Team Dawn - Post your 4 character dream team squads

Here is a fun offshoot from “Fashion Dawn”

The idea here is to get a collection of 4 player outfits that fit a theme.
I normally play SOLO, but it would be nice to see what team synergy is out there in multiplayer teams.

My first stab at this from my own collection is “The Grim Dawn Regulators of Law”

Team consists of …

“Marshal Virgil Flintlock” - Leader of this ragtag bunch at Devil’s Crossing
“Sheriff Jesse Bourbon” - Brother of John Bourbon and second in command
“Victor” - Every law enforcement needs a killer SWAT sniper
“Ricochet” - Every law enforcement also has its own mad hothead maverick :faction_outlaw:


“The Knights of Valbury’s Last Stand”

Team consists of …

“Crimson Charles” - Leader and strategist of these knight as well as being a defense tower
“Kane” - Simply … the MUSCLE and enforcer of the group
“Roland” - Practitioner of the dark necromancer skills, but they do turn a blind eye.
“Dong Zhou” - Warlord from the east with extreme martial arts skills and disciplines



Sweet. Man, another classic thread. I gotta get in on this!

“The Chaos Sanctuary Conquerors”

Team consists of…

“Bordak The Basher”…-…Heavy Support - Has an annoying itch in his left ear that won’t go away.
“Liebkraz” …-…Fire Chief of Command - Still annoyed it took him so long to get his fire stick
“Serinna Spellflux”…-…- Spellbreaker extraordinaire - Doesn’t talk much.
“Rithknar Jones” …-…-Proffessional Paladin - Absolutely loooooooves Fika!


Real gnarly looking bunch - not the the sort of team you want to encounter in a dark alley or suddenly “IN YOUR FACE” :faction_outcast:

Haha too right!

The “Aether Outriders of the Conflagration”

Team consists of …

“Katrina” - Leader and specialist in all things Aether
“Ragatha” - Muscle enforcer with very little sense of humour or tolerance
“Thoeson” - You need a speedy exterminator? - this is your guy
“Mordacal” - Planning and tactics officer of the squad

Accolades to @tqFan whose idea of getting better images using the UI scaling is a far better idea than the just dumping the main character selection screen.

“The Fire Brigade of the Infernal Wastes”

Team consists of …

“Captain Blaize” - Brigade leader
“Francina la Feu” - Long range take down specialist
“Schizoid Man” - The muscle - Never knows if he will burn them or freeze them
“The Extinguisher” - Hell, someone has to clean up the infernos these guys can cause

Maybe this thread should be merged somehow with “Fashion Dawn” as it is basically a fashion themed
4 piece squad?