The game needs a real tutorial

This video explains it all:

As a player who picked up the game a couple of months ago, I explored all the options.

I will be honest, I got half way through your video because the issue seems that you are not exploring the game. On the map, it clearly shows another icon beside the icon of the town’s portal… why not click it. See what happens??

Same with the class system. After I got my first level, green circles are flashing, I went to click it… is it my curiosity that got the better of me? Of course.

This is what it is about ANY game I play. I don’t read about it, other than what type of game it is. I visited the forum after about 40 hours of game play to get more knowledge, but that was 40 hours of discovery in the game, no help at all.

My honest opinion to a somewhat new player advantage who knew nothing of grim dawn before a cpurple of months ago.

Wow, if these are your complaints, that is you being dense…

You did not find the class system, despite being level 4

You do not know how to get back to your personal portal

When you right-click a component to combine it, some other items light up, yet you are puzzeled about what to do next.

Sorry, in that case play something simpler, I recommend something from this list

Here’s a hint, read the tips when they pop up, would solve your first questions

For returning to your portal, you clicked on the rift gate, you just did not click on your personal rift in the map…

For the right-click, drop the component on an item you want to combine it with.

Only 1 out of 10000 people will have your issues, if that many…

There are text pop-up tutorial boxes in the game that help kind-of, I think that they could be better implemented. They are there though.

@everyone replying to me with idiotic statements and replies.

I’m not getting into debates with forum clowns who clearly cannot get it through their head that there is absolutely no possible way that a player who has never touched this to know enough to do anything either of you mentioned. Then having players like you use their knowledge as ammunition to attack a player that has legitimate issues, trying to say the issues being addressed are the players fault and simply justifying poor development with lack of instructions.

The game isn’t explained and needs a fully detailed tutorial and that’s the bottom line. So deal with it.

guess what, no one explained it to me either, and I had no issue whatsoever to use it the very first time I came across it.

Face it, you are dense…

All troll and no explore makes Johnny a dull boy

Quit harassing me. You’ve said your piece so move on.

It is not harassing. It is explaining the fact that you want to told how to play to the last letter, instead of figuring anything out.

As a “clown” as you mentioned, I was being constructive towards your video and explaining my own personal opinion as a new player to Grim Dawn.

Sorry if it made you feel inferior.

I’ve been playing the game since it was in build 24, but when I started playing grim dawn, whatever you had issues with just felt intuitive to me.
I do agree that a clearer (even though the tool tips are very informative in limited space) tutorial could be handy, especially for more advanced mechanics (I’m the kind of person who doesn’t always have internet). The problem I think you have though is that you seem to lack initiative or intuition to find out the most basic stuff on your own.
Did you really not notice that there was a smaller portal on the world map? Weren’t you curious why your level had a plus sign on top of it and was flashing? In a game where moving and clicking your mouse was vital don’t you think that limiting a mouse button to only one thing gimps out your choices? Did you not notice what was being highlighted when you right clicked the component?
I had said earlier that a clearer tutorial can help, but I don’t think crate should be wasting their time to explain things that should be just intuitive

I am replying to your post, not harassing you.

we are talking about basic things like

  • choosing a mastery and skills
  • returning to your rift gate
  • combining a component with an item

You seriously think no one can possibly figure out how to do this without looking it up somewhere ?

Mankind would have died out a few thousand years ago (deservedly so) if we were that stupid…

You are literally the first person to post having issues with this. To me that sounds like the problem is with you.

Ok moving on, as suggested, there really is not anything to add any more anyway…

+1. Very well explained.

nothing you said has any relevance because nothing you posted is explained anywhere in the game nor does it have the player go through it to have them understand how to do it either. Furthermore you need to quit saying FIGURE it out…Figuring things out is not how a game is played and never has been you gamers somehow have gotten it into your heads that it’s not the devs responsibility to explain how to use their product…WRONG. It’s not my responsibility to go messing around with the basics of a game, ad I’m not going to either, I am however going to be explained in great detail by the devs how to use what I paid them for…So accept it.

This isn’t about feeling inferior this is about you and others head is too wrapped up in already knowing how the game works so you and others don’t see the problem and THINK this is easy and you cannot step back from that and see this is not so for other people.

If I am told there is a teleport system in the game, then the devs are 100% responsible for going over all the basics on how to use the system. So I better be told all the basic usage on it THIS IN CLUDES HOW TO GO BACK TO IT.

