[Summoner] Terra Destroyer - The Unstoppable Meteor Summoner - Tetra Element Meteor - Crucible Ready

[Summoner] Terra Destroyer - The Unstoppable [COLOR=“Red”]Meteor Summoner[/COLOR]


Please don’t open it if you don’t wanna see One of The most Hated Nemesis in Grim Dawn History :


~Terra Destroyer - The Unstoppable Meteor Summoner~

These Summoner won’t summon you any pets, but Full of Meteor Rains instead…

With Total Damage Modified Chain Mirrors, you’ll be The Unstoppable Terra Destroyer…

You’ll press Infinite Loop Spell Buttons w/o realizing that there’s No Enemies Left…

~Tetra Element Aether Meteor~

You’ll see Green, Red, White and Blue Meteors…

Fire, Cold and Lightning Meteors actually will be Devastating Aether Meteors

~Featuring some Cool Mechanics~

- Full Aether Spells (Full Aether Conversions)

For Full Aether Conversion in these Builds, I use :
Decree of Aldritch, and The Magelord Rings
Another way for Aether Conversion is using combination of Gear Above with Diviner’s Raiment and Diviner’s Mask

Damage Conversions really makes Grim Dawn has a very large options for Build Diversity!

- CDR for Infinite Loop Spells

With a lot of CDRs from Gear, Skills, and Devotion, we’ll have a very Fast Cooldown for DPS Spells.
You may suffer a little bit confusing until you adapt for those “Always Ready” Spells.
If you can’t handle the Infinite Loop Spells playstyle, I recommend you to check 2nd Post for different concept and playstyle Build.

- CDR for Faster Devo Skills Cooldown

I mention this once again since CDR placed great emphasis on the Devotion Skill’s Cooldown.
CDR will make our Devotion Skills Cooldown faster thus will have Faster DPS Procs and no less important also faster Cooldown for Healing and Lifesteal Devo Skills like Giant’s Blood and Ghoulish Hunger.

Ghoul reset with TD is nice concept for acquired some form of Perma Lifesteal… Evenmore on Lifestealer Builds

- Chain Mirror with Extra Total Damage (Mirror = DPS Boost)

Mythical Iskandra’s Focusing Prism is a great amulet that gives Total Damage Modified by 15% to Mirror of Ereoctes

This make we have Greater DPS in Form of Invincibility Grava’s Dual Nullification can break this

Around 6.6s for Raining Meteors on Enemies is Cool, Not to Mention the Increasing DPS w/o fearing about incoming Damage…

- Damage Absorption

Arcanist is a Versatile Mastery, you’ll like it if you do a deep analysis on this mastery.
Crate is really Cool for making such this Masterpiece Mastery (Thumbs Up)

It has almost everything except Bossproof Elemental RR

Even for Melee Builds, now one of Arcanist Exclusive Skills has Attack Speed added!

Well, Mirror and Maivens are those Arcanist Skills for Damage Absorption.
Damage Absorption concept is really good if we combine it with other defensive layer friends…

- Damage Reflection

Damage Reflection is nice for increasing our Damage while fighting Bosses --> Here’s a sample Reflection Build

Mirror Damage Reflection comes with 100% Damage Absorption, and reflected it more than 100% if we put good points on it.

I always invest 12 points in Mirror for Faster Cooldown and Nice Damage Reflection Bonus.
Mythical Iskandra’s Ammy make it Sweeter…

- Nullification for Clear Bad AoE and Taming Reflect Enemies

Yes, this one also Cool Skills from Arcanist Mastery
Can Clear Reflection Enemies, Cronley’s Bubble, and also Clearing Bad AoE Damage taken.

Also can reduces target Elemental Damage, nice for Elemental Enemies.

I usually put 1 points for Nullification…

- Health Regen (CDR will reset the Cooldown Faster)

Flat Health Regeneration Skills like Word of Renewal, Blood of Dreeg, Giant’s Blood or Healing Rain sometimes will help us in very dangerous situations.

With CDR their Cooldown is faster thus we’ll have reliable Healing Skills as additional defensive layers

- Lifesteal / ADctH (Attack Damage converted to Health)

ADctH : 10%, and up to 95% with Ghoul Procs (CDR will reset the Cooldown)

Lifesteal Spells with Weapon Damage (WD) and Devo Lifesteal Skills (Ghoulish Hunger and Twin Fangs)

Skills that have Weapon Damage component can replenish our HP with Lifesteal.
Example of that Skills : Callidor’s Tempest (CT), Chaos Strike, Shadow Strike, etc…

Take a note, Ghoulish Hunger can become our Circuit Breaker since it also provides nice Physical Resist.
Huge ADctH from Ghoulish Hunger when activate, combine with WD Skills will Fully replenish our Health in a blink eye, out from thin air…

- Chance to Avoid Melee and Projectiles

These one also nice additional defensive layers if we stack it good enough.
Nighblade Mastery also has them, and due to nature of NB that need to fight in melee range, these kind of defensive mechanic is very usefull.

