The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

They still do %wpn dmg on every one of their attacks though. Flat dmg stacking still is important. It is just not as prioritized as before as the base pet stats are more important.

Damn, @Plasmodermic got 5mins with a Pet Ritualist…

That was a really good run :heart_eyes:

#NerfPlasmodermic #BuffPets2020


I’ll probably be posting that build in the next couple of days. Still need to test a greenless version of it.


Your Rit is just full of damage and AoE, damn this thing is insane! Request list, fantasy green build with Witching Hour :heart_eyes:

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I might just be able to throw it on this build with Necrolord helmet. Who knows


Man, barely any Wendigo Totem, no Bysmiel’s Iris, and no outside source of healing, and you beat 150-170 in 5 minutes. That’s what I call ultra-hardcore. Amazing job, Plasmodermic!

I had tried my own hand at a Poison / Bleed pet build using Skeletons, but it was Cabalist instead of Ritualist. Even with the Heart of the Sand King providing the %chance of 1,000% Bleeding damage, using the Bleeding Medal was still obsolete compared to Ghol’s Medal.

Moral of the story: Ghol’s Set is too good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two things that stood out at me:

  1. It says something about Crucible when the Stormcaller Banners are still best even though you have 10 Skeletons providing flat RR on their own. I hope Zantai’s aggro fix can help other banners being Crucible viable.

  2. It says something about the Lost Souls set when Skeletons do a better job using Ghol’s Set than the Lost Souls set that’s specifically designed to boost Skeletons. I’ve already used Hellhound to good effect without needing a set, so Lost Souls is just terrible all around.

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Witching Hour is dead because:

  1. Chaos is worst damage type
  2. 0RR support from pet masteries
  3. Only Hellhound has innate chaos dmg

It was viable when all skills pets had %wpn dmg on all basic attacks.

Where are you hearing these things? Both statements are false as WH is still very much alive and Pets still have %wpn dmg on their attacks.

did I just read “dedbilds”?

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Ok, so we are going to be updating all my builds that use Hound devotion with Lizard instead, including Fluffy Squishy.

You can blame @Crittrain for putting the idea in my mind.

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:lizard: You gave me the pet bug :frowning:

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Hound Debvotion should be mandatory for any build with Hellhound :rofl:


No not another bullshit theme argument! xD

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OK but Lizard is devotion with animal theme but doesn’t any give pet bonuses, Hound gives little bit of a health increase. I know health regen can benefit pet masters, since you can’t life steal but pet stats>player stats. Here’s the answer from gameplay and not thematic perspective, is it better?

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Hound’s Pet bonus is only 12% HP increase though :frowning:
Which in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really add much since when you take into account the base +%HP from leveling the Pet and add like +200% on top of it from pet stats.

Now, not saying that what you get from Lizard does much either. But the passive regen + healing increase can at the very least help with DoT or if you have an health drain skill/proc like Dying God.

Also note that you do lose about 20 DA and a bit of Armor by swapping Hound for Lizard. But Pets don’t really use armor much due to massive physical res & the DA loss isn’t much.

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maya I only like purple builds, if I use your previous build is it still valid?

It has since been updated. Head to my Will O Wisp thread (you can find it in the List), for the current version.

So how well does that build hold up against Celestials and how much do your Skeletons contribute?

I don’t know, I haven’t played it outside of crucible. I’ll test it in SR before I post the build but I never bother with celestials. The skeletons are powerful in crucible, but that’s an ideal situation for them.