It is not a players job to mess around with something the devs are REQUIRED to explain and I REFUSE to do any experimenting and thinking when it comes to game basics…ain’t going to happen!

Are you part of a generation that needs to be told everything to do in life to be anything?

Do you not have COMMON SENSE of learning something by yourself?

Just stop trying so hard to make it a problem of the dev team when all it would take is some of what I mentioned above. …


You will die if your HP reaches zero.

well, since you cannot let it rest…

All of it is so intuitive and basic that no one but you had issues with it up to this point. You by now found that out in more than one thread…

Here are some more you will eventually be surprised by

Click on where you want to go
Click to pick up an item
Click to attack an enemy

Face it, you are the least observant person to ever have played GD. What everyone else finds simple is an obstacle for you. The proof is in all the replies you get.

None of this needs tutorials, it does need someone who does not just stare blankly at a screen, not comprehending anything he sees on it.

There is an in-game help system which explains everything you asked.

Now you would say that it shouldn’t be your responsibility to have to look this up in game and the dev’s should tell you it upfront and make a tutorial 60 minutes in length to explain everything you want explained (which it would be for this game since there is so much to know, but that doesn’t really sound like your idea of playing a game either since you want to just ‘play’ it). In which we can just agree to disagree.

Nothing you said is relevant nor valid. And it’s hilarious watching people like you get butt hurt because I’m telling the devs to do the job they got my money to do.

People like you never seem to grasp the concept of the product maker is responsible for explaining all about their product to it’s consumer.

It’s the devs job to explain to me how to use their product. It is not a players job to mess around with an unexplained product no matter how little or insignificant the detail may appear to be to people like you.

Just because YOU Do not think it needs explaining, doesn’t matter, its still supposed to be explained no matter what.

as far as this goes:

Sorry also not relevant. First of all there is no way to know that system exists because the player isnt’ told about it so there is no possible way a player can know that. And 2 it’s not my job to read up on how the basics work…and I’m not going to either it is the devs job to show me this stuff.

I see the problem…
You said in your video that the game needs a tutorial and someone needs to read that tutorial for you… well the game has a tutorial, a written one it pops up automatically every time something new happens, but you have to read it, maybe that’s the problem

Explaining only one of your “problems”, the component, crafting material.
Lets use logic to learn about it. Mousing over the item opens a small window, in that window says “Used in all weapons, shields and caster offhand”, maybe you should try click one of those items? It also says “Partial Component 1/3” maybe you should try to find one more of those and you will have 2/3, it will be stronger. I know its hard but try to read a little, it works, I swear.

Also you complain about how people respond to you but you are not being polite either.

I talk to people the way THEY Talk to me. So knock off trying to turn this around.
Go back and read any topic I created and then look at the replies people made towards me.

So you have your information backwards there pal.

You’re also not too swift either,

First of all that’s 100% false a tutorial means a fully detailed explanation that explains step by step how to use what it shows and you full well know this game does not do that so it does not have a tutorial.

As far as something new popping up, yes, but that information is null and void because it isn’t complete it just says you CAN do this…then never explains how so it’s useless.

Clearly if I went to town using the Personal RIFT it explained HOW to go to town and I read it…However it does not mention anything that you CAN even go back through it which means you cannot if you could then it was supposed to be explained AT THAT TIME…Can’t explain one half and not the other then try to tell someone who points that out it’s their fault for not experimenting with something they shouldn’t have to experiment with.

Now as far as mousing over an item it says “Used in all weapons, shields and caster offhand”

It says RIGHT CLICK TO USE. So do potions.
I have right clicked on a potion and it instantly gets used so that means when I see RIGHT CLICK TO USE on anything else it’s supposed to get instantly used JUST LIKE THE POTION. You can’t have the same instruction for multiple things and not have that instruction be used the same way for every item that has that instruction on it Without causing a massive confusion problem.

Furthermore you saying it’s a partial component means nothing more than getting a lower amount of (Insert effect) it still says right click to use so it doesn’t require more pieces of it and it’s still supposed get used when you right click on it (Like the potion)…It will

The fact is RIGHT CLICK TO USE is useless on anything but consumables because THERE IS NO INSTRUCTIONS DIFFERENTIATING WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO with a non-consumable once you right click on it.

So yes a fully detailed tutorial is REQUIRED.