Well at least these two has chance to reduce incoming damage taken to our beloved toon… (when Mirror still on CD)

- Bad AoE Reduction

Aeon’s Hourglass and Maiven’s Conversion will help our Overcapped Resistances for reducing incoming AoE Damage Taken.

Well, we actually can just release a Peacemaker Nullification

- Knockdown, Petrify, and Confuse target for CC

Arcanist actually has it’s own Famous CC Skills called OFF - Olexra’s Flash Freeze I never meet Olexra in GD

I don’t use OFF for some reasons :

  1. I don’t want more spell buttons pressed
  2. OFF doesn’t affect Bosses --> it’s not usefull for triggering devo procs
  3. We don’t need more CC if we can Kill Enemies fast enough --> Good Offense is a Best Defense

I just mention here since this mechanic actually has it’s usefullness when leveling and surrounding with cruel mobs

This build has Knockdown, Petrify, and Confuse for CC

Note, sometimes CC skills will make you hard for targetting enemies, especially in default weapon attack melee builds.
Freeze and Stun is good as CC for default weapon attack melee builds.

Even Knockdown can make your Meteor Rain misses it’s target…

- Slow Resist

Slow Resist is very usefull for Kiting Builds and also in Crucible

This build has more than 90% slow resist, with Maximum 135% Run Speed

You can run for avoid some AoE Bad Pools for herding enemies in Meteors Landing Page… Well, I’m not talking about Online Advertising

- Up To 40% Physical Resist

To make it simple, thanks to Ghoul and Iskandra

- Energy Leech (This Build use Non Energy Regen Devo Skills)

Thanks to Fabric of Reality and Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange

- Energy Cost Reduction

Again Thanks to Arcanist Skills Mental Alacrity

See, Arcanist is Cool isn’t it ?

- Hidden Flat RR (No Flat RR from Mastery Skills and Devotion)

Hidden Flat RR will automatically triggered by OA, Cool isn’t it ?

- More than 80% Crit Damage

Besides RR, Crit Damage can Boost your DPS significantly, it’s Multiplicative

- No Green Gear Used in This Green Build

Fortunately, No Green for this Evergreen Build

~Crucible Ready~

You can use Mark of Divinity (MoD) as Circuit Breaker for helping Ghoul

  • Enemies in Crucible has lower stats compare to Main Campaign

  • Enemies OA in Crucible has toned down

  • You have Buff and Bunner in Cruci

  • Nemesis is toned down in Crucible

  • Enemies HP Pool is lower in Cruci
    Kuba won’t Duplicate, Moose has no second phase (You can kill Moose in less than 10s in Cruci, in MC Moose will have 2nd phase)

  • Crit Damage in Cruci will be higher if compare in Main Campaign

  • New update Buff seems favor Cruci very much

  • Time Dilation, AoE, Kiting, Builds tend to success in Cruci

So I believe this humble meteor build can clear low level aspirant w/o buff and banner with ease ^^









This build probably has not shown it’s full damage potential since not all devo skills maxed out.

Well, writing non only GT Link Build Post seems harder than writing my master thesis several years ago…

English is not my native language, so please pardon me if I make mistakes…

Please check 2nd Post for different build…

[Caster] [COLOR=“Red”]Lifestealer Aether Meteorlord CT Spamming Mage Hunter[/COLOR]

Lokarr’s Dress Room :

No Greens - Grimtools

With Green - Grimtools

~Devotion Path~
This is assuming you already have 55/55 Devotion Points :

  • Crossroads Green
  • Hawk
  • Scholar’s Light
  • Crossroads Red
  • Viper
  • Eel
  • Widow (Arcane Bomb Bound To Word of Pain)
  • Fiend (Flame Torrent Bound To Callidor’s Tempest)
  • Imp (Aetherfire Bound To Devastation)
  • Behemoth (Giant’s Blood Bound To Reckless Power)
  • Ghoul (Ghoulish Hunger Bound To Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange)
  • Remove Red
  • Remove Green
  • Ulzuin’s Torch (just 5 points) (Meteor Shower Bound To Chaos Strike)
  • Sailor’s Guide
  • Aeon’s Hourglass (Time Dilation Bound To Horn of Gandarr)




~ Fast Kill Grava’thul with 6K Current HP

~ Facetank Kubacabra

~ Together Bathing Meteor Rains with Aleksander

~ Gargabol and Secret Son

~ Fabius Meteor Shower

~ Valdaran

~ Fabius - Cronley

~ Facetank MQ

~ Krieg GG Drops

~ Theodin Marcell GG Drop

~Build Explanations~

  • Lifestealer

Usually Lifestealer Builds are using Melee Default Weapon Attack like Cadence, Fire Strike, Beronath’s Fury as Skills for Lifestealing.
How about we use Spells Attack for Lifestealing? Interesting isn’t it?

