[Suggestion] Please add Item Modifiers to existing items for skill lines with Secondary Skills attached to them (i.e. Soulfire/Brimstone/etc.)

Not sure if this has been asked before, but I figured I would put it up here. I searched, but did not get any results.

As we know that Item Modifiers such as the “100% Physical Damage converted to Aether Damage to Eye of Reckoning” on the Mythical Soulare’s Helm does not affect the Physical Damage on Soulfire (the secondary skill), can there be Item Modifiers for the Secondary Skills as well?

If it is possible, will you please add additional Item Modifiers that can be hidden from the tooltip (to reduce item tooltip bloat) that would allow the proper conversion to occur? As it stands now, a modifier like above does not allow 1/4 of the skill damage to be converted as you would seemingly expect to happen.

Other examples are Blazeheart not affecting Explosive Strike (and probably not the Chaos portion of Brimstone) or the Conduit of Destructive Whispers prefix modifier to convert 100% Fire & 100% Chaos on Fire Strike to Vitality not affecting Brimstone.

What do you all think?

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This is not mechanically possible without major changes to the skill system.

That stinks, but thank you for the info and quick reply!

I just open my Asset Manager and made such skill modifier. And did you know what? IT WORKS!
So stand up and go add add additional Item Modifiers for secondary skills!

And how did it look on the item tooltip?

As well as any other skill modifier.


Is it problem?

Did it successfully convert the damage from the secondary skill?

Сonversion is exactly what i tested.

Since you can make the item modifiers work for secondary skills, I wonder what the issue is? :thinking:

Maybe a limitation to how many modifiers you can have? Tooltip limitations? Or maybe that we can have the item modifiers, but they cannot be hidden or they might be confusing to see the added modifiers?

Sorry just tried to minocry the way you talk. Didn’t really want to offend you.
I appologize.

Not sure is it a joke or something else, but it sounds in offensive way.

P.S: BTW, what will you say if you see EoR with rays (like AAR animation)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too

Currently items can have up to 3 Item skill modifiers (ISM). ISMs itself doesn’t differ from mastery skill modifiers.
Tooltip haven’t limits. It scrolls up and down but extremely long strings can go beyond left and right border though same for exists ones.
ISMs can’t be hidden. They might confuse only new players that don’t know some advanced mechanics.

When players see ISM they expect it will apply to whole skill branch. Insofar as ISM doesn’t apply to skillsecondary_templates players ask to Devs add new ones for such secondary modifiers. And when Devs said that not possible technically you can believe or check it itself.
And now you take Asset manager and use it as tool for tests ignoring balance because you check game mechanic itself.
And if you don’t consider this you can: forget armor mechanics; forgot RR mechanics; forgot conversion mechanics that was revealed by modified game and just stick to the feel gameplay.
At the other side when you disprove dev’s word and he doesn’t take any argued comments, It negatively affects to him reputation.

I say there only 2 men who know secret of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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What exactly did you disprove?

I said it’s not mechanically possible without major changes to the skill system, which is 100% true. You just consider the bloated and unclear additions to item tooltips to be an acceptable cost.

Let me quote myself:
RxJunkie:…will you please add additional Item Modifiers…
Zantai_GD: This is not mechanically possible without major changes to the skill system.

Yes, i see words " that can be hidden from the tooltip", but in the world I live can is option not required condition.

Bloated and unclear additions to item tooltips are exist right now in game. For example > Mythical Hellbourne have 9 string of ISM, and some sets up to 11.

It was be better if you right away say that hidden modifiers is not mechanically possible and bloated and unclear additions doesn’t match devs vision

What bit of “without major changes to the skill system” did you miss?

That one where it possible “without major changes to the skill system”

Just curious, are you meaning balancing changes to skills that would need to be done as a result? Or something else?

I was taking this originally to mean there are coding issues or something else that is preventing this from happening and not tooltip bloat, which already exists as brought up by Denis.

Personally, I see the existing item skill modifiers as unclear and confusing as they lead the player to falsely believe that the conversions are happening to entire skill lines when they are not…

If it’s a design decision, then I guess we have to accept that it will remain the same.

Even if it is a design decision, a simple one-liner on transmutors would go a looooong way in benefiting players - both old and new.

I mean, it wasn’t till a couple of weeks ago did superfluff find out about the mechanics of explosive strike.