I used to hate this game, but I finally got the hang of it and now I can’t stop playing.

Anyone else enjoy it? I can help you get bosses down, etc, and would be happy to host a world for us to play on.

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I could never get into it.


Actually doing a run-through of the game with one of my colleagues. Just downed Golem.

I, too, would gladly host a world for people. GrimDawn Terraria Squad anyone?

Terraria’s on my top 5 list of my favorite games ever. Joined by Dota, GD, the Smash bros series, and Tales of Symphonia.

I haven’t touched it in a while, but for a measly 10 bucks you can’t go wrong buying it. It’s freaking HARD too on the highest difficulty level


I love Terraria. My latest character has 100+ hours played (start to finish on Expert worlds), and am currently working on obtaining and displaying one of every item in the game (all weapons reforged to Legendary/Unreal/Mythical where possible, as well).

I think there’s really noone who liked Terraria, but hasn’t got a play time that’s in the hundreds of hours :wink: I’m at 200 something, I think. Got to start playing with the new patches sometime…

I honest to god don’t see how people can possibly not like this game…

I’ve become so hopelessly addicted to it. I’ve been farming the martian event and now I am a goddamn wrecking ball. Moon Lord Here I COME!!!

It’s a good game. I spend way too much creating floating ice castles and muling items from one world to another.

I also like making literal prisons for my NPCs in the name of space efficiency. :slight_smile:

I’m going to make a giant UFO city for my NPC’s up in the space area of the sky. Also I need to get out more. LOL

Sitting on 300 hours and I really don’t get into the building aspect of the game. The last few patches have been oriented towards builders and hoiks but every time a major content patch comes out, it draws me in for another 50+ hours again.

Personally, I always thought the wire mechanism was just useless until I started talking to Dice at GameFAQs and saw some of his inventions. Working calculators, logic gateways before the final patch which implemented them naturally, afk farms for every event, etc. It’s mind-blowing what a motivated mind can do with a game like Terraria.

It’s still sitting unplayed in my library. :confused:

I played Terraria for a hot minute… Kinda making me think about checking in on Starbound. I left off on that when I found GD.

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If you’ve played a year and a half ago, nothing’s changed.

Although supposedly it’ll leave Early Access ‘soon’.

Over 2 years actually since I really played it. I see there is that Combat update and whatnot, it’s still holding good reviews even tho back then there were tons of people shitting all over it. About the same level of shit that GD gets more or less I suppose.

I liked it anyway.

Hmm, yeah, Starbound is actually the game I felt like I’ve always wanted to play, still waiting for it to get out of EA…

No no no. Don’t get my hopes up Ceno. I helped kickstart the game around three years ago and in those three years, all they’ve added is simple cosmetic junk. It’s the only game I regret kickstarting simply because they haven’t made any real progress, especially since their original release date was Q4 2013.

You’re preaching to the choir, trust me. :furious:

starmade is good if you want 3d sandbox. and death stars :smiley:

check out some of my creations on starmade:

Fus Warp DAH!

Man I really, really tried my best to like Starbound. I just …i can’t.

It lacks the “magic” that Terraria has for me.

If ReLogic made a Sci-Fi Terraria, I would be buried all up in it deep.

Same, I really REALLY tried to like it, but it… just wasn’t the same (like you said, there was none of that Terraria “magic”).

I completely agree. I hopped on and supported them, started listening to the soundtrack (arguably the only good part about the game, I still listen to some of the tracks nowadays), and got REALLY excited. Launch was crap, soooo many bugs and not enough actual, balanced content. The exploration felt empty and pointless, and the combat was really clunky.

And when I go back to the website one day, years later, what do I see? PAPER AEROPLANES! WHY?!

I honestly have no idea what they’ve been doing for all this time… apart from bugger all, that is.

That’s been one of the complaints about the Starbound team is that they just don’t listen to what people are asking them for.

ReLogic does. Hell, I sent a message to them on Facebook asking if more content was coming in the same way Moonlord event was added, and they actually replied to me within an hour. LOL

“I can’t officially say, but STAY TUNED! ;-D”

That was their reply! Love them.

Starbound? I think it needs that Terraria magic…literally. It needs a magic system (psychic power maybe) like Terraria has. The most successful Sci-fi franchises all have some sort of psychic/spiritual ability in them, if you notice. Star Trek, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Dune - Starbound needs to add that kind of thing in. It’s what I was hoping for with it. I DO love the little alien city though, with all the different races and quests. It just needs “more.”