suggestions:Mini Map,wine, ports, gem mines, technology trees, more wildlife, and many other ideas

I am a player from the East and I really enjoy playing the farthest frontier.
Proactively provide some interesting ideas. For example:

0.Mini map, this game urgently needs a mini map in the bottom left corner。

  1. Join the port and trade system, allowing the construction of trade ports near the water, with merchants doing business, monthly income, and the possibility of pirate invasion.
  2. By joining the shipbuilding system, sailboats can be made to transport people and goods, allowing for the establishment of a stronghold on a small island in the water.And allow players to build bridges
  3. Add gemstone minerals, such as jade, agate, and pearls, to export or make luxury goods.
  4. Gold mines should be changed to not require smelting, and after mining, they should be directly converted into gold coins, but at the same time, gold mines should be set to be even rarer.
  5. Add more wild animals and plants, such as elephants, lions, and roses, which can produce resources such as ivory and flowers as luxury goods for trade.
  6. Join the technology tree, for example, in the technology laboratory, there are many technological varieties that can increase fishing efficiency, metallurgical speed, sailing speed, and so on.
    7.The game requires more varieties of wine
    I still have a lot of ideas, I don’t have time to say, I like this medieval game, I love everyone.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve moved your post into the Ideas & Feedback section where the devs will see it and you can also look at what others have suggested.

Water based play is a bit complicated with Crate’s set up so not going to be anything like that before full release of the game. They may have another look at it later.

We’re already going to get a tech tree in a future patch.

Gemstones to make jewels have been suggested over time by many (including myself). Let’s see if they will add them or not.

It’s so massive. The update speed of this game is slow. It will be available as a later mode once it is officially released. It would be difficult to implement something like a beach map.