The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer :3

For general crucible/SR which devotion setup would you recommend?

For everything Lazy Birb > Birds of Bysmiel. The major difference is not the devotion setup, but the pants. You can still make do with Legendary ones, but the entire point of the different devotion setup was so that I could get 80% Physical resistance. (GT shows less, but only because it shows the average values of stats on items)

Just curious, any reason you don’t put 1 pt into Conjure Primal Spirit? Seems like a nice bit of added DPS for a single pt.

Also, I found a legendary crossbow, silver something, that adds +2 to all skills but is 2handed. For lvling from 55-94 would you think it would be better to use that crossbow for bonus +2 to all skills, or 1h weapon and offhand with pet bonuses?

You can use the bow if nothing better comes up.

As for Primal Spirit, too high of a CD to be useful. Also does a weird mix of damage types.

Also one extra button press and you can see in my screenshots that my Skillbar is maxed out. I don’t want to switch between them mid fight every now then.

Hello, sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask if you have a necro build for the current patch?
Like just necro no other class.
Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

Yes, both of these should still work:

If you need help on leveling up with a Necromancer, look in the beginner section of my guide: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

However do note that I use Lokarr’s Spoils set in that because I wanted to show that you could use it to level 1-100 on a single mastery pet build. But if you are new you probably wouldn’t have it, so just focus on pet items in those slots and the Fettan mask Helmet:

Thank you again for the help, I will start levelling right away.

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Well Maya I just wanted to say this build is truly amazing. I have never fought Archmage Aleksander before and believe it or not I killed him in under 20 seconds it’s not even funny. The only thing I admit I changed in the build is instead of using wind devil I put 1 point in primal spirit and the rest I put them in buffs so I summoned that extra pet on him and he died and that pet still had good extra 4-5 seconds to live :yum:

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Hi, is there an alternative link to this file. The zippyshare just gives me a 403 error on several devices and the online link is too small to read.

Want to download it and send it to my work email so i can read it in my downtime :slight_smile:

many thanks

EDIT - seems it didn’t add the quote and I don’t know how to add it. I was referring to the budget beginners guide post, apologies

Worked it out, zippyfile blocked for UK peeps.

Does this website work:

If so I can put that in as an alternative option.

Hi, thanks for the guide!

Since Grimtool is down right now can someone write me the devotions and what spell to bind them?

many thanks

Welcome to the forums and I took screenshots:

If something is not clear then feel free to ask :blush:

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Thanks Maya really appreciate it

Having a blast with this build :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad to hear that :yum:

Hey man, I was looking for a good pet build and ended up here! I was wondering if you could post some screenshots of your in-game tree by chance? Sorry if it was already posted, but I didn’t see it in the skim and everything else including the pdf are all linking back to grimtools which is down :cry:

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+1 [Maya] screenshots pls

Both of you need to clarify. If it is devotions, it is right there a few posts above. If you want screenshots of something else, let me know.

Hi Maya,

I LOVE your builds, love love love them. I was wondering if you could provide screenshots of your skill trees and devotion setup for Fluffy Vengeance by any chance…?
That would be wonderful…GrimTools is down atm…
Thanks so much!

Unfortunately, Fluffy’s Vengeance is old and I no longer have the character :frowning:


Damn… Hmm, what build would you recommend for the recent patch…? I was building your double birb until I read of the nerfs T__T