[Suggestion] Multiple binds on same key

Moar grimdawn, less super piano simulator please.

how would that even work ?? image

Like that.

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@Gnomish_Inquisition It could work as follows:


The way it works is after pressing and holding RMB is that it first cast skills from the right side

  • this Lightning looking (on cooldown) skill goes first

  • then this Red Shield

  • and then Claw autoattack

When one of the cooldown skills that is more on the right becomes off-coldown / available again it’s cast immediately.
You need to have your auto-attack 1st because otherwise it would block cooldown spells on the right.

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seems like something that could either cause big bug, big exploit or big headache, no? :thinking:

No… No bugs here.
Exploit, well. That’s what I’m using it for. Example: You have 3 nukes you need to regularly spam in between your auto attacks. If you wanna b max effective, you either need 2 memorize all 3 cool downs, counting them down in your head, or you need to observe the task bar more than the main screen. Neither is fun for me. Hence: autocasting via script. Max effectiveness and max fun.

Same for movement skills. If you have 2 or 3, you always need to check which one is off CD in order to move. Via script, they r on the same key. You’ll always use the free one instantly.

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off my head i can cause 1, well suppose it’s technically a bug while the effect is an exploit
rapid succession movement skills
it causes rubber-banding, instant returning you to your original location, the exploit part being it still delivers the attack/dmg and any potential proc, and the rubber-banding effect as desired keeps you safe from harm while able to deliver another attack

tho in worst case scenario it causes semi freeze rubber banding, where it can’t path proper and does the “spazz out in place” thingy where you need to either use a movement skill again or rift away

i’m sure there are other even more wonky interaction that could potentially happen with various skills

might just be i’m old fashioned, but that sounds part cheating part exploit to utilize a script etc to ensure inhuman like responsiveness, and i’m sure it has 0 impact on dps/performance ?
basically just auto piloting the game at a certain point - then what’s the point in playing :man_shrugging: :older_man:

Never encountered smth like that.

You can use it or not. Me, I’m using whatever increases the fun of the game. Being bothered with the stuff mentioned above, that’s no fun for me personally.

Don’t get us started on cheating in a solo game.

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Some builds are solely possible with scripts BTW. Massive piano and SBoE as main skill comes to mind. Try spamming it the way the game intends you to :slight_smile:

It was a hugely fun char I would have missed out without using scripts.

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didn’t say you couldn’t do it, for me it just seems borderline there so it’s not for me SP or not

i have an arthritis mentalist and some gildam arcanum gdstash meme builds so i’m well aware of piano
one thing is not liking it, but for me, taking it to the realm of precision out of the realm of human capability, well then were there where in my mind it enters the twilight zone of “then it can’t be done”, sorta like aimbot or whatever. Warped sense of “morality” if you wanna call it that
thank feck Crate allows us to mod the game/isn’t on closed servers so people can play however they want tho :relaxed: :ok_hand:

Nah, the Grim Dawn engine doesn’t allow for super precision, stuff like that.
I don’t see you could play Crucible at top level with autocasting - all skills need to be cast deliberately in perfect moments. For example when I autocast Wind Devils it makes the character super clunky, for example cast it when I move to targets or while I’m fighting 3 bosses at once and this can cause your death.

You can see my videos, Acid Primal Strike and see how bad it looks:Acid Primal Strike Conjurer - YouTube

Or I aucast Flashbang / Thermite Mine / Inquisitor Seal with Purifier Shooter before every shooting - which is sometimes unnecessary.

so I’d say can help noobs like me but if you’re good at games / great pilot it will probably hinder you.

Anyway, I’ve always been beaten by other players who don’t use macros in Crucible :wink:
Maybe if some top pilot where to add AutoHotkey a tiny bit, it could help him a little?

Also GDAutocaster is not really performance oriented,I cannot really time spells that well because it’s not low level enough + Grim Dawn engine is kinda clunky. For example it wouldn’t work in Fighting Games / FPS because of that.


for me i “have” to cast wind devils when they’re off cooldown so i maintain maximum count with full uptime, and that’s just constantly clunky regardless of Cruci, SR or even main campaign
hence why i wanted to hard mod them to be permanent and reduce the amount of devils instead :joy:
Crate/Zantai finally seeing the light and making such change official would be glorious tho :pray:

tho on certain spam casters i could definitely see it being a potential performance advantage of having auto/multi keys like that,
seems like it would also completely eliminate any potential human error of unwanted animation canceling :thinking:

Probably on some particular builds if top pilots where to add a bit of AutoHotkey on top of their skills it might lead to some performance increase although I’m not even sure about that because they are so good already ; ) But for casual players who don’t press buttons well for sure it helps a lot.

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no i mean in the Chronicon style you mentioned earlier
like if you had silly spam caster ala quickjacks/bwc with canister and nado or sigils or whatever 2nd mastery could throw on
then if they were multi-bind"Chroniconed" so that you could just hold down spam jacks/cocktails and then it would auto throw nado canister high potentcy bwc sigil trozan callidor etc etc whatever CD attack/offensive type skills you’d want to go off immediately, and without the risk of animation canceling from a human piano misclick
in such scenario i think that would be a massive boost
tho i’m also aware of such heavy multi cd cast attack skill builds aren’t exactly common :sweat_smile:

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That indeed seems even better. But I like it. I care about our fingers and keyboards ; )

i’m glad to know i’m not the only one that thinks this would be an improvement.

I feel like GD for me is more of a cerebral type gameplay, if i want to be frenetically clicking i’ll go play and FPS! When i used to play Everquest, there was an in-game macro system, where you could bind like 4 skills on the same key and just mash it, but they would respect their cooldowns, so you’re not really gaining that much of an advantage.

I just think you could get more skills to work like ABB where when its on cooldown you just autoatack with the same key and proc the other stuff. I’d love to be able to use another melee skill that also have a large cooldown in the same key not being able to makes gameplay clunky, not challenging.

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