[Suggestion] Allow XP to still be an incentive after max Level

After you’ve reached level 100, the game transitions into skipping most trash mobs to rush bosses/nemesis or whichever target mobs for farming.

I have a lot of fun seeing a big mob pack and blowing it up with the skills that I have, I’d like to continue having that be a viable farming approach, so here’s my thought:

Still collect experience after level 100, but instead of it contributing towards another level, drop a random legendary for the player when the bar is filled. It’s a simple little incentive that will allow the player to be rewarded for exploring the world map and taking they’re time with the overworld. Especially since an upcoming idea appears to be monster shrines placed randomly through the world, this will also incentivize the player to explore, and not feel so punished for taking the time to clear those juicy trash packs.

This idea could also be customized as development sees fit.

  • The legendary dropped could have max stat rolls
  • The item dropped could be a full completed rare relic/component
  • A Large sum of iron bits could be rewarded

Whatever seems healthy for the game, I just really think allowing experience to still matter would make exploring the game past max level be viable.

P.S. Thanks for the game Crate, played since Beta, 2700 hours. Know you guys listen and hope this idea sparks some excitement for you.


I’ve always liked this idea. Given how near-impossible it is to acquire BPs when you’re close to having all of them, something along those lines could be nice.

I hate almost everything else about Destiny given that its design is largely predatory, but it had a really good system for exp at max level. When you reach the equivalent of a level-up, you gain an item that’s main purpose was to exchange at a vendor for rep or mats.

I raise this because if crate decide to add an exp incentive and want to give players options for certain rewards, a specific resource and vendor that accepts it for X selection of items could be a cool implementation. Going back to the BP issue, you could price a rotating BP inventory more expensively, for example. (to reflect their value)


Crate has made such a great overworld with so many different choices for areas and monster types I just think it’s a shame once you’re level 100 it narrows down to, where are the dungeons/bosses/so forth.

And I agree, the bonus level ups could reward a new consumable, maybe it rerolls an item you already have so you don’t have to find it again and get better stats on it. They could really add any incentive for the level up, I think it would be worth it.

And I’ve seen varying opinions on bounties, but I like them! When you have max rep with a faction they lose their draw, but since they give xp and are farmable quests, they would also benefit from having a continuous XP goal.


Isn’t this a case only if you turn of the game/exit to main menu? I just wondered about the whole thing recently

I’m not sure about the other thing you linked, but what I meant was BPs rerolling X times if it is a dupe but still drawing from the entire pool (I think it was buffed to reroll 10 times or something?). When your BP pool is nearly exhausted it is extremely hard to find more, regardless of session or not. I might find one every 15 hours of farming, including nemesis troves - > restart.

Sure, I know BPs are drawn from the entire pool but if you don’t exit session (i.e. play SR continuously) the draws shouldn’t repeat so the chances to get the blueprint you want increases till 100% if you do this long enough

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Ohhh, yes, right. Yes that’s true.

I thought you were implying the opposite! My bad! Hot day!!

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Basically commit to one session until you got everything and don’t stop because if you leave a few blueprints then after restarting you’ll have to go through the whole blueprint pool (depending on luck of course) again. At least that’s how I see it.

Yeah that works, and have considered it before. Is just a pain because my game tends to crash after extended play (like, hours and hours), especially in SR! The last conduit can bite me.

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I really wanted to chime in here because I strongly believe in the OP thoughts.

Here is the base idea for me (this may be repeating above points):

Crate has spent all this time on making monster assets and maps. And as mentioned above when you hit 100 you skip all this content that should still have meaning. Players should have a choice to target farm or what I would refer to as blanket farm or killing everything.

In terms of non blue print drops this game is super generous. Casually playing can net a lot of loot and doing 50-55 SR is still good after you have enough gear as you translation into new characters.

I wouldn’t want an extra drop when the bar is full, rather if the game engine could do it, is to turn exp into a currency and allow you to buy mats such as arcane crystals, rare mats, etc. The pool wouldn’t be available until cap. This also caters to the group that may be very monogamous with their character and want to play only one.

