[Suggestion] Shift bonemonger's RR on siphon souls to Ill omen, or increase siphon soul's AoE considerably

There are plenty of items which make an elemental based necromancer seem enticing, but the biggest thing holding it back is needing to rely on siphon souls to reliably apply RR.

As a result, the elemental necromancer will never see any action.

Incorporating one of the 2 changes mentioned above would go a long way in addressing this issue. :slight_smile:

Agree that RR on Siphon SUCKS. Or one could say, it siphons the soul out of you…

Don’t agree about adding it to Spectral Binding (is it even possible). It trivializes the game too much. I think Ill Omen is the way to go.

Why isn’t it possible? Spectral wrath already applies RR.

Also, it’s not as though there’s any real competitive elemental apostates, binders, defilers, etc. outside of a small handful

Maybe just shifting the ele RR to spectral wrath then?

Drools in Will O Wisp :drooling_face:

would that make it OP?

Well, it is already fast in Crucible (not 6 mins fast though) and against Superbosses + has good survivability in Naked Cruci and SR. With RR on Spectral, it will be outputting Conjurer like dmg with just the birbs, while having 5x ghosts for extra support.

That said, shifting it to Ill Omen will take care of that problem as the build is already skill point starved.

EDIT: Wait, unless you meant the RR given by bonemonger and not adding it to the base skill by default… in which case I misread the title and Drooled over nothing :frowning:

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Spectral Wrath can’t have RR through mods. Only Siphon Souls or Ill Omen in Necromancer can have the -% RR type.

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Norzan to the rescue.

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OK, Siphon Souls is inconvenient, but on Omen sounds better. Idk Bonemonger is fine set, perhaps the most versatile one.

has there been a bonemonger necro which uses ele damage?

This is actually the first bonemonger I made. I have more ideas to make it better now, but I am in a GD break, Soo…

Shifting the RR from siphon souls to Ill omens should be better. But it should also give flat CDR to omens, maybe put it in the helmet just like its seal mod.

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Thanks for the feedback @mad_lee, @Norzan, @thejabrixone

OP has been edited to reflect these suggestions

While we are at it. Confuse effect is actually almost as annoying as terrify when I tested Horn of gandarr the other days. I think this cc should be made less intense and make it so the enemy only running around in its spot, not running from the player.

Yup. I couldn’t agree more

The best thing is they will literally run and never come back :rofl:

It’s like playing hide-'n-seek