Struggling to get to Loghorrean (SOLVED)

Hi guys, this is my build

I don’t know why, but the last fight before entering Loghorrean’s chamber is chunking me for 3/4 of my HP, and given that I’m in HC, I’m reluctant to keep trying. Can someone point out to me what I’m doing wrong with my build, defensively? I know my devotions aren’t set up for my current build, but any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to follow Sir Spanksalot’s YUHU build ([] YUHU the acid retal warlord - (HC, SR 80 with full aggro, ~7:45 Naked Cr with extra spawns, 3 min Ravager of the mind kill))

Thanks in advance for your time

which difficulty are you playing on?

I’m only in Elite. I’ve done this fight a thousand times on Elite, even ultimate. (Granted that it was on other classes).

Toggle the difficlty in the top left to elite.

My guess is that it’s a combination of armor (i.e. you’re 30 levels above most of your gear), DA (no augments like ingenuity in one of your rings), and undercapped elemental resistances (particularly fire)

You should also probably max out soulfire and EoR seeing that they provide damage reduction, and damage

Thank you for taking the time to help me. However, I just noticed that the Grimtools page isn’t calculating my resists properly.

All of them are capped at 80%, bleed is at 86, and vitality at 84 in game.
Yeah, I thought the armor thing might have been an issue, is there any armor you’d recommend buying? Or should I just farm out a higher set ?

Don’t worry about that, grimtools uses your gear’s base stats (including resistances) instead of your actual in-game values.

The last fight before Log is Bloodlord Thalonis who is primarily Chaos, Vitality and Fire-based. You’ve got ample Chaos protection but less so for Vitality. This is more problematic as he reduces your Vitality resistance meaning you’ll take more damage from a good chunk of his and his pet’s attacks.

His pets also reduce your resistances in an AoE as well actually so yeah, pretty nasty if you don’t have the means to mitigate/recover your health properly or have enough AoE to kil these off as they get summoned.

Right, I forgot to toggle your GT to elite.

Any faction gear should be fine imo. E.g. malmouth void _____

@Evil_Baka: I could be wrong, but doesn’t his summons and his shotgun attack deal physical damage?

My guess is that’s what’s bursting him down

@exeedorbit: Just click on the items you’re considering changing, and search for “faction” in GT’s search bar. It should show you a list of all faction-purchasable gear.

Pick and choose accordingly I don’t see any Physical damage here or on his pets. Big amount of RR shred between him and his Bloodletter though which might be problematic.

Chthonian Harbingers (he summons two 5 seconds into the fight) have a nasty debuff that sends your vit res to around 50%. And since they and Thalonis deal vitality damage, that spikes up their damage. Thalonis himself also has a debuff that reduces vit res by 25% and that will stack with the Chthonian Harbingers debuff.

@sir_spanksalot Holy hell, that’s brilliant. I didn’t know I could do that. Thanks for that tip.
@Evil_Baka Yeah, I’m going to be working on overcapping my Vit resist to compensate for this (poison and chaos are already overcapped by more than 25%)

Thanks for taking the time gentleman. I really appreciate it. I think ever time I’ve died, is because I haven’t been paying attention to my armor. (Had a 91 druid that perished recently, got one shotted)


It’s tucked away at the bottom:


^Those links are for his summons. I’m pretty sure most, if not all, monsters in GD deal some amount of physical damage, which is why armor/phys res is so valuable.

That’s for Loghorrean, based on what he has said, he has not made it to that fight yet:

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If you’re going to play HC, I suggest getting grim internals. You can toggle on the breakdown for incoming DPS, and the debuffs affecting you so you can kinda understand what’s killing you.

E.g. if you watched the videos in YUHU, that’s basically what the stuff on the left side of the screen is.

Oh snap :rofl:

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Sweet, thanks for the help @sir_spanksalot, @Evil_Baka, @Norzan . After getting my armor up, and overcapping chaos/vit, it was a breeze.