[suggestion] Please consider giving Aura of Conviction %all damage instead of %pierce and %elemental

The only builds which really use it now are a small handful of pierce builds.

Would also help chaos quite a bit.

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No. All damage means it’ll be scaled down like every other all damage bonuses - meaning it’s a pierce nerf. Just give it pierce and chaos, remove the dots.

I mean…they could just match the current %pierce value, no?

It’s already lower than elemental :confused:

That would be too powerful, spanks.
Inquisitor already has %all damage in arcane empowerment, giving it more will be too much.

I’d say just replace that %elemental DoT to %physical + %internal trauma damage. Chaos is also nice

Honestly, I’m not sure how it would be too powerful, jabby.

If you’re going elemental, you’re going to take AoC. Pierce will remain unaffected.

Acid, vit, chaos, physical, aether would be the damage types benefiting the most from this. And it’s not as though we see a lot of inquisitors over performing with these damage types

Maybe I’m missing something?

Acid and vit will probably be taking items to convert Aura of Censure’s RR anyway. Most of the other damage types you listed will probably be taking other exclusive skills: Oleron or Mandate for physical (with the exception of 2-havoc tactician), Posession for chaos.

I don’t know enough about arcanist/inquisitor mashups, but I assume reckless power is more attractive for aether as well, and Aura of Censure has -aether RR mods too.


Conviction seems to be the only choice in chaos builds when it comes to Black Flame AAR Mage Hunter. The only other build that would benefit from this would be a weird physical Havoc Paladin and even then, it’s a choice between Mandate and Conviction.

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Because I am afraid that Inquisitor will be too much of a supporter class and overshadowing other dedicated class. Occultist is the one who need %all damage in aspect of the guardian, imo.

Let acid and vit covered by other classes. Aether is kinda a funny thing in Inquisitor though, but I think necromancer still need to be better than Inquisitor in aether department.


Yeah, if we put aside its “aura” nature (affecting allies too in MP), for single-player it’s really pathetic exlusive skill.

If we want pierce buff, why dont increase pierce RR on WoP from 25% to 35%?
Fore cold and lightning builds would use Aura of Censure anyway. So it’s rather a buff for aether & chaos builds. What’s the problem? Are those OP?

I have brought it up like 10 times and Zantai never budged. He thinks of useless dot damage on AoC as a “freebie”. Some freebie it is.

Also, %all damage would be too much. I think Chaos instead of %Pierce would give it some versatility. Chaos Rah’Zin Infiltrator anyone? )))

Zantai could just make it so it’s 70% all damage (which is the usual scaled down value for %all damage), and keep some 30% of the original pierce as cherry on top.

The free kind?

Sry for offtopic but… what?

The only real acid/vit inquisitor builds are going to use Radaggan’s set for 25% acid/vit RR to Aura of Censure.

I am really against that. It just homogenizes classes too much. I think Pierce + Chaos is where it should be at.

useless kind

That still leaves apostate out of the loop, (meanwhile chaos deceiver or chaos black flame mage hunter already outperform warlock, despite the occultist being a chaos mastery) If anything, it should be Pierce+Vitality instead.

But there is no Vitality in Inquisitor class outside of Radaggan set that is based around Censure anyway. Pierce + Aether then.

sounds like a deal. I wonder how it’ll make the comparative performance of spellbinders and mage hunters look though.

Can help Aether Fire Strike Purifiers tho. I mean any bonus but the current elemental dot one would be welcome at this point.

lol. what about reckless power?