Tainted Disciple of Ultos - Pure Caster Mage Hunter bested Gladiator 150

Forwords: This is my first pure caster and first expac build and also my first crucible toon since I’ve just bought Crucible DLC and it turned out to be very good.

GT: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqBdmdN
with proc in Vanilla:

A few things about this build

  1. Insane AOE.
  2. Every hit is a crit.
  3. You can’t be critted, almost, kappa.
  4. Your screen goes crazily chaotic at all times, especially in Crucible.
  5. Skill set revolves around cooldown reduction so no concerns about castspeed whatsoever.
  6. Only require Decree of Aldritch to work and I’m sure everyone’s got at least dozen of these from Valbury runs, it’s the only rewarding thing from it after all.

For defend:

  • Insane DA.
  • Damage shield from devotion and items.
  • Damage Absorb from Maiven’s.
  • Decent armor for pure caster.
  • Heal proc and active heal.
  • CC (Terrify, Confuse, Freeze, Slow)

For offense:

  • High OA and crit damage.
  • RoH is the most OP one-shot nuke ever.
  • TSS and RoH both have very low cooldown and can be spam one after another.
  • Devastation is almost always up with a 3 sec cooldown and an additional version from Outcast’s Secret.
  • RR: Cold 100%, Lightning 102%, Aether 91%

This build is pretty much spamming every button and pay attention to your health pool for Ereoctes and heal.
I have done every single boss excluding Ravager and Mog, haven’t tried the latter, I reckon I could nuke down Ravager with enough kiting and deaths but it seems like too much time and efforts to me so no thanks.
You can pretty much faceroll the old nemesis except for Maiden with her bleed. For the new one, stay away from Kucapabra or whatever the fuck its name is, I mean you can kill it, yes, but with insane amount of deaths, I have died over 100 times killing him 4 times in Elite and Ultimate altogether with the shittiest drops I could ever imagine, not even one rare suffix wth. Oh, and Reaper is a pain in the ass too, he’s not that hard, he’s like a weaker version of Ravager but I hate the ghosts he summoned because I killed him twice in really close space and they kept making me clicking on them resulting in Reaper oneshotting me.

I haven’t found any decent gear in the Database that supports this build except for the Offhand and Amulet so you can use anything you want. There’s one set which is called “Allagast’s Masterpiece” that’s built towards Lightning Aether but I’ve tried Box of Elgoloth before, it’s pretty shite, I mean I picked Insquisitor for RoH alone, other skills can pretty much be compensated/overpowered by Shaman’s and common Starcaller builds.

I had great fun building this toon and playing him, any friendly constructive criticism is welcomed.
Will soon upload nemesis and Crucible video.

Can you please remove the last screenshot? That is still considered a major spoiler around these parts. That name is restricted to a few threads. Just crop out the name


Thank you

Btw, try to use MS paint to rescale screenshots. This is advised if you plan to use multiple screens

And grats on clearing Glad 150 :wink:

Glad I didn’t have any 2 Maidens level, stumbled on one in Challenger and they stuck in it my ass.

I don’t like the mental image of that

But the worse combo I have faced when playing with friends was Valdaran + 2x Maiden.
The worst combo I have heard anyone has ever faced was Drizzto and his party where they faced 3x Valdaran and were perma-swapped and killed :rolleyes: