Tech-unSavvy question about Cloud Saves

So - Doctor Girlfriend recently got a new laptop*. She finished installing Steam and GD on it. I opened up GD expecting her characters to be there… and they are not! I guess I’m confused about how the cloud saving works or what it’s even for? There’s no sync to cloud option afaik, either. Do I need to manually copy her chars off the old machine and onto the new one? Then that goes back to my original question - wtf is the point of the cloud save?

some of you are probably familiar with the concept of ‘The $700 Video Game’ - you buy a new game, probably even on sale, and it turns out it won’t run on your current setup. So after poking around looking at GPU and RAM and HD prices it all gets to be too much of a clusterfck and you just buy a new damn machine. It was Witcher 3 that got her…

This might help

Thanks! That does answer part of the question, and has good instructions for physically copying the files from one machine to another. I’m still curious as to why the chars aren’t being read from the cloud though? Thanks again Medea, I was looking for that thread…

This thread might also provide some insights/solutions.

Not the same thing but …

This might sound stupid, but are you sure you have cloud saving turned on (on both PCs) ? The fact that it did not sync to the new PC sounds like you do not…

There is a setting both in Steam and in the game options and they both should agree on whether you use the cloud or not.

Which dir are the save files on the old PC in ? That too should tell you whether the game uses cloud save, ie if you find them under ‘my games’ it does not.

I feel more lost now than I did last night looking at an empty character list :frowning:

Not many things in this world make me feel stupid - string theory, commodity trading, the history of Florida, and apparently Steam local/cloud conversion…

It doesn’t sound stupid - I have to dig the old PC out from under a pile of stuff, fire it up, and check it out. We were both fairly certain that she was using the cloud saves, because the game updated them after closing. But now to get in there and manually verify.

I stopped using steam cloud about a year ago, and it was a good call. Now I don´t have to hope that it will work as intended, and not screw up my saves.

I guess even if I was playing GD on two different machines, I would still rather put my save file on a usb stick or email it to my other pc.

Yes, steam cloud is reliable 99% of time, but that 1% will make you cry blood someday. :furious:

For the sake of being a completionist I’d also add that using a cloud service like M$ OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox (and the like) is also a good way to quickly transfer files between PC’s (and to maintain backups). It also gives you much more control and ease of use in comparison to Steam Cloud.

I would also mention Window’s Homegroup for PC’s connected on the same network but that was apparently removed from Win 10 last month

But otherwise, I agree, as far as GD goes having control of your saves locally is superior imo and much easier to manage and control (and safer, I feel) and I highly recommend taking the trouble to switch your GD saves off of it. If there is one thing I’d like to see Valve do with Steam it would be more transparent Cloud options and controls rather than the clusterfuck it currently is. It’s worse than pulling teeth and virtually never straightforward to work with in situations like this.

Man, thanks so much for this! I really felt like it was me - looking at those threads, reading the instructions, just made me feel friggin’ dumb. I’m glad it is objectively confusing. Well, not glad, per se, just relieved.

I will try to get some screen caps and whatnot to see if we can’t come up with a good visual guide… Maybe a youtube video?

What’s confusing about the history of Florida? Lol

A believe at one point a Dutch General named Ernest van Whoopsie gained control of Florida by beating the Sanzio de Brazzier, Duke of the Phillippines, in a game of Whist…