Spells / Skills with WD (Weapon Damage) can be as our Lifestealer Spells that will useful for replenish our HP

CT (Callidor’s Tempest) combine with Flame Torrent will be our main Lifestealer Spells.
Both Skills have Weapon Damage.
Casting Speed will make CT attacks faster thus more DPS and more Lifesteal.

Ghoul Procs also will provide us with more Lifesteal (plus extra Physical resist)adding our Defensive Layers beside Mirror, Maiven’s Sphere, and Others

  • Aether Meteorlord

Beside Lifestealer Spells, we also have faster cooldown Aether Meteor Shower + Devastation
With more than 100% Crit Damage, Flat Direct Damage from Meteors will gives us nice aditional DPS

  • CDR

Time Dilation (TD) will make our spells cooldown faster.
Mirror + Devastation + Meteor Shower will be ready to launched.

Also TD will make our defensive devo skills have faster reset.
Ghoul and Giant’s Blood will be ready again faster.
This is nice as it gives us addtional defensive layers

  • Mastery Synergies

Mage Hunter (Arcanist / Inquisitor) has nice synergies for Aether Caster Builds
The other combinations are Spellbinder (Arcanist / Necromancer) and Apostate (Inquisitor / Necromancer)

What makes they good for Aether Builds?
Arcanist :
Arcanist mastery has a lot of supports for Aether Builds.
It has Devastation, Reckles Power, Fabric of Reality, CT, and other passives that supports very much for Casters.

Inquisitor :
One of the advantage of Inquisitor Mastery for Aether Builds is it has Word of Pain’s Death Sentence that gives % Aether RR.
Word of Pain is an active skills, it means we can bound active devo skills to it.
Also Inquistor has some nice passives that will increase HP, OA, DA, Crit Damage, Health Regen, etc

Necromancer :
Same like Inquisitor, Necromancer has % Aether RR, the one that Arcanist mastery doesn’t have.
Spectral Binding’s Spectral Wrath is Necromancer’s one.
Different with Inquisitor’s WoP, Spectral Binding is passive skills, %Aether RR will be activated if our toon being hit by enemies.
We still can bound passive devo skills to it.

Not to mention if we playing with conversions, another mastery combine with one of those above shall give us opportunity to makes various of Aether Builds :wink:

Here is a sample of Aether Spellbinder Build (Arcanist / Necromancer) :

Lifestealer Aether Meteorlord Spellbinder

I think I will make separate thread for Spellbinder Casters.
This thread is dedicated for Mage Hunter builds.

To be continue…




No gt link found

Also who is the monster in the picture? That doesn’t look like Grava and AFAIK mesh editing isn’t possible in GD
Never mind
It was Grava doing his attack. Since he was so close to the camera he looked bigger than usual and I got confused

Mad enough to impress me.

Grimtools link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOl1Mv2

You got cruci already? Nice. Also, you’re underselling your build. This is easily gladiator 170 capable on paper, though it won’t be easy piloting a 2.6k DA build in gladiatorm

Mirror, TD, Anal Helm and Devastation = Glad 170 with a good pilot

It definitely can do Gladiator with some minor tweaks.

I would say, since you are converting elemental into Aether, why not make TSS another nuke too? You have so many skill points over invested into diminishing returns skills, you could definitely make TSS another nuker. I would also go for Seal of Destruction or Seal of Skies in weapon to have a spammable skill. But overall, very flashy and strong build, loved how you captured photos of Grava before sending him back to hell.

That thing with hidden GT link, please don’t do it. :wink:

Why did you hide the grimtools link like that in your post? I don’t see the purpose other than to waste people’s time or annoy them. :confused:

Is there a reason you overmaxed chaos resist instead of vitality resist? I always thought vitality resist was more important, but is chaos resist specifically important to deal with Grava’Thul?

Build looks good overall. DA is a tiny bit low, but it should be fine for campaign for sure. Has crucible enemy OA been toned down enough to make ~2700DA viable?

Enemy OA in cruci was toned down in, but it wasn’t much. His DA is still low, but it has already been shown multiple times (especially by ABCbarbecue) that builds with stats like this can theoretically clear 170 glad, but will need an experienced player to do it reliably. Still, it’ll be easy to tweak this build to be more reliable even for the average player.

Yes, it’s truly real form of Grava :smiley:

Grim Dawn itself is Full of Secrets

Not to mention how Cool Devs put the Secrets all over the Cairn…

Did you know how hard for new players even just to meet Mad Queen w/o Internet Connection?

