Stuck In Tier 1

I played the default map and got stuck in Tier 1.

The map had not so much stone and small amounts and pretty scattered. This caused a delay which caused compost to build up and the city to be unhappy.

I have 9 months of food and 44 housing available and I was working on decorating around the houses but nothing I seem to do increases population.

I have attached an image; hopefully I did it right.

I can’t see a compost yard - do you have one to collect all that waste? That’s affecting the desirability.

Durr I thought Compost was Tier 2.

No, you just need a sawpit as it needs planks. Will also need gold so I’d put those decorations on hold so you have some money to pay for the clean up. You can finish those off later when your income is a bit better.

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