[Suggestion] Add Keybind Modifiers

I have witnessed Grim Dawn be criticized about the keybinding “piano” elements. After my G600 broke and I have had to resort to the keyboard to use skills (horrifying, I know) I now believe these criticisms are well-founded.

To avoid having to become a graded pianist, implement keybind modifiers (i.e. holding down alt/ctrl/shift and changing the bindings of other buttons such as 1/2/3/4) and stave off RSI for a while longer.

I apologize if this is already a thing or there has already been an intravenous suggestion, but I couldn’t find anything after my trawl - it seems kind of absurd that this hasn’t been implemented, and is a common alleviation for this issue in other games.

Maybe see if anything here will help


Already had a sort through that thread, and there doesn’t seem to be a script that helps - I have had a look at some options through AHK, this seems promising:


Unfortunately, I have no experience with AHK, so it will be a while before I can write a script that will emulate an option that really should have been part of vanilla (depending on how difficult to implement).

You could ask tqfan in that thread to try and make one for you.

Good thinking, thanks Medea

Another thing you could try is playing a pet build. Maya’s are pretty lazy button-wise, only 2-3 to push max.

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if this is still a concern and tqfan doesnt have time i could help you, just drop me a pm what keys you want to do what and i see what i can do.

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