Super Safe HC Blood Knight

[V1.0.6.0] Melee/Caster/hc/u/vid/g#


This build isn’t about dealing tons of damage, but has very good survivability, which makes it perfect for Hardcore. It has about 27-34k hp, 3.5-4.2k armor, good OA&DA, 47% chance to block 1.8-3.8k dmg. and clears trash mobs in seconds. Bone Harvest skill deals 80-120k dmg, auto-atack ~30k. The only hard part is to get all parts of the new set and greens (craftable) :stuck_out_tongue:


Pic. without any buffs, except for Field Command, Spectral Binding, Harbinger of Souls and Whirling Blades. Cadence for LM (dps is incorect)

Relic - Aegis (+DA/+heal/+Armor)
Weapon - Mythical Soulbearer (+40% weapon damage to Bone Harvest)
alt. Weapon - Mythical Death Omen
Shield - Mythical Meat Shield (Huge ammount of HP/Vitality damage)
Medal - Mythical Combat Medic’s Mark (+% Armor/Heal)
Ring - Voidheart (- vitality resist)
Ring #2 - Mythical Lifegiver Signet (+hp/Lifesteal)
Pants - Maniacal Reaper’s Legguards of Vitality (+hp/+Dread)
The rest of equipement (bots/belt/gloves) is craftable and depends on your resists.

Our autoatack will be “Cadence” bound to Dryad’s Blessing . But our main damaging skills are double (Time Dilation) Bone Harvest and Siphon Souls (you can take Ravenouth Earth instead, but i don’t like the visual effect of that skill :undecided:). There is no reason to put more than 1 point into Counter-Strike, because we aren’t a retaliation-based build, but 1 + 8 granted isn’t too bad for additional damage.
It makes sense to put 1 point into Overguard for max stun reduction (and get better greens later :3)

The most interesting part of the build is that the cooldowns and skills are almost the same. I’ve tried to run this charakter with Revenant, Bat and Rattosh, but the first 2 requere fast damaging abilities (devouring swarm/wendigo totem) and for Rattosh we have to “waste” additional 10 Eldrich (green) points. Instead of these, we can take all possible healing devotions such as, Dryad (bounds to Cadence for faster proc.), Chariot of the Dead and Giant. Aegis relic increases armor a lot and heals you, additional 2 items for the heal are myth. Combats Medic Mark and myth. Touch of the Everliving Grove. So we get 2 passive heals (Chariott/Giant) and 4 active (Dryad, Aegis, Gloves, Medal), combinded with 31% lifesteal makes us almost unkillable.

About resist reduction: As i mentioned before, there is only 1 constellation, that reduces vitality resist (Rattosh), but Necromancer has Spectral Wrath skill for -35%, -10% from the ring and -15% full set of Blood Knight, what makes -60%. Not gonna lie about Kubacabra, he is a huge challenge for that build, because he heals from our minions (amulet+full set) instantly and without amulet we will lose a lot of damage (set bonus). With the exception of Kubacabra we can kill Aleksander, Iron Maiden, Grava’Thul and all other nemeses pretty simple. Reaper of the Lost shouldn’t be a problem too (heal procs each second), but i haven’t tested him yet.


Theodin Marcell on Ultimate: (old version of build)

Iron Maiden (Kymons Nemesis) on Ultimate: (new version)

Grava’Thul (Chtonic Nemesis) on Ultimate: (new version)

Videos and Leveling guides are coming soon. Sorry for my poor english :stuck_out_tongue:

/calc/vNQex6RN GRIMTOOLS link (can’t post links :c)


Did you found all gear alredy?

Still missing some parts of Rimetongue and Radaggan sets

Added Grimtools link
Added Video Theodin Marcell

Do u have Radaggan helm blueprint?
It’s the only one missing for me


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Changed main weapon, changed boots/medal/gloves/belt and ring
Updated Grimtools link & in-game screenshot
Added video vs. Iron Maiden & Grava’Thul

is there anywhere specific to farm for t he new sets or just normal RNG and nemsis runs?

Best way is to farm 150-170 gladiator crucible if you have a good character for that. It’s RNG.

Changed Boots/Gloves/Relic and devotions. 101% medic build now and still deals good damage.
Updated Grimtools link & in-game screenshot.