I just being attracted out of Grim Dawn Secret styles

And please pardon me for these kind of things…


Actually I like how Crate makes Grava Flying Appearance, it’s Cool !

About TSS, I already tried it even before I make the video.
CT is better in term of Skill Points used.
Did you how many skills points I need for maximum 26/16 CT?
It’s only 12 Skills Points used.

For TSS, you need more skills points for make it has significant damage. I even tried +5 TSS BoM
Also TSS has no WD, while CT has WD thus can be used for replenish your HP via Lifesteal.
Remember, when Ghoul active we’ll have huge lifesteal.
Even before Ghoul, this build already 10% Lifesteal.

About FREE Skills from components, I already tried it also prior posting videos.
In fact those skills has lower chance to compete with Meteors.
I mean since Cooldown is so fast, component skills spamming has no chance, since we already a lot of Ready and Active Skills.
They more usefull with Reckless Power setups

In this very fast Cooldown Meteors, Meteor Spells are really Rocks, it’s trully Meteor Spamming Build
And of course, if I have more spare Skills Points out of thin air, I’ll surely maxed out TSS for another DPS Nuker :wink:

I think we need some gear love for supporting Aether TSS :wink: If only Trozan’s Set also gives Aether Damage Boosting

Well it seem this is my first AoM Build Posting without Grimtools :

Actually this build is Flexible, you can use dual Chaos Strike like I did on Kuba.
Or put Seal of Blades for more ADctH + Pierce Resist.
Put Imbued Silver for Chaos Resist.
Purified Salt for Aether and Life Leech Resist.
Malmouth’s Will / Ravager Rage for Vitality Resistance

Also Dual Ravager’s Eye + Runesinged Gloves for more DA

Or use some Free Skills component for triggering devo skills

Or use some goodly greens…

And about Grava, yes…
Beautiful Videos need Beautiful Confidence,
And sometimes Beautiful Confidence need Beautiful Resist…

You can also go with confidence facetanking Mad Queen if you have good enough lifesteal for overlapping damage taken with Lifestealer Builds

Ghoul reset with TD is nice concept for acquired some form of Perma Lifesteal…

Yeah, but you have 6 points overcap in Elemental Balance for mere 6% crit damage, 10/10 conversion (when 7/10 you get from 1 point investment is more than enough), Fabric of Reality at 18/12, which is a bit of waste too, since it just slightly boosts your Chaos Strike and CT.

So with a bit of trimming you can have 22/16 TSS

Ha, I just also thought of something really cool for your build. Your glove slot seems to be really wasted, only a proc and some elemental resist are of some value (+skills and skill modifiers are wasted, as well as casting speed and energy bonus).

How about using an Angrim crafted pair of Wyrmbornes? You are gonna convert its proc to aether, and hp/OA bonuses are just so juicy.

Heck, even Eastern Gloves are better if you would want to cap TSS.

Crit Damage is Nice, I stick with it :wink:

Conversion for Stun Resist since I don’t use Thunderstruck / of Kings Green

Fabric of Reality at 18/12, yeah what do you think if you have 6 Skills with Weapon Damage ?
It has Flat Aether Damage + % Aether Damage + Energy Leech --> Nice !
Did you see on Kuba Fight, I have 2 Chaos Strike + CT, with TD I have 6 instantly !

Well, Chaos to Aether conversions with Clairvoyant will give more Aether Damage

And current Gloves, it’s versatile when you change it to Spamming CT, or another Free Spamming Skills from Components that I tested.
In testing, that gloves, current gear, and the point allocation is very flexible and versatile. Make my life easier for testing purpose
Also it has Nice Procs too

TSS main purpose is for triggering TD
The skills for triggering TD doesn’t have to has max dps, since it’s not supposed to spam frequently. You need to adjust the rhythm
If it has good DPS, it just nice bonus.
You need allocate points to Shattered Star for more DPS (If you want to make TSS Nuker)

CT is good for triggering TD, but with it’s max dps, I want to spam it whenever active.
And it can accidently triggering TD if we place it as main nuker dps skills.
Playing with this “Infinite Loop” build, you need to place the order of buttons pressed carefully…

Here’s a sample of using FREE Skills with Weapon Damage (WD) component, it more reliable with Reckless Power since it gives :

  • Flat Aether Damage
  • % Aether Damage
  • Casting Speed
  • lower CDR, so spamming skills has it’s own time to be pressed
    (With Star Pact, spamming skills doesn’t have chance to compete with Meteors, also Star Pact doesn’t give Cast Speed and Damage Boosting)

Star Pact is very suitable for Meteor Summoner Builds

Ghoul Lifesteal + Mirror + MoT + Nullification will give you a Confidence Moment of Invincibility :

>> Lifestealer Aether Meteorlord <<

Would really like to try devastations build, but my pc can’t handle 3 meteos cast at the same time :frowning: