Suggestions, for Farthest Frontier "Gameplay"

Hey it’s me again, I’ve made a suggestion in another section of the forum, where basically i should’ve not write there sry lol… Well this is probably the last requests i’ll do… probably.
This time i would like to talk bout, Walls / fences etc , basically the defense system of FF.
Maybe this is a more challenging request, i really dunno. But as things are now, i think it’s better to revisit the “placement system” for walls and fences… Because the thing simple, it’s always bout making look cool and making blending good also building with the enviroment.
By the moment that the maps, are really detailed, full of deformations and overall great ground formations. I think ; the placement of : Walls / Fences ; would be better if it’s, converted into a “free placement system”

Visual Example =

/ Gonna make other posts, cuz i can’t embed more than one image :frowning:

Instead of being the default grid pattern like this =

I think the game would greatly benefit from this, and also giving players the possibility to “edit” , place in whichever way walls, fences would make the game even more interesting / cool / blending with the enviroment.



While i have another thing it could improve, the coolness and blending of the game with the sorroundings ; Talking bout “GATES”;
also these are afflicted by the grid system; but i think also for these ones, the player should be able to place em, in whatever position it wants. Being forced to place in “one way”, limits the blending factor with roads etc.

Visual example =

LAST THING , you should make possible to connect fences with already built ones.

thanks in advance for the time

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Yeah exactly this mate, this is what i would like to see. thanks for the addition

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