Strong Shattered Realms build?

I’m a new player(4weeks). I’m looking for a strong and easy to play SR build that has survived all the nerfs and patches. Any help would be appreciated.

builds have patch number attached to them

if it’s “recent” you can be guaranteed it works
even if we are on patch 9.5 doesn’t mean a patch 9.4 or 9.2 build doesn’t work, GD doesn’t work like that for the most part - to the point even builds further back than 9.0 is still likely to work
^specially if all you want is “regular” SR/SR for farming items, and not something special like “high” SR purely for challenge like SR100+(gives no item rewards)

not looking for high SR, just 70-78. I’m looking for something strong and easy to play. I’m not the best player(not even close). So, I want something strong in the current patch.

My cold dervish

If you want to take it chill, pet builds are always a good place to start, though not to everyone’s liking in terms of playstyle.

If you want something more involved (i.e. you’re doing to fighting), I can recommend this:

Neither of these require particularly specific greens to work so farming up shouldn’t be too hard, and they have plenty of power to spare to do good work even if you’re not fully geared yet.

OMG… no Briar / Emboldening Presence on a ritualist pet build? Sacrilege! :slight_smile:

To the OP, I second pet conjurer, take your pick, many are strong in SR levels you are looking at.

Why bother when you crush SR80 like it’s nothing anyway. I always go for theme and rule of cool first, then adjust if needed for performance. Briarthorn was not needed for performance at all, so I won’t soil my Bonyboi with that thorny abomination :smiley:

He asked for solid and strong SR75, however with only 24% physical res Fabius/IM cut your Ritualist like butter.

Will they? My 5 straight deathless 75-80 runs beg to differ. In fact they’ve been among the easiest deathless runs I’ve ever done, and that includes two essentially immortal characters (Elementalist and Warlord).

you’ve got Blightfiend to tank decently there ye?
+ishtak devo still
which i’m guessing is part of why it still feels safe on Ritualist, “despite no briar”
Briar’s main role on ritualist isn’t really to provide player or pets with emboldering presence (still very handy ofc), but to tank
As long as blightfiend still tanks i see no issue on that thing without Briar, boner bois and spirit are gonna do their dakka deepz, it’s just a swap from 1 tank to another/there is still something else to maintain aggro away from player on nasty nemesis/aggro swaps

Ok, you wanna know the real secret? I probably wouldn’t even need the Blightfiend. Melee Nemeses never get to move from their spot because they’re literally drowned in skeletons. They can’t reach me. They’re stuck either fighting skellies/wraiths/skeletal servant/proc pets or jiggling around trying to walk past them. When an occasional gap appears where they can squeeze through (in the rare occasion where they’re still trying after having failed for 10+ seconds), I have enough DR, circuit breakers and Mark of Torment to soak them even at SR 80 for long enough before they’re either a) dead or b) completely (double-layer) surrounded again. Specifically on a Skelly summoner, phys res is literally not an issue. On summoners that don’t have skellies, it’s a different story.

But I think that’s enough of this discussion. That’s not what this thread is about.

even on a 15 skeleton build that’s not my experience, ever :sweat_smile:
aside from fabius or maiden zoomzoom having no issue pathing to you, even stuff like kuba or anyone fat fast or with “aggro reset” beelines straight for me even with a zillion pets surrounding them and i end up running in circles if i don’t have something to snatch aggro back

PS, my comment wasn’t a critique of the build/to you, but more trying to point out to the others that Briar wouldn’t necessarily be needed there; because of blighfiend replacing it and even has ishtak on top for extra aggro

For what it is worth, my all blue skelly ritualist gets stomped by Fabius in SR75 with 31 phys resist on the toon. I have two fulltime pets that take aggro (blight, briar) and Marrow bands. In my experiences skeletons just do damage, they don’t really pull aggro from big bosses.

Sigh. Why does nobody ever believe me around here when I say a build works? Is it something with my face? Fiiine I’m uploading a Fabius fight to demonstrate (didn’t feel like waiting to run into him in SR so this will have to do)

Literally the first fight after not having played the character for months. Probably pressing all the wrong buttons (or none of them). Woo, look at all that facetanking I’m having to do! How will I ever make it through SR80 bossrooms where I have an even more controlled environment and better visibility?

But what do I know, I’ve only played the character for a couple dozen hours.

nobody is saying or even suggesting that? remotely? :thinking:

there is being suggested
A briar (can) have value on pet ritualist
B sometimes phys res/emboldering presence is nice
C skeletons do dmg/don’t tank themselves
D other people’s experience on lost souls/skeleton/“the same build” can sometimes differ from yours in SR (in terms of how aggro works, and body blocking)

no one is saying your build doesn’t work, or skeleton builds doesn’t work, or even one or the other is bad

to the point i actually made “whining” thread about how annoying aggro/aggro resets can be sometimes in SR, “shoving” you into ex ishtak if you don’t have briar sometimes. Because once aggro is lost “without”, skeletons on their own can’t do anything but dps while your run in circles
Ravager is a mad good example of this too outside SR in terms of aggro switching from your tanking pet to then making player run around if it happens

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So far blowing through content , level 72, SR 50…no deaths and I don’t consider myself a good player…first time playing a pet character and I’m loving it

illegal link:grin:

Why? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Is it different from other GD build guides?

You don’t want to know. Just to say there was some drama and they decided to leave the forum.

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They? u mean there is more than 1 drama queen? :face_with_monocle: