The Gnome's (silly) nook

:wave: :woozy_face:

Guess i’ll just make like a “catch all” topic, with any silly build i end up with, that isn’t worthy of an individual post/direct community contribution :thinking:

GDstashed or not, unless some specific “metric” is added, sole requirement is probably just gonna be that it it can(/could) clear SR 65 and some main content - or possibly less :no_mouth: (my diehard minimum used to be SR 50)

Prepare for lotta dumb things that don’t work, is done better by others, and likely can’t be obtained “legit”/without GDstash
-all while not not having GDstash performance :ok_hand:

we’ll see how it goes…

The Gnome's Collection:

1 Half to Make a Whole - "templates"

"half" a build, combine with another fitting mastery after your choice to complete for a full class/build

:anger:Rain of Fire the fiery death from above:anger:
:star:Triple Devastation & Meteor procs; Arcanist half


Albrecht's Awesome Ray

:anger:Puny Piercing Pierce Lazor:anger:
:star:Piercing Damage AAR Magehunter



:anger:the “How Green Can We Go?” mega GDstashed BM:anger:
:star:2h Shadow Striking Ring of Steel Blitzer Blademaster

:anger:the Too low DMG, Too low HP, too fudged greens “but i still had fun” CBA BM:anger:
:star:non-Eldritch Gaze 50% Chaos Blade Arc Blademaster

:anger:Mad Viper:anger:
:star:no-Greens Acid Cadence Blademaster



:anger:The Arthritis Mentalist:anger:
:star:Lightning Slow Jacks Canister Nado Elementalist



Worst of the worst bottom trash never again why did i do this :confounded:
:star:Dual Wield “Melee” Vitality Cabalist (pre conduit patch)



:anger:Gonna Get Green:anger:
:star:9x Greens Chaos Blade Arc Commando


Death Knights

:anger:Proccer Galore DerpKnight:anger:
:star:non-Leviathan Physical Cadence Death Knight

:anger:When you don’t listen to Eard:anger:
:star:135k dps Cadence VoS Death Knight; the crystal farmer spectaculare



:anger:Blue Da Ba Dee:anger:
:star:Trozan’s Sigils and Rune of Hagarrad Deceiver
^use Duncan Energy Regen craft bonus for less chugging



:anger:Abyssal Spinster; a Void Dreidel:anger:
:star:Chaos Eye of Reckoning Dervish

:anger:Earthsplitters & Friends splitting hairs:anger:
:star:half-green Physical Blade Spirits & EoR Dervish

(Scales setup for less mana pot chug)



:anger:code name; Big Red Brush, the secret agent:anger:
:star:Chaos Oblivion Infiltrator

:anger:Waving Shards of the Abyss:anger:
:star:Chaos Obsidian Tremor Infiltrator

:anger:Green & Ghastly blades hurling Ghoster:anger:
:star:Aether Phantasmal Blades spamming Infiltrator

:anger:Meh & unfulfilled despite it all:anger:
:star:Spite Phantasmal Blades Infiltrator

:anger:Can’t Crit without OA:anger:
:star:Messenger’s Repeater Pierce Infiltrator



:anger:Lackluster Depresser:anger:
:star:partially no set Vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor

:anger:the -not-Reaping-Arc- Reaping half Smiter:anger:
:star:Screaming Veil wps Aether Oppressor



:anger:The Quintessential Quintuple Conversion:anger:
:star:Physical Pistolero Paladin



:anger:Jack the Quick & Chaotic:anger:
:star:Chaos Stun Jacks Purifier

:anger:Chaotic Bartender chugging galore:anger:
:star:Infernal Knight’s Chaos Cocktails Purifier



:anger:Heralding A Reaping Reaper:anger:
:star:Blaze Herald SoB wps Aether Reaper

:anger:Beronath’s Splitting headache:anger:
:star:DW melee WPS no-AAreplacer Physical Reaper



:anger:Jack Frost The Bartender:anger:
:star:half-green Harra Cold Cocktail & Quick Jacks Saboteur



:anger:Cpt America’s Acid Vroom Dream:anger:
:star:8x green, Gildam Arcanum Acid Skating Aegis Sentinel



:anger:A Chilly BBQ:anger:
:star:50%green, Cold Cocktails & Mortar Sorc



:anger:Binding Reaping Turret Arc:anger:
:star:Aether Missile Reaping Arc Binder



:anger:Nerfed by Nadaan:anger:
:star:Pierce Forcewave Tactician

:anger:Mad Max Mediocre; If only I were a Commando:anger:
:star:Chaos Blade Arc Tactician



:anger:Trix are for kids:anger:
:star:Brutallax Piercing Trickster

:anger:Pets doing Chilly Tricks:anger:
:star:5greens Cold Player Pets Trickster (greedy devos)

(sensible devo setup)

:anger:the Red Ring of Death:anger:
:star:¼green Brutallax Bloodrager Bleeding Trickster



:anger:Armor bypass not passing mustard:anger:
:star:Earthspitter Shotgun Storm Totem Physical Warder



:anger:I hear you like WPS; The Avenger:anger:
:star:22/22 Smite, Markovian, Zolhan 107 Cunning Phys Avