The beautiful, fragmented lore of Grim Dawn's strange and hateful pantheon - A dramatic retelling of lore

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nice lore retelling video. though i’m baffled at how you consider ulzuin a primordial with equal position to empyrion and korvaak. these are the only clear info that states ulzuin’s position:

"Tragic is the tale of Ulzuin the Everliving Flame, the RIGHT HAND of the ELDRITCH SUN (Korvaak), or none have suffered as ruthless a betrayal as he. A warrior at heart, Ulzuin was restless with his newfound duties of keeping vigil over the Temple of the Eldritch Sun; for what mortal could hope to threaten a GOD? (this does meant ulzuin is a primordial celestial. but that doesn’t mean he is chthon’s direct child)

“Ulzuin howled at the sky, calling out to HIS FATHER, EMPYRION (how can ulzuin is a direct child of c’hthon if he calls empyrion father? i though its more like ulzuin is chthon’s grandchild), for aid. But the skies were silent. In blinding agony and rage, Ulzuin flattened his temple and inflicted a wound upon the world that burns to this day, just as the wound Bysmiel left upon his heart remains still. But where the VENGEFUL GOD is now, perhaps only the Witch Gods know.”

sorry for being nitpicky about ulzuin. but i had a feeling that crate’s going to make him a super important celestial god (with his mentioned-by-items-only cult - ulzuin’s devoted) in gd 2. so i can’t help correcting that part of your vid.

you should link this thread to the forum’s lore discussion sticky thread in the general discussion. also, try to collaborate with other gd lore enthusiast around the net (or at least in this forum) to get clearer big picture of gd lore. we don’t want more lore misunderstandings and contradictions, do we? considering grim dawn lore is already as shattered as it is. just like dark souls. then again. perhaps it is intended to confuse lore keepers everywhere. even most lore keepers in cairn are as confused as we are.

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Hah, no, zantai corrected me in the reddit post and linked to exaclty this lore note. I honestly thought i was being pretty thorough in my research but I messed up. Where is the best place to communicate freely with the GD lore community?

Probably this thread, but I guess you know about it SPOILER ALERT: Lore Discussion

And yea Ulzuin is just a simp. :upside_down_face:

Pooh! I always was convinced that Empyrion was the god father of all. And C´thon… never thought about his rank. But that, quite beautiful btw, video is correct in that concern, right?

the video effects are very pretty. though i kinda laugh when the part about humans using dark magic uses AoM intro where creed tries to save ulgrim from the void. creed is a very pragmatic & resourceful inquisitor though, so its somewhat right. and besides, many people in cairn are forced to depend on dark magic just to survive day to day.

imo op didn’t mess up. op got most part right. just got confused by ulzuin’s origin & position. to be fair, the korvan elegy part 2 note is hidden pretty well in the tomb of korvaak. so its acceptable that many people got confused by the lore. dark souls got lots of theories and hidden lores too.

i think having more in game npcs becoming confused with different lore sources kinda enhance the atmosphere instead of ruining it. like how sister girra and her fellow kymon’s chosen survivors in fg got heartbroken when they learned of kymon & korvaak’s deception, then the confusion spreads to the chosen’s HQ in sorrow’s bastion.

based on your video, i think chronologically the next book should be about korvan civilization, the earliest known ancient civilization on cairn with unbelievable achievements. the book should be about korvaak the ascendants of korvaak civ - korvan civilization’s rise & fall - dreeg’s deceit - the 3 witch gods’ usurpation of korvaak’s eldritch throne - kymon finding korvaak’s messenger and falling into korvaak’s influence. yeah, its all about korvaak (pre grim dawn) & korvan civilization. and maybe a little tidbit about morgoneth converting from ateph into yugol.

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oooh! this is a good idea!

if we want to get the big picture of grim dawn’s chronological main plot timeline up to FG dlc framed through op’s book format, i think it’ll roughly look like this:

1.war of the gods

2.rise and fall of korvan empire: korvaak before grim dawn + the ascendants of korvaak + the 3 witch gods’ usurpation of the eldritch throne + morgoneth’s heresy for yugol

3.rise and fall of arkovian empire: king rhowan’s abdication + the greed of arkovian aristocrats + uroboruuk & necromancy in arkovian era + undead curse of arkovia + mogdrogen surviving the curse and usurping ravager’s domain over cairn’s wilderness

4.rise of erulan empire: luminari’s massive inquisitorial purge of uncountable heretical cults + gildam arcanum’s greed for control over mages and aetherial dimension + black legion origin

5.grim dawn and fall of erulan empire: aetherial invasion to dominate cairn + bloodsworn gaining a lot of recruits to fight back aetherials and resurrect c’hthon + black legion rallying erulan empire survivors to fight back cairn invaders

6.the summoning of loghorrean: loghorrean’s link to reviving c’hthon + ulgrim sacrificing himself to seal loghorrean

7.the liberation of malmouth: rescuing ulgrim from the void + the fight for malmouth against aetherial invaders

8.korvaak’s return to reclaim his eldritch throne from the 3 witch gods’: the 3’s deception to convince everyone that the 3 is the rightful owner of the eldritch throne & korvaak is an usurper + kymon revealing his deception of korvaak masquerading as empyrion to kymon’s chosen + the fight for powers and knowledges from the ruins of korvan civilization (also shattered realm) + the great repercussion of banishing a primordial celestial (korvaak) forever from cairn’s physical realm + morgoneth’s revival to activate beacon of the eternal night to summon yugol on cairn + grim dawn 1 epilogue (remember though that crate is working on new areas in upcoming patches)

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That’s one great GD in a nutshell!