[Tactician] Elemental Tremor Build (2H Melee)

Meet Gandarr



Lokarr Fight
Mad Queen Fight
Gargabol Fight
Gabal’Thunn Fight
Bandragos Fight
Lunal Valgoth Fight


Relic : Ignaffar’s Combustion
Key Item. Best with Horn of Gandarr completion bonus. Relic also gives a decent -10% Elem Res.

Amulet : Shard of the Eternal Flame - With Focusing Prism and Sylvarria’s Essence.
Key Item. Gives base phys to fire convert, +3 FW, base dmg to FW and 100% phys to fire convert to FW.

Rings : Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire (craftable) - Both with Runebound Topaz and Sylvarria’s Essence.
Gives %crit dmg, good %dmg bonus, OA, %total speed, +2 AH and a very good granted skill. Can also have %armor on it if crafted at Angrim, or more %crit if they are crafted at Gaius in Mamlouth Outskirts.
Feel free to test with any other rings you want, but from what I have played so far 2 Reign rings works best.

Medal : Mythical Sigil of the Bear King - With Attuned Lodestone or Tainted Heart.
Key Item. Gives DA, +3 IT, +2 RF and +15% crit dmg and +150% internal trauma dmg to FW.
The granted skill is very good, but very good for other builds focusing on phys, but it’s still there, decent for this build, with 20% main hand dmg, 25% chance to stun for 2s and the phys and internal trauma dmg it does.

Weapon : Mythical Arcanor, Blade of the Luminari - With Seal of Blades and Potent Malmouth’s Soul.
Everything the blade offers is perfect for the build. The build is actually made around it starting with it.
100% phys to elem convert + base elem dmg to FW, and -10%elem res to Inq Seal with +15s duration to it. Very good.

Helm : Mythical Wyrmbone Mask (craftable) - With Prismatic Diamond and Coven Black Ash.
Also a key item in build, giving very dmg good bonus to Horn of Gandarr and to FW also 100% phys to light convert to FW. Very good health bonus. Can have %armor if crafted at Angrim or %crit if you craft it at Gaius.

Chest : Mythical Chestguard of Justice - With Chains of Oleron and Coven Black Ash
Key Item. Gives fire dmg, DA and %DA, good res, +2 RF, +2 IT, and very good set bonus.

Shoulders : Mythical Shoulderguards of Justice - With Living Armor and Coven Black Ash.
Key Item. Give fire dmg, good health bonus, good %armor, good granted skill, and ofc the set bonus.

Gloves : Mythical Handguards of Justice - With Restless Remains and Coven Black Ash.
Key Item. Very good bonus to blitz skill, but for this it’s build used just for fast movement. Gives good health bonus, OA, attack and cast speed, +2 FW, base dmg to FW and another 100% fire to phys convert to FW, and ofc set bonus. Even without the set, these gloves are 100% needed for any forcwave build if not phys.

Belt : Mythical Scales of Beronath - With Ugdenbog Leather and Venomguard Powder
Very good belt for build. Vit Res from it not needed, so any belt can be used, but this one gives +1 Inq skills, %armor, %elem dmg, %crit, and +2 IS. Haven’t really tested with any other, had it from before I reached 94, and been using it since I could use it.

Pants : Tempest Solael-Sect Legguards of Kings - With Ugdenbog Leather and Venomguard Powder.
Pants drop from Guardian of Solael in the The Hidden Path quest. Fastest way to farm them is with a blademaster, using blitz, shadow strike, and chaos strike from Riftstone compo.
Until you get the specific roll for pants you can use Mythical Mageguard Legguards, which are also good, res remain almost the same, gives a good granted skill, +2 IS, +2 AE and %phys res, but you lose %ADCTH, the very good granted skill, health, %energy, DA and %OA.

Boots : Tempest Stoneplate Greaves of Kings (craftable) - with Ugdenbog Leather and Coven Black Ash.
It will take some time until you get them, if you don’t already have them, no advice here, just press that button and craft. Craft them and Angrim for %armor or at Gaius for % crit, it’s your choice.
Until you find the roll for boots, you can use Mythical Earthshatter Treads with +2FW, or Mythical Spellsage Boots with +2 AoC.

I crafted helm, rings and boots at gaius all for %crit on them, and it seems to work very good in main campaign, and crucible up to 150, but more armor never hurts in crucible, and overall it’s your choice where u craft them.


Word of Renewal always on - all max res.
Always spawn an Inq Seal before fight, stay on it.
Very important, after Seal, use War cry and Horn of Gandarr in that order, 1st War Cry and 2nd Horn, cause Arcane Bomb on War Cry reduces light res on enemies, and Horn has more light dmg from the Luminari Blade skill modifier, and Elemental Storm, who also has dmg, has a lower duration then Arcane Bomb, and it’s best if it’s after it.
Combo works very nice with hoards with very good dmg and RR at the same time.
After this imediatly cast Arcane Devastation, from Luminari Blade, that will spawn at least 3 Elemental Seekers from Blind Sage.
Now u start attacking with Forcwave, during which u spawn more Seals for enemies to stand on for RR, and u keep spawning Elemental Devastation.
Blitz is just for fast movement.

