Sugestions and more

Hi there!

I have some sugestions for the game, if I may:

  • Prioritize building walls at once (select a lot of individual walls and prioritize construction button for all of then);
  • Please, I need a mini map;
  • Where ir the corn, I need plant some corn, rice;
  • Chickens (and eggs), pigs (and bacon), sheep (and wool), goats (and goat milk) all these animals to feed and raise and kill and…eat;
  • Balance troop gold, to expensive;
  • Bug: Upgrading houses manually is not working;
  • Soldiers from the barracks don’t go back to the barracks, they still outside in cold…come on, get in and drink something;
  • Diagonal walls, let’s do it! (and roads to);
  • Manage soldiers could be more fun, add some rank, patrol areas;
  • Very bad property attraction system, need some improvement;
  • Improve soap shop efficiency, they like a bath huh! To much soap consumption;
  • Property construction stopped without no reason (red hand);
  • Horses!!! Mounted troop. Let’s ride baby!
  • Possibility to cancel move location;
  • 10 arrows to a soldier? They can carry more, come on…;
  • Government? Laws? Crimes?

That’s it!

Thank’s for reading my sugestions!!!


An enthusiastic player!


I think soldier cost is too cheap, if anything. Although most gold-based things are too cheap, really. Maybe there should be a difficulty slider for costs?

  • Big thumbs up on the multiple wall selection prioritization! Please add a prioritize button to the ‘wall tool’. It is so ‘painful’ when building a long section of wall to go thru and select each tiny section and hit ‘prioritize’.

  • If I understand your request on the ‘cancel move location’ - If mean that you have selected a building to be moved and then change your mind - you can already do this… Just select the proposed move location and hit the ‘delete building’ button and the ‘move’ will be canceled.

Some are my suggestions too.

Only downside is for corn: we have already 3 types of crops you can turn into flour, that’s enough (also for consistency - we’re not getting american native crops). If we really want more crops, here are consistent ideas:

  • strawberry (yeah they’re fruits, but you grow them in a crop and not in an orchard)
  • onion (good also for health, they might provide a veeery small percentage of health resistance)

And more orchards

  • plum (for late summer harvest)
  • cherry (finally an early harvestable fruit, sweet taste in spring!)
  • chestnut (late harvesting, good nut for winter surviving)
  • walnut (we needed more nuts and not just those rare small bushes)
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If you’re not having american native crops then you can’t have pumpkins.

" Pumpkins, like other squash, originated in northeastern Mexico and southern United States."

True! Fixed.

  • Bug: Upgrading houses manually is not working;

There is no manual upgrade. You can either let all houses upgrade or refuse all house upgrades.

Soldiers from the barracks don’t go back to the barracks

Select the Attack Location Flag and Return to Barracks.

Improve soap shop efficiency, they like a bath huh! To much soap consumption

Soap shop works well. Only really need to fill out a soap shop at 400+ pop on my end. Do they have enough resources?

  • Property construction stopped without no reason (red hand);

Nobody can help you with this without more details, evidence, or context.

If you got that then you clicked on the building and unticked the construction enabled box which halts construction. Tick it back on again.

One soap shop isn’t enough at over 500 pop; you definitely need more than 4 workers making soap to even coming close to staying up with demand. My rule of thumb is at least 1 soap worker per 75 workers (8 works supplying 600 people doesn’t quite keep up with demand). That in no way gets through the mountain of tallow and herbs I have lying around, either. At least you can - very occasionally - sell herbs. I’ve never seen a trader wanting to buy tallow.

Well, I manage with one. Cleanliness full. You are right that around 500 is where a second is needed, but even then I often run it with one or two workers only as my town expands. The only time I’ve had issues is when I’ve been out of tallow. That’s my experience.

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