This is self serving and I have pointed this out before. Some of our group members cannot finish their character as it requires an extreme amount of rng to roll (looking at you +5 badge of mastery) a crafted item.

Some of the things that require crafting can take a hell of a long time to farm just a few to craft 1-2 pieces of gear.

This system or a change in costs to crafting would make the end game better for those who wish to keep going after crate has finished with GD (if that happens)

In the end anything but endless progression would be appreciated. Endless power creep (bad D3) is not healthy. However a little speed up on the crafting hamster wheel would be appreciated because let’s face it, good luck trying to target farm a double rare MI that only drops from one mob. It would be nice to have a cratered alternative that isn’t quite as good but good enough.


Thumbs up for all those ideas - indeed you can easily make amazing use of that not used XP post lvl100 for small QoL / lootsplosion moments without braking anything into the game.

I also hope that the new totems would have difficulty levels - like there should be end game totems which spawn like 3 full powered Nemesis and you get tons of loot if you beat them.

That would really make people motivated to play MC more.


I support this message. I still kill the trash at level 100. Would love to get a currency to buy BPs or rare mats. Or if possible, a vendor that sells MIs and the affixes roll once you buy.


Someone once had the idea to be able to earn a key, or rare component at certain increments of XP in excess of max level which could be combined to create an item which unlocked a small dungeon with a boss. I think this is an awesome idea, and would be even cooler if the boss has a chance to drop blueprints for illusions that can only be found there. More could be added here in loyalist packs as well, but to get them, you’d have to access the dungeon and beat the boss, and even then it’s not guaranteed he just has a chance to drop them. I know that would keep me pushing for a long while, to have that extra flair.

This is just poor game design, if you are trying to exploit how that works something needs to change…

Maybe I’m just lucky but I get at least 1 blueprint every time I’m part of an SR 75-76

Here’s a simpler idea that doesn’t require much development work or any balancing put into it: when you reach a level-up after max level, a Level Up potion drops directly into your shared stash and using that item on another character instantly gives you a level up.

I mean, you’ve put the work into getting all that XP at max level, you should be able to bank on it on a new character right? Might be a good way to start brand-new characters on higher difficulties, get them to level 10 or so before beginning your new adventure :smiley: I think this is a much simpler approach, compared to bridging the gap between XP and Loot, which would be extremely hard to balance and a can of worms all of itself.

First post here by the way, hello everyone o/


Damn, that would be pretty cool.

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Another idea is to receive bonus experience points after level 100 and obtain with them crafting material or crafting for free special set, which can be obtained only this way. Something similar to Vanquisher or SR set for example.

Another option is really to accumulate and send XP to other of your characters, like a mentor mode.

But at this point of development doubt it’s gonna be changed.

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Both of those options are cool as hell

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The “Rare Candy” level up potion is a neat and simple idea, I must admit. It could lead to the player thinking about when they want to use it on their new character. However, let me counter by saying Grim Dawn already has a very enticing system for alts already (merits/lokar set/crate amulet/xp potions). I am constantly finding gear that makes me want to try out another build. What I have a hard time finding is that really nice endgame gear for my main character.

I think the special boss dungeon is a bit to “down the rabbit hole” gameplay. Having another zone that requires a specific mat to only have another random chance to drop is a mega grind ontop of the already mega grind to perfect your endgame character. (Although it does remind me of Uber Tristram in D2, so maybe it could work.)

The main thing I would seek out of getting that leveling bonus is the justification of killing trash and allowing the game world to feel valid still. Leveling up as a mechanic is that immediate satisfaction of seeing the bar fill and getting that instant reward, that’s why I think the early/midgame and all the alts I’ve made are so appealing, there’s that perfect balance of goals being intermingled - Devotions, levels, quests - it leads to that “just one more” gameplay that’s so enticing.

Crate has said before they want Grim Dawn to have an actual end, which I understand. Endless increments of stats like Shadowpast said lead to unhealthy design when the end goal is to still play the same content.

It’s a tough question to answer but I appreciate the ideas, keep them coming.

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