Used to farm Crucible with that char, Kriegs set and 6.5k DA, but after the “60% patch” it isn’t working anymore. Not a big fan of HC Crucible tho :undecided:
Currently doing Fabius/Maiden runs + quick check for Valdaraan/Mooislike/Behn’ Jahr.
Btw. It’s fun to see you guys talking mostly about farming and not the build :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man you changed the devotions I instantly noticed. :smiley:
Im currently leveling my second Hardcore Character with this build. First Character is at level 53 still alive.

This one is at 45 and recently started to get tanky.
Playstyle is super fun, I hope I dont get one shot by a mob I doesnt know.

Still dont know what nemesis mobs are :smiley:

Any recommendations which devotion ability to go for first? Im currently aiming for the cooldown reduction

Thanks for the build, having tons of fun

My questions:

Im comferable against attack based enemies. But as far as I can see theres no medigation to incoming spells. Can that be a problem in the leveling process?

Does the Vitality Decay from Dread works with “x% Attack Damage converted to health”?

Is Overguard really that good? What does this build want from that Skill?

Why Cadence in the new build?

level 50. fixed my devotion :slight_smile:

I can’t recomend this build for a new player. It’s realy painful to get all the part of the new set. You’d rather focus on getting Krieg’s set and aether damage build, till you can find all parts of this equipement.Tbh i don’t know anything about “medigation to incoming spells”, but 99% of all spells deal physical+another type of damage, so with 20%+ phys. resist and 80% all basic resists you will be fine (except for Aleksanders meteor - it’s damage is insane).

About lvling, there are no good aether/vitality damage sets for low lvls, so you have to max out cadence/menhirs bullwark or olerons rage and deal mainly physical/trauma dmg till you get better equipement for lvl 94. Once you get all parts of Krieg’s set (easiest set to get) you can start to build aether based charakter. So much about devotion:

I got cadence only to make Dryad proc faster (4 sec couldown). Overguard is important for every shield-based build just to fix your stun resists (also shield block/hp regen).

I will stay on the path and level with Vitality Damage.
Sure Im missing alot of Cold/Phys/Pierce Scaling
But for now Im actually fine, all the vitality damage bonuses and the scaling are enough to get out decent damge currently.
Im not feeling weak at the moment, life steal is good and Harbinger of Souls is giving me Vitality Conversion

Im at Act 2 Elite

That said I will save up an aether set if the damage happens to fall off later, thanks :slight_smile:

I played for a first time a DK in grim dawn HC veteran mode
And i cleared even all the steps of torment too easy…
Nice job man :slight_smile:

i play a DK for first time even on HC veteran mode and i cleared everything so easy…Even the steps of torment…
Very nice job man :slight_smile:

I’ve started to level with this build. Its indeed very safe, I am lvl75 on HC already and had 0 dangerous moments so far.
Loving it.

I have a question about devotions. (brace yourself, because I’m a noobie xD)
What do you think about wendigo? it seems like a very fitting choice in this build: more vitality damage and more lifesteal. I dont really get the point of tree of life and Ulo the keeper seems unconvincing.

I came up with this devotion build.
Basically instead of going tree of life, ulo, and builder I went for wendigo, scales, and obelisk.


^ I cant post links to grimcalc so i just post the end of it xD
Any comments on this?

got lvl 100 with this with completely random equip xD /calc/M2g4MyKV

hello man :slight_smile:
I want to ask smthing about this death knight topic
I cannot find where to place the green devotions to make your spec…can you help me ?
I just don’t understand where to put 6 green devotions cause the tree is not unlocked to get your affinities and i am focusing 100% on your build to make a death knight 100 lvl in HC
Thx for any help

I don’t like wendigo, because it’s too expensive (6 points for 2 red).
Tree of Life used too be very usefull for most of soldier-based builds, but it’s heal was hardly fixed with a recent update. Chariot + Giant will give you much more survivability, than ToL + Wendigo imho.

You get +3 green from full Chariott and +3 from full Behemoth constellations.

Well i cannot put any devotion point to either chariot or behemooth because they both require 3 green afinitys wich i don’t know where to active to unlock according to your build :slight_smile:
I am a little noob sorry

Put 1 point to green crossroad -> unlock hawk (or whatever) -> complete Behemoth/Chariott -> remove all points from hawk/crossroad (visit spirit guide north-east inside devils cross)