[Suggestion]Buff to Scion of the screeming veil

Hi Dev team

I really love this weapon, it’s nice eye candy to see the Aether ripple unleashed and enemy knocked down like bowling pin!
However, this weapon seriously lacks def support and hard to use in end content game like SR o Crucible.
Even if this occupies both hands and unable to use shield with, it does not have any defense support properties like phys res, skill down red, ADTH at all. Also, target mastery(NEC/OC/AR) does not have much def skills for 2H weapon. It’s very shameful that this wep is ignored even if it has it’s own uniqueness due to such reason.

So I suggests it would be niceer if we have phys res and skill cool red with.(cool down red is not for def only, but it’s vital for nec or arc to survive in high wave of Crucible or SR) to this weapon.

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Actually I miss more casting speed on this weapon considering it has % WD bonus to Callidor’s Tempest.

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I also found this weapon is insufficient in Arcanist support. If you play Oppressor with Bonemonger it’s an okay build but when you choose a class has a lot of Aether support like Arcanist, things get tricky. I’m not sure about Callidor Tempest part but if you wanna play melee Templar, you encounter such problems but the biggest is NO RR. Bonemonger set fits but since the amulet slot is filled you can’t use -Aether RR conduit variant. If you use Krieg Set + Divine Conduit, then you loose Smite modifier and it’s flat RR.

My suggestion is this weapon should provide %25 Aether RR/ or atleast 30 flat Aether RR to a skill in Arcanist Side. And imo CT modifier is a bit weird in a particularly melee based weapon. Maybe instead of removing it, (if it’s possible) devs can give the RR modifier to the CT. I believe Templars can spare a few points to use it in the rotation for RR.

On the arcanist side I think going all in on the 2h melee CT idea could be interesting… But I think the weapon definitely could use cast speed. Also perhaps increasing the WD even higher (50-75%?) at the cost of .5 to 1 meter of radius. Curious on opinions of others on this idea…

Yes it’s interesting and maybe with some cast speed it can work out decent but the weapon is simply melee attack based and I believe creating an Aether Melee Templar option is good for diversity. As I said If it’s possible it can be added some RR to the weapon as addition to weapon damage modifier so playing 2H CT won’t be eliminated.

I have three builds using this weapon but none uses it for what it was intended.

Are you trying hard enough? :wink: Not sure about CT build but I have 193% CS with this weapon in Oblivion build

I admit I didn’t try at all. But still it shoud be there.

I don’t know. There’s always Mythical Temporal Arcblade with %CS.
Giving %CS to Scion might make it obsolete. And suggestions should be always backed up with builds imo.

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It is just strange having a weapon for CT without casting speed. It is not useful for cooldown CT because aether doesn’t have dots and without it cooldown CT is pretty useless due low damage. Arcblade is almost useless now perhpas Mage Hunter could use it with Bonemonger set otherwise I would prefer Screaming Veil. It deals more damage and has vit conversion for scales. But cooldwn is nice. Maybe it could be used somewhere. I will try to use it somewhere.

I don’t see a problem with the current design of the item. It can work with RF or even Shard of Beronath like on Plasmodermic’s Spellbinder. It has its own niche among the now numerous 2H aether weapons, and I don’t think expanding it with casting speed should be done when Arcblade exists, like tqFan pointed out, and also Fleshwarped Core.

Faction belt :smiley:

Scion is an Aether weapon first and foremost but has anyone considered the implications of using it on Fire with Aether->Fire conversion? For example, full Vanquisher + Chains of Ordas with Vire’s Might and transmuted CT might be worth testing/trying, of course % CDR on Scion would also help it greatly.


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