admission ticket.

Thank you everyone, i was told by my brother in law that GPU and CPU are in need of upgrading. He recommended to go for GForce RTX3060 Ghost 12GB and AMD Ryzen 9 5900X.

I might do that in upcoming weeks. I guess i cant expect much from like 3-4y old computer

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intel will be better in single core performance

An Intel CPU would require a whole new motherboard.


I did upgrade to new CPU, GPU and water cooling and already at 700 pop with 20-35FPS. Occasionaly there are random events that drop me to 5 FPS for a second or two. But its much better


If you still have your GPU 1080 put it back in to see if which one was bottle neck

If the game is still living in a single core, then 99% of it was your old gpu.

You are good to go for a couple more years at least, until the next step towards animated reality is taken and the crowd goes wild.

ive got a 12700h with rtx 3070ti laptop and its getting 40,s with 400 population at qhd but after about an hour it drops to single figures. i restart the game and its great for another hr or 2 Weird

That sounds like thermal throttling

it is a memory leak.

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What’s that and can I fix it
Anyone else had frame rates drop and restarted the game and it’s gone back up?

Thought the same
Max CPU 82 max GPU 72 and it wouldn’t explain my immediate restart and playing great for another few hours
Peed off anyway Cos last night had 3 70+ raids in a year and 15 compost for 400 people, even made roads direct between house’s and waste staying in houses so houses abandoned

A cpu temp of 82 is considered close to max and should try to be avoided. Make sure your case and fans are clean of dust. I would track how long it takes to get that hot. Would indicate if you need to re thermal paste your heat sink or not

yes it is a memory leak (code that keeps taking ram but never releases it/frees it
so your PC ram amount grows and grows ) ROBO is correct though 82 is too high.

Restarting the app frees it all up. Then you play awhile and it grows and grows again.
Sometimes it is just house cleaning that needs to be done and not so much a real memory leak.
(there are many types)

There exist various tools that can release/refresh your system memory and thus mitigate potential memory leaks without the need for restarting a game.

As Groovy above notes it is fairly easy to determine if this is what is affecting you. Play the game for a while then simply check your RAM usage to see what it looks like.

I forgot to mention it’s a laptop

I think the FPS issue is due to lack of optimization of the game engine and over time they will improve it.

I have an i9 9900K with a RTX 3070, 64GB RAM and 1TB M.2, with this configuration I get 50/60 fps when the town is growing and sometimes without knowing why it comes to 10fps or less and even gets stuck for seconds.

@allmeity : look at “” / CPU/GPU bottleneck calculator and you will see how you have your configuration and if you are going to upgrade check how it would look like.