[Suggestion] More affinity to Dryad

It’s the most expensive among all 1-tier constellations.
Dryad’s Blessing is mediocre, it deals no damage but occupies offensive slot.
You can’t dump 3-4 spare points in there to get the proc, because it’s at the far end of the constellation.

Given that, almost any build naturally sticks to Bat, because it has ADCTH + %WD, it gives more affinity and Twin Fangs can also be bound to pseudo-pets.

It would be really great to add some extra affinity to Dryad, so it may become a part common constellation routes.

If there is any reason why it should cost so much, please explain.


I love this idea so much. Totally agree. Which affinity should be added in what amounts do you think?

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+1 image

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It should give 5 yellow affinity instead of 3, I like Dryad but healing isn’t that strong and requires offensive skill for procing. If it grants better affinity you can use it together with Scales.


I always feel like it should give some blue affinity in conjunction with current amount of orange for some reason. But I’d be good with 5 orange too.


It can’t be red, because chaos is the opposite of order.
Purple is for physical / pierce.
So anything but these two.

Green is good for casters.
Blue is good for anyone.
Yellow is a step close to Tree of Life and Ishtak.
I’d prefer green or blue because these are most general and fit any build.


+1 It should give 3 yellow and 2 blue I think. A few devotions give 3 blue and 2 yellow and sometimes we might need to other way.

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There’s one build where I find dryad to be actually valuable, but 5 points of mediocre defensive options aren’t worth 3 affinity. +1 to bumping up to 5 yellow.

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Definitely +1. Was looking at it recently because the nods are juicy but the fact that it gives two affinities and has to be activated by an offensive proc turned me away from it.

I would also suggest to make it a passive “when hit” activator, because that part of the devotion map usually belongs to Pierce/Physical builds that sure as hell don’t have that extra skill to proc it efficiently.

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There are plenty of constellations which need some love:
Gallows: so minor bonus, compare to Eel and Sailor it’s just a trash tier1.
Staff of Rattosh: minor bonus to player, not many pet builds use it too.
Berserker: even bleeding builds rare take it.
Chariot of dead: Take my huge OA buff, thats all. Most builds can easily reach 3k+ OA, so its a NO. Few -cdr builds use it, but Bat still a better choice.
Owl: only cold/physical builds invest deeply in purple, and there are better choices for Tier1.
Ulo: a heavy defensive PROS AND CONStellation Tier2, most builds dont need it.

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Dryad’s CD matches almost perfectly with RoS or Doomforce, and it turns both of those skills into a good instant heal.

If they can afford it, they will do it (left arm). Problem is Kraken (mandatory for 2H Melee) so sometimes different route has to be taken.

Bleeding…and when you can afford not to invest into Wolverine (for DA), Owl is a good choice. Not superb, but okay for Purple Points.

That is a good binding for that proc. Unfortunately, not all of those builds have Doomforce or RoS. And while I can see it being a crutch for Physical builds, Pierce builds got absolutely no space left for that devo. However, had it been 3+2 I can see Pierce builds taking it instead of Solemn Watcher or Panther.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Crate has ever changed devotion completion bonuses & requirements like that.
Even some like Blind Sage and Attak Seru with harsh requirements are still the way they are.
It’s always been that way!” isn’t a good argument, but it does imply that they’re probably content with the system they have in place.

That said, I think Dryad would benefit from giving 5 completion like Shepherd’s Crook.


I believe they did for Typhos, the Jailor of Souls.

Dryad is supposed to be the Order counterpart to Chaos’ Ghoul. So I don’t think changing the affinity bonus is the answer.

Just make the proc more useful and powerful somehow, that’s all.

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+1 to more love to dryad
fits really everything, more affinity are always welcome


Haven’t found anything in the changelogs that confirms this (last change to Typhos just made its nodes more offensive oriented for players and pets). Completion bonuses from devotions have never changed when the devotions went to the public version, at least since i have been a praetorian.

I have asked for completion bonuses to be different a few times during testing and Zantai seems to be adamant about the current completion bonuses. Mainly because it seems they have spent a lot of time to get to the current completion bonuses.

Grim Dawn Wiki is sufficiently outdated enough for our purposes:

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Had to look back more than two years ago. I believe this was done to make it more appealing to pet builds.

Don’t see it happening to Dryad because it’s far more generic than Typhos, plus the former is T1 and the latter is T2.

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