the death knight rips the game apart

Hi there

Smilla Smitez as you might played with me alrdy open games i have something to say :

Dual cast krieg with hourglass (sometimes triples i dont know why )
Cursed Tincture is so much debuff that any Dps goes PEW Lazor
i mean this is pure Insanity debuffing its just toooo much .
PLS NERF us a bit or what do you think about Totally debuff mobs since resistances play a high role in GD .

or add Dungeons that can only be done x4 with a playstyle like that
with much stronger opponents

its just a suggestion since we got stronger while playing the game .

You overestimate Cursed Tincture a great deal.
You also overestimate your DK’s damage quite a bit.

so you think so thats ok but i am here since too long

if it is ok to kill bosses in 2seconds then my build does not to be fixed
i just staded that the debuff gives all dps almost x2 dps

if thats meant to be like it is iam fine with it
and yes i dont hit much … but i got the view when i could blitz one to death.

Post your build using build calculator so we can see it.

ok ill post it very soon and then youll see what i did .

well there is still a problem devotion i got war chariot on devotion as well i just need to remember the devotion trick i used to get it … but this is a fast version ill post the full one today evening …

This might be a surprise to you but your build doesn’t have great damage and so I believe you are exaggerating when you say you kill boss in 2 seconds. Nonetheless when you reach the point that you have full legendary kit then much of the Main Campaign becomes very easy.

Secondly sounds like you might have played multiplayer at some point which is much easier because shared buffs and low enemy health multiplier + fact boss can only focus one person at a time.

Cursed tincture is not op. The res reduction in the grand scheme of things is not big, it has a cooldown and requires a hotkey slot.

EDIT: Did you really never once during playing the game die? or experience any challenge before you got all those purples?

I’m sorry if my earlier post was a bit arrogant, I didn’t had time for proper response at that moment.

Cursed Tincture doesn’t increase dps twofold - it’s just impossible unless there’s some serious bug or your resistance reduction is terribad to begin with. Which shouldn’t be the case.

I had a look upon your build. Seems like you tried to fill it manually instead of uploading the save, and you forgot components and augments. Next time just upload your save file to grimtools and you’ll get everything filled automatically.

But anyway, looking at it you’re fully equipped in legendary items. Literally any sensible build with end game items will tear through main campaign content except mog and ravager. Because it’s designed like that, since you know - less optimap builds want to have fun too.

Moreover, you said you play multiplayer, but the game is not balanced well for it, on the side of making a team of players too powerful, which leads to killing bosses in 2 seconds. As far as I know devs are aware of it but decided to leave it as is, at least for now.

If you seek to measure your build’s strength then at least play crucible. Crucible is also easier in multiplayer, but at least it’s a more adequate sandbox to discuss nerfs to certaiin builds.

In a few months new expansion will get released and you’ll get something to challenge your build in campaign as well.

Until then please don’t call for nerfs to builds based on how they crush main campaign in multiplayer games. Because it’s how the game is, not your build being too strong.

so let us conclude :

its ok if 2 DKs spamm kriegs debuff thats everyone dies !
its meant to be ok ! then i like it

i am also sorry to cant give you my built is has 3 selfholding star signs and does not work on The builder to the upper link remove the turtle to hourglass then its correct … i got dying god , hourglass, Spear and Chariot this is it.

multiplayer isn’t balanced to begin with so we can throw any discussions involving that out the window. Enemy health per player actually has a downward trend.

Following that logic, nerf Druids too, you can send 2 Wind Devils at the same time and debuff more monsters at once. Primal Strike Ultos characters are super OP too, two Primal Strikes and screen is clean, Trozan builds are OP too, because you can have 10 - 12 meteors at once if you’re with only one player on the server.

Your logic is just… it doesn’t make any slight sense. You’re having a problem over nothing, literally nothing. You’re taking multiplayer into consideration in a single player game that only has multiplayer in case you wanted to play with your friends. Crate even stated, not even once, that Grim Dawn is single player and there’ll be no balance towards multiplayer because… wait for it… Grim Dawn is a single player based game in which builds should manage on their own and not with help of other characters.

This topic should be already officially closed. Your issue doesn’t even exist at this point.

Ah, yet another “I’m fully kitted out in purples and only play with my friends who are also fully geared, this game is too easy!!!” thread. Wouldn’t be an official forum without one of these fucking things every week. :rolleyes:

It really is obnoxious.

They are absolutely the worst posters.

One hopes such pseudo-leetness is actually faux arrogance; merely poor trolls’ Wake-up Ultra levels of failed attempts at yomi.

Krieg+Mindwarp(s) is good. Wouldn’t call it nerfable though. And - just a thought - it shines as dw way more than s&b imo (save hardcore maybe). Besides:

  • Stronghold set doesn’t do much good here. You miss out on cdr and aether dmg. Will of the Living is the shield. For belt maybe Spirit Seeker or Oleron.
  • The pants… Wraithborne, Barbaros, Really Great Pants, anything but those!
  • Devotions are to be looked at. You hardly have any adcth.
  • Eternal Haunt might be a good idea (I don’t like it, though, cooldown is long) instead of the Albrecht ring as you don’t have any chaos to convert. Eye of Beronath would make up for the lost oa. Or essence of bero for the attack speed.
  • Skill-wise, I’d drop Fighting Form and get the second node of Siphon Souls and, for Uroborruk’s sake, make it aether! Pick up one-point blindside for that overgrown Blitz and fix those little things like 13/12 in Warcry.

Also wanna say that I agree that MC is too easy for endgame builds and could use a revamp like a Veteran option for all 3 difficulties (not gonna happen, I know: mods). In crucible, though, I fear this build wouldn’t have much success. You can stick to multiplayer but I’m afraid it would come down to getting revived every round by a more accomplished build. Also, don’t forget about components and augments! :wink:

A shield death knight and shield builds in general are the most boring builds to level up in my opinion. I have one and throughout the time leveling it up, there were numerous times where I wanted to uninstall this game. As soon as I hit 100 I stopped playing on that character. I respect 2h and ranged death knight builds though and they are A LOT more fun to play around with, trust me.


Shield builds are for noobs.

What is fun is subjective, and only insecure persons have to call people noobs - it is a game, not a competition.

You cannot have high difficulty and build diversity in the same game. If you make the game a lot harder, it constrains the amount of builds that can truly thrive in the end-content. A lot of the lower tier builds will suddenly become unviable enough that nobody wants to play them.

You simply cannot have high difficulty and high build diversity.

That’s why you’re getting the shattered realm in the next expansion.

It offers the best of both worlds. The main campaign stays a diverse place for lots of build ideas to have fun in, with distinct playstyles. The deeper you go in the Shattered Realm the harder it gets, dwindling the amount of builds that can reach a certain point, letting strong builds test their true mettle.

The philosophy behind GD is not that the overall game stays challenging forever. It’s that you build your character up, get super strong, and then move on TO ANOTHER CHARACTER BUILD IDEA.

Sorry if this does not appeal to you, but it is the main charm of this game for its target audience.

You talk like a 12 year old and whine like a 4 year old. Uninstall the game and forget your password to this forum, then go outside and learn to socialize like a not-shitheel.

What’s outside? Is that a game?

What a noob opinion.