Stupid dragon's recent polls got me thinking about how bad the demo's conduit is

I don’t get it.

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Get off the lovely 12% armor Blast Shield or I’ll find you and… WELL I’M GONNA USE VIOLENCE ON YOU!

If Blast shield had a longer duration, I’d actually love this modifier. Right now I’d say it should be +50% armor at this point, or even 100%. 4 seconds duration is kind of too short for a +12%. I mean, I rather waste some devotion points instead and get Beronath amulet. I’d most likely get even more than 12% armor by that.

Yeah, Demo conduits are the worst on average. The grenado one and the Mortar Trap one are potentially useful even now, although there might be better options. Vitality BWC and vitality FS are supposed to be a support for Defiler but obviously it didn’t turn out well. Aether Jacks - I once considered making a suggestiong thread about giving SJ support to Allagast, but then figured out that LD Purifier has exactly the same playstyle and lost interest. Chaos canister sounds fun because there’s also a chaos item skill mod for grenado but then again - little to no support. As for Blast Shield, Flashbang and Vindictive Flame mod - yeah, no idea why these exist. But then again - every conduit has 2-3 questionable affixes.

@ Username: Compare it to 10% phys res on arcane will - a skill with an uptime a bajillion times better

@Dragon: Most conduits have 2-3 questionably bad mods. The demo’s has 2-3 questionably good mods. The chaos conversion on canister bomb is cool an all, but canister bomb is a terrible skill.

It can be a mediocre skill, but it uses shard of the eternal flame to get there :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the thing about vit FS is that (as korsar pointed out) it doesn’t convert the burn damage on explosive strike.

On that note - I’m thinking of trying out a northern wyrm vindicator using korba’s helm and chest piece.

Would the lightning damage on storm spread also get converted to cold since it’s being activated through savagery?

Afaik not. Only the skill in question is affected. Explosive Strike is an exception because it’s kinda like a separate proc (“secondary effect” as called internally).

So ES is essentially like nightfall?


Exactly like it in fact. There are more of these skills, korsar posted a list a few days ago

Which is why global conversion is preferable over item skill modifiers.

I think it was on a thread I started. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just curious about the mechanics of it all.

I’m not totally sure but I bet it comes down to the way it was coded, I remember something to that effect, vaguely, from a couple of years ago perhaps? The code for a project like this is probably a byzantine labyrinth of unintended consequences.

I think he’s mistaken about Vile Eruption but don’t have means to confirm it at the moment.

I remember mad_lee saying the same thing about vile eruption. He mentioned to me once that the conduit which makes DEE deal 100% vit damage only affects DEE itself, and not some of the other nodes. (Don’t remember which)

But the blood orb exists, so this discussion while interesting is rather pointless.

Waste of an offhand slot though. :confused:

The groble effigy is so much tastier.

Secondary effects are basically independant of the main skill. You may attach them to a skill and they will activate when the skill in question hits.

IDK what test they had performed but in the editor there’s no indication that either Blood Burst or Vile Eruption are secondary effects. DEE naturally supports AOE and projectile fragmentation so Blood Burst and Vile Eruption basically just add stats to DEE. If it was true then Brimstone and Proliferation would had been affected the same way.

That’s quite enlightening actually. Hate to bug you guys, but are there any threads on secondary effects you could link me?

EDIT: More specifically, are there any threads which explain any quirks there may have?

Not any I know about. I think some modder explained them to me before but it’s nothing I haven’t told you already.
IDK what about quirks. You may consider these effects as similar to devotion procs. They aren’t the same but it helps to understand how secondary effects behave.

That helps a lot dragon! Thanks man. :slight_smile: