The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Pet attack speed may or may not be capped at 200% bonus attack speed, not sure.

The rest do not have a cap, or atleast one that can be reached ingame via any legit means.


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Sometimes, Fwuffies tend to get a bit crazy… especally when drunk on icecream.

A random Variation of my Skeleton Cabalist:

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Maya, what’s your opinion on the pet lifesteal on Toad and Revenant? Is it enough by itself to keep pets alive, especially skeletons?

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Don’t forget pets have other means to survive as well. Like global heals, Blood of Dreeg and such. Also they have bigger health pools.

I personally find Toad to be really good for pets. Haven’t tried Revenant , not particularly great stats for pet builds and tough to fit it in standard devotion routes, especially going for Moggy.

Skeletons are too glassy for my taste, don’t know how players keep them alive ir they are just the cannon fodder :smiling_imp:

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Toad, I like. My Fluffy Squishy uses it as well as my “Walking Simulator

But Revenant pretty much needs you to go for Dying God route and I hate that devotion. Also not exactly a fan of Revenant proc since the Leash range is rather low for a pet build (or was, the last time I tried using it) and I find those pets rather useless even as RR appliers tbh.

Will the lifesteal keep pets alive with no other source of healing? No.
Will it help? Definitely.
Will it help Skeletons? Not even with the most defensive setup.

Skeletons, even with their buffs are still fragile compared to the actual tanks like Briarthorn, Blightfiend etc. Imo, it is best to get them to a point where you are not forced to constantly resummon them and then focus on offensive stats from there. Or… go for the low CD, more Skeletons summoned at once route.

Ofcourse, nothing will actually make any Pet Scaled Pet outside of Reap Spirit immortal or anything like that and even Reap Spirits technically aren’t “immortal”, but just really hard to kill. But, if you do want to go that route, Healing is still your best option instead of Life Steal. And in that department, Wendigo Totem is pretty much at the top, followed by the likes of Blood of Dreeg and all that.


If you want to see Revenant used in a build, I use in My Skelemancer Ritualist build.

It’s much more worth it for Ritualists than Occultists because:

  1. Occultists are much better served with the Lost Souls Set, especially with the large health and speed bonuses the Skeletons get from completing the set.
  2. Ritualists like the Dying God + Time Dilation devotion route better because it gives better uptime for Primal Spirit, so Revenant is right up that alley to help get consistent flat RR on multiple targets.
  3. While Wendigo Totem is the best overall healing mechanism, as Maya already pointed out, getting Reap Spirit + Bone Harvest + Devouring Swarm is very difficult to do, so having additional passive leeching helps in the moments where you can’t put down a Wendigo Totem.

So basically, it’s a much nicer devotion to use for Ritualist Skelemancers, but I would not recommend it for Cabalist Skelemancers, especially since the Lost Souls set is much improved over a year ago when I made my Ritualist.


Out of boredom, lack of ice cream and no sight of the new patch anywhere near, the fwuff decided to finally go back and finish that Solo Pet Shaman level up part of the guide. Only halfway there, but should be done soonTM :blush:

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It is done!!! Done!!! :triumph:

Mini guide updated with shaman level up stuff, but you can also find it here:


. . . .


First things first, let me say that I am not a big fan of focusing on Shaman early on while leveling and rather take it as a support mastery. For a Conjurer, starting Occultist first is recommended and for a Ritualist, I prefer to start with Necromancer. The reason is that Shaman only gets 1 permanent Pet and also forces you to focus on physical / bleed unless you get damage conversion for your pets.

Because of those reasons, it is also highly recommended to get as many item based pets as possible (like Og’Napesh, Hysteria / Savage Relic Pets, etc) and farm up an Korvaak’s Burning-Blade with a 100% physical to fire conversion for pets, as soon as you can.

Also, Shaman doesn’t really have many useful skills to invest points into if you are going for a pet build. So, at a certain point, you will find yourself with more skill points than you actually need as a solo - Shaman build. Feel free to take up a second mastery at this point for if you wish to stay as a single mastery build, you can invest them in the likes of Tenacity of the Boar or any other filler skills.

Also note that the skill and devotion setup we are going for here assumes that you have multiple item based pets to bind devotion procs to and that you have a Korvaak’s Burning-Blade for damage conversion of pets from physical to fire.


Purple Crossroads > Shepherd’s Call > Remove Purple
Falcon > Nighttalon
Green Crossroads > Red Crossroads > Huntress
Yellow Crossroads > Lotus > Remove Yellow
Rhowan’s Crown > Toad > Mogdrogen the Wolf
Crane > Hammer > 5 points in Oleron (for Blind Fury)


Lvl 10 – 16/16 Summon Briarthorn, 5/16 Devouring Swarm.
Lvl 20 – 16/16 Devouring Swarm, 9/12 Ground Slam.
Lvl 30 – 12/12 Ground Slam, 7/12 Emboldening Presence.
Lvl 40 – 12/12 Emboldening Presence, 12/12 Mogdrogen’s Pact, 12/12 Wendigo Totem, 1/12 Blood Pact.
Lvl 50 – 1/10 Oak Skin, 12/12 Primal Bond, 12/12 Conjure Primal Spirit, 6/12 Wendigo Totem (-6 points).
Lvl 60 – 12/12 Wendigo Totem, 1/16 Wind Devil, 12/12 Raging Tempest.
Lvl 70 – 10/10 Oak Skin, 10/10 Heart of the Wild.
Lvl 80 – 12/12 Blood Pact, 1/12 Grasping Vines, 1/12 Maelstrom, 1/16 Savagery, 5/12 Tenacity of the Boar.
Lvl 90 – 12/12 Tenacity of the Boar, 1/12 Storm Touched, Free Skill Points
Lvl 94 – Respec as needed, according to the build you are going for.

. . . .

The PDF guide will be updated much later once I also finish the build diary :yum:


So… um… I wanted to Streamline and shorten the pdf guide a bit…

and… um… it is now at 153 pages somehow… (was 110 before…)

and it will grow a bit more in a few days…


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Just realized that I hadn’t updated the fact that you can no longer have 4x Blightfiends in the guide. Fixed that.

Also updated the necromancer level up section a bit (nothing major, just realized I never maxed undead legion after spec’ing out of it temporarily… but that was back when I used to hate the boners).

And fixed some typos and stuff (I think…)

Also, since I didn’t mention it before, the reason why PDF version is bigger now is because I wrote down the skill, devo, item, augments+components for my endgame builds instead of just providing the GT links incase GT is temporarily down and someone wanted to check something.
And… the mini guide is also now part of the PDF, with its own section at the end.

The time it took to do all this (I am lazy…) means that I haven’t played GD in a while and so the build diary for Shaman is still going to take a while…

Anyway, everything should be updated now (hopefully…)


The Fwuffy: Today will be a productive day :blush:

Classless Pet build: :rofl: (no longer up-to-date, refer to the post below)

(EDIT: It was more frustrating than I thought to get the attributes to equip the items…)

Classless Pet build updated: The Fat Fwuffy - Classless Pet Build

and it can now do SR65 :3

Just crossposting here in case.

In the OP, can find it under:


Can also do Crucible upto wave 160 :yum:
Healer Trio in wave 161 heal too much :sob:

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Guide updated (Both online and downloadable versions)

Finally the thing is complete (other than any future updates necessitated by balance patches or typos and such).

Now, time to hibernate :3


Btw, since the thing is now 175 pages long, I may have missed stuff, made errors, etc. So, if you guys find any, do let me know.


@Maya Hello, first of all, I’ve downloaded and partially read your pdf, and two things, one I absolutely love how you write and your jokes. And second you are a legend for writing practically a book of GM pet builds!

Now my question, I’m a new player and want a pet build, but I don’t want pets to do all the work while I sit in the back, I want to do my share with spells (piano if possible, where pets tank and I deal damage). So far I’m lvl 16 Occultist with no second class yet, waiting to find the correct one, but can’t find a build that suits me (I’ve seen many, not all). Any suggestions? Thanks again for your holy work!

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You did that deliberately, didn’t you? Made the guide 175 pages long just to match the number of Grim Misadventures Zantai’s written. :rofl:

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First of all, welcome to the forums and ty for the kind words :blush:

Now, personally I do neither hybrids nor piano builds. So, I don’t have any such builds of my own. However, you can have a look at these and see if anything strikes your fancy:

And if you have something specific in mind not covered by any of those builds, I’d recommend starting a a new thread with your idea and see if anyone else has already made such a build or might be willing to make something similar for you :slight_smile:


@Maya Oh, thanks a lot for links to these builds, I didn’t know that those kind of builds were named hybrid builds. I do really like the chaos hybrid pet cabalist you suggested. I’m really grateful, thanks again! :3

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Friendship ended with Gate to Many Worlds, Mythical Codex of Eternal Storms is new friend :3

Guide updated It is now 178 pages long :sweat:, added Inanna- Pet Ritualist to OP.

In case anyone is curious, currently my pets are ranked as following on the basis of their strength:

Fluffy Squishy > Ishtar > Inanna > Will O Wisp > Skulls & Bones

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