Temporal Archblade

The good old RNG is just full of surprises!

Last night, Moneybags Martin dropped a Temporal Archblade. When I had a moment to breathe and take a good look at it… I was a little confused.

Normally, it’s not too hard to look at an item and figure out which mastery combination the developers had in mind when they made it. But this one? What is it for? Some kind of Battlemage I guess, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with it and I couldn’t remember seeing it in any builds that I had read.

Any ideas for this weapon?

Graceful dusk link:

2h- Aether-Lightning Conjurer

Very interesting build! I’ve been reading your build threads because you come up with some creative combinations but I missed this one somehow. Maybe because Conjurer ordinarily doesn’t appeal to me for some reason.

I noticed that in your build thread someone replied and said they were doing Aether/Lightning with a Druid. I thought about that when I was looking at the tooltip last night but didn’t know if it would work.

Edit: How would you recommend leveling your Conjurer build?

Thank you, you probably missed it cause i haven’t added it (yet) to my message wall and the build compendium. I’ll do it when i post some more builds :wink:

If you go Drud then i suggest focusing on Aether alone since you don’t have many sources to reduce Lightning Resistance

Conjurer on the other hand has an extra lightning RR

How gear dependent is it? I have the weapon, but that’s about it. I don’t think I have the rings, for instance, and I know I don’t have any of the Ultos set.

Hmm, hard to say. I have end-game items so it’s easy to whip up any build i can think of

I’d say the weapon is the key and Ultos is BiS. But you can use some mixed setup to make it work.
I mean you have good amounts of survivability going shaman itself so i’d say not very gear dependent.

Callidor tempest battlmage

Nicely done safarel, a friend of mine used something similar in conjunction with pre-nerf Time Dilation.

Do you use only CT or do you weapon swap to devastation?

Also, glad Temporacl Arcblade is getting some well deserved love. Props to crate for adding attack speed

Good idea!

Only ct.
The inability to use the devastation to anything except book/totem - the source of my eternal sorrow ever since I did this build.


Nah, imho its perfect this way that it has a weapon limitation. Frankly as much as i love that skill i see people relying on it too much and forgetting to attack.
Nice build saf.

By the way, I was very pleased with the addition of flat aether damage in the fabric of reality in the latest patch, this has significantly raised the damage of the whole build.

What was the attribute distribution in that build? All phys?

Yup :wink:

Some points here and there depending on item spirit requirements.
If an intermediate item needs more spirit than the BiS item, then you don’t go for that intermediate item regardless of how good it might be


I know it’s generally considered all physique is the only way to go, but some time ago they made cunning useful again and you get pretty nice OA returns from it. I suggest if anyone lacks some OA on any build then you can invest a little into cunning provided your defenses are strong enough.

Yeah, I knew about the Cunning update. The screenshots in the Conjurer build had me thinking you went 100% phys but it’s not always easy to tell with gear/devotions factored in.

I have been playing a Reckless Tremor Battlemage and am using the Temporal Arcblade since I entered Ultimate difficulty. First relic was Calamity, later I used Arbiter but switched to Haunt.

I’m mostly using self-found gear. Prismatic Eviscerator and nicely affixed Obsidian War Cleavers are great weapons until level 75.

-Why go Magi and Aethefire?

-Flame Torrent or Swoop seem to be better choices since you’re already going 2h

-And is Break Morale needed?

-Btw i have never used Eviscerator, how is it?

I focus on Aether, Fire and Lightning damage. Fissure (assigned to OFF) gives me a nice ranged attack.

Flame Torrent has Chaos damage, and Falcon does not provide me with the affinity I am looking for to get Spear of the Heavens.

Maybe not - I have not activated it yet. But I guess skill disruption comes in handy later in Ultimate.

It outclasses most other weapons, which you might be tempted to use for this build. powbam made a similar Cadence Battlemage and found it was the strongest weapon for many, many levels.

-You can still get SoTH if you go Falcon

-Flame Torrent has %weapon damage and that flat chaos can be converted to aether using AD rings. It has a low CD so it’s up most of the time

-Disruption, no idea about non-uniques. But every boss is immune to disruption. So won’t work

-Thanks for the feedback, i never get around to testing everything so an experienced opinion helps a lot.

-You don’t seem to have enough RR to be able to sustain something like Magi’s proc from ultimate boss point of view. You don’t have enough RR for Lightning either. Use BSoD or Manticore’s acid spray

-I do have to thank you though, i honestly had forgotten Magi and Tsunami exist and have gotten a buff. More tests!! :D:D Thanks!!

But then I would have to sacrifice something different - most likely Magi…

The %weapon damage might be nice - I did actually not consider it. One reason for me to get Magi was the extra cast speed. And Fissure has a stun. Not sure which skill does more damage in the end, but with Forcewave I already have a strong skill for close combat. I think Fissure being cast on ranged mobs makes my build more well rounded. And with OFF it can proc twice … unless I fight a boss. And Aetherfire is already assigned to Forcewave. Apart from that I do not have AD.

Fine with me, if it only works of regular mobs and some(?) heroes.

I have Haunt, Arcane Bomb, OFF and BotEH. Manticore does not fit into my build at all. If I benefitted from spending 6 devotion points just to get that stat, then I would think something was wrong. I wanted to get Viper though, but I could not fit it in.

It is Imp in my case, but Tsunami exists, too. :smiley: You are welcome.