Suggestion: Prioritize production buildings

The new changes around workers living closer to their workplaces are good, but I still want Moar control of optimizing my settlement. It would be the icing on the cake if it were possible to click a button on any production building to give it priority. This would just mean that it picked the happiest and most educated workers and put them in the closest houses to their workplace. The housing algorithm would then first go through all prioritized production buildings and select homes for those workers first, and then afterwards do the rest of the non-prioritized workplaces.

Or “subsidise” rather than prioritise (or probably both): designate a 5 gold incentive for new employees.

That seems a bit expensive for no real boost apart from a sensible logistical arrangement. It’s not really any different from the other prioritize buttons, do this first. The issue is that currently your soliders etc want to live close to home as much as important productive workers, and so while the new system is a huge improvement it’s not always actually helping. I think a simple prioritize button would be the light touch needed to really polish that whole system.

… whoooeee, do you mean those unimportant folks with the weapons and armour that protect the settlement against all sorts of hostile agents? I can see the barrack room reaction to the candlemaker that made that statement! 8D

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