Gameplay is very easy, and u get used to it very fast. Been playing it for a lot of time now since I finished my char to lvl 100 and it’s very fun to play also. You can facetank mostly anything with exceptions ofc.

You mostly massacre almost everything in Main Campaign on Ulti diff, and even in Crucible up to 150 on Glad diff.
Haven’t tested Crucible 150 to 170 yet, and I’m pretty sure it’s not viable, but will test soon maybe with some changes in skills/devos.
Haven’t tested on Ravager ofc, no chance, not tested on Avatar.
Killed Clone of John, and every nemesis, with mostly np, except Grava ofc.


also switching to this as tactician : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zReGR2 but still no luck with dmg.
just got a stonehide of kings boots today, had stonehide of menhir will before, or tempest of insight. the defense is good, but dmg is…meh…takes too long to kill lokkar, never before spawning his clones even if facetank all the way…not enough dmg…sadly there is no devotion for a phhys/pierce ranged build except falcon…which is…not really for ulti diff.

i also have in inv wrathguard shield, mythical reforged chains of oleron belt, mythical hammerfall girdle belt, mythical cord of deception belt and mythical grasp of unchained might, mythical mark of kalasstor medal, and mythical jaxxon’s lucky bullet ring.
any help will be apreciated.

some help with this is much needed also : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk3YodN i want to keep it a flames of ignaffar build using rune of kalastor.

I wonder what the final damage of Forcewave is given all those confusing conversions

Likewise, wouldn’t mind seeing a damage breakdown for the fun of it.

where can i see it ? if i hover mouse over forcewave skill it shows nothing different still phys. the crits go up to 150k-175k in single player and up 220k-250k in party.

isn’t fire and lighting also elemental ? its practicly 300% converstion to fire, 200% to lightning and 100% to cold. does good dmg

If you set Forcewave to your LMB or RMB, you can go to the 2nd page of your character window and hover over it’s damage per hit to see how it all breaks down into each damage.

isn’t fire and lighting also elemental ? its practicly 300% converstion to fire, 200% to lightning and 100% to cold. does good dmg

It’s all damage sure, but me and mad_lee were poking fun at the fact that when scaled down, on Forcewave your Physical and Internal Trauma damage is split 1/1/2 Elemental/Lightning/Fire.

didn’t know you meant that, here it is and some pics with crit hits on the training dummy.

does RR affect the dummy ? i do higher crits on enemies

If you’re going for elemental, you should really replace the helm and amulet with something else in my opinion. I was gonna say the gloves too but they add flat fire, which is nice.

suggestions ? i’ve tried a lot until ended up with them, before i got them, in theory didnt think it would go well for multiple diff conversions, but it actually goes very well.
and i cant change helm, is the main reason for the name Gandarr :slight_smile: it gives the good dmg to horn, which is even better with arcane bomb on war cry before it.

Because the conversion on the helm and amulet do nothing when the sword already converts physical to elemental on Forcewave. Only reason to keep the gloves is for the flat fire.

You can just use an illusion to make another helm look like that one.

Helm is for dmg to Horn, and also give electro dmg to forcweave, and amu also give flat dmg to forcewave like gloves do.

So…forcewave conversion…

100% to fire
100% to light
100% to cold

100% to fire - doesnt have effect cause of sword ??

100% to fire - doesnt have effect cause of sword ??

Helm :
100% to light - doesnt have effect cause of sword ??

Meaning they don’t add up one on top of another ?

As I mentioned above - yes they will.

Because they are all skill modifiers they occur at the same stage of conversion. Since the total conversion % exceeds 100%, it moves to use a weighted system to fit everything inside of 100%.

For Forcewave:

You have 200% Physical to Fire which will become 200/400 = 50% Physical to Fire
You have 100% Physical to Lightning which will become 100/400 = 25% Physical to Lightning
You have 100% Physical to Elemental which will become 100/400 = 25% Physical to Element

Thus, Forcewave’s damage is split evenly in a 2:1:1 ratio to Fire/Lightning/Elemental. If you look back at your damage breakdown, this is part of why Fire is higher than the others with Lightning trampling Cold.

Oh nice, so they do work togheter ! thank you very much.
Tested with a lot of other items, even with ravager helm, full justice set, myth peerles eye, and other, but these ones all give good bonuses to the build’s skills.

videos links added in 1st thread, some few other coming soon. enjoy.:cool:

this is the best build on the forum. none compete. :rolleyes:

We shall see.

there is no spoon…

Th caonversions are a bit all over the place and damage could be around % higher

You can take a look at this