Diagonal und Rund bauen! build diagonally and round!

Also bisher habe ich sehr viel Spaß an diesen Spiel. Meine Frage wäre, ob in späteren Entwicklungsschritten bzw. Patches, es vorgesehen ist Mauern, Wälle, Zäune und so weiter auch diagonal und rund bauen zu können ?, denn das wäre aus meiner Sicht richtig gut. Zumal würde ich es begrüßen wenn sich Gebäude und deren Bauraster sich der jeweiligen Straße anpassen (diagonalen- und/oder kurvigen Straßen usw.) , damit es optisch ein wenig realistischer aussieht.

So far I’m really enjoying this game. My question would be whether in later development steps or patches it is planned to be able to build walls, ramparts, fences and so on diagonally and round? Because that would be really good from my point of view. Especially since I would appreciate it if buildings and their construction grid adapt to the respective street (diagonal and/or curvy streets, etc.) so that it looks a little more realistic.


You beat me on this ! Pretty much what I had in mind as well. +1 for these suggestions !

Just a suggestion : you should probably also write the title of your thread in english for better visibility :wink:


It would be awesome to have walls & fences behave like the road building tool. Additionally I’d really like to integrate towers into the wall, just like in the artwork (loadings screen, main menu, etc).


To add to this, I was going to post adaptive grid system similar to what “Cities Skylines” by Paradox uses, therefore no matter what angle the road is, the tiled grid is plotted off the face of the roadway so you could build a 17* house, or a 74* house. It would give that more fluid, natural development to town landscaping that many of the old world countries (and a lot of the 13 Colonies, USA) have. Gradually sloping roadways that wind a meandering path through the forest, and gradually a small hamlet develops between your distant clay-mine and the main settlement, etc etc.

Granted, if that’s something you’re allowed to do without some form of software copyright infringement… oh god.

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Tropico 6 does the same thing.

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