Stone and coal are too rare

I always seem to have too little stone and coal. The amount of stone that I can get from rocks is very little, and soon I have to travel miles to find even a small amount. I also have dozens of iron (and even many gold) nodes, but almost no coal - and what there is only gives me 70-90 coal before the seam is done

Coal can be produced by wood also, but stone is quite rare and won’t respawn as quick as trees. Sand is rare also in my maps currently played. Needed to change farm soil and produce glass in later game. Wasn’t able to buy in trading post also.

Do you remember what map type you are on? Since the resource availibility varies insanely depending on map type and difficulty.
Also as Nekudotayim said, coal is renewable, logs → firewood → coal

Stone, i can feel your pain with having started my first village on lakes i think. But then again every map type will have some resources missing which you have to get from trade.

wait, stone respawns?

Yep started on the lowland lakes, and didn’t have any coal or gold sites. I had a few iron locations but only two sandpits which exhausted fairly quickly, the clay also was consumed fairly quickly too.

Gold or even coal I’m ok with having limited or no quantities. You can get coal from wood which respawns. And you can make enough gold with the trader and monthly taxes. Half the time I’m turning the gold to iron ratio on the smelter down to something like 1:5 or 1:10 because I need the iron far more.

But no sand or clay is terrible to deal with.

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How do you get coal from wood? Is charcoal the same as coal?

Build a charcoal maker building. It’ll turn wood into charcoal for use by your industries.

I think that stone is to low, maybe some big stone deposit underground that you need to make a quarry to extract could be nice.

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I know lowland lakes is supposed to be coal poor, but it’s a bit RIDICULOUSLY so hah

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