Supporting class for a DEE poison build?

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Yet another noob question from the Foehammer. I was thinking about a DEE caster build, and I was wondering what is the best supporting class for it. Nightblade comes to mind for that sweet passive RR, but Oathkeeper has its merits as well. What would be the best combo? I looked in the build compendium but saw only one Witchblade caster, and it was vitality based. Is this because DEE is not a good skill to build around?

Here you go buddy [] The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes - 4500%damage acid DEE sentinel [SR90] [4.45 Crucible]

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Thanks! Guess that’s another set I need to try and grind for. As if I didn’t have enough already lol.

Play according stash is my advice


Yer right. It’s just something I had in the back of my mind, although I need to level my Forcewave Warlord in order to grind high end gear anyhow. I hate this game :joy:

It is always the item you want to use that you do not have… luckily enough there are tons of builds and playstyles one can play even with budget gear. Building up a rooster of farming chars first that one can improve on is a good tip as well to build good stash with iron bits, components, crafting mats and items.

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IKR. With my recent OneDrive fiasco I lost some progress on my current chars, so I am putting off levelling them.

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Just pretend it was HC :wink:

Exactly man!

Btw @Ulvar1 I notice you are from :norway:. Your English is excellent!

Do you think Norway is some kind of development country or what? LOL

Not sure what you mean by ‘development country.’

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I guess either 1) my english sucks or 2) you did not attend social science classes in school :smiley:

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Nope no social science classes for me!

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