[Suggestion] Add new illusions to the game, even if it is a loyalist pack #3

I was browsing the facebook community group when I stumbled across a post about illusions when one of the members actually posted a screenshot of him using the hood of Mogdrogen, not the item from the set, but the actual hood Mogdrogen uses. This blew up my mind since I didn’t know you could add these kind of items to your illusion sheet through Grim Stash. There are a lot of “skins” we cannot find in the game, there’s even an illusion that allows your char to have long white hair (just like Uroboruuk). Just imagine having other collors too, like black, grey or blonde.

This feature is clearly cosmetic and has nothing to do with cheating (thanks Mamba for that) but it would be great, and I know A LOT of people would agree with me, if you just added these illusions to the game by any means (sell it through iron bits, sell it through a Loyalist Pack #3, give it to us as default, or by rewarding us when we kill a certain boss [i.e: we receive the Mogdrogen’s hood illusion by killing him), it’s the kind of char customization people have been asking for so long.

You could argue: “why do you want it to be added to the default if you can get it through GDStash?”, People would love to have it without needing to use third party programs.

I guess it isn’t even that hard to do this. If Mamba could do it through GDStash, I’m sure the devs can easily add it as illusions.



Maybe one day since Crate are already aware the fans would love a 3rd Loyalist Pack.

there are even illusions that GDstash wont give you, but you can obtain through console commands in custom game
it was suggested before to add them Add missing illusions to the game via Loyalist Pack 3

my suggestion was to add them to an ingame vendor instead, since they already existed within the game, and leave loyalist pack for something “new”

i still hope Crate considers making those illusions avail directly, one way or another (also even if it should be loyalist 3)
but until then i’ll settle for using the slightly “borked” transmog collection

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Yeah, it’s been so long… And it seems like something so simple. I really hope they add it.

Well, they do have to come up with the ideas for new gear and then the artists have to make it. And considering the number of items the game has I’m not surprised they might want a break before they get around to a 3rd pack.

What I said was quite ambiguous. I was actually talking about the illusions that are already in the game, like the hairs, etc. For the Loyalist Packs I’m actually aware of the hard work it takes.

There are different hairstyles in the game? I know someone made a mod for different hairstyles.

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