Texture opacity

I was wanting to edit the textures of spirit summons to lower their opacity. I feel the effect of spirit summons attacking enemies would look more impressive if the cause was less visible and having a bunch of spirits obstructing my vision is annoying.

I was hoping to find a folder with a bunch of game textures and simply lower the opacity once I found the right folder but I can’t quite figure it out and none of my web searches has been to helpful.
Would someone help me figure this out?

Do you know how to unpack game’s files with the Asset Manager? [Script][Basics]Modding Beginner's Guide I - #2 by Elfe

Then you can change the textures but you don’t have to mod the game / pack the files / build the mod
which is usually necessary, you can just put changes texture in settings folder such as in this thread [Mod] NBA Shamblers (download to see where the changes texture

I’m not an expert at this, maybe there’s a way to make Blade Spirits less visible by changing their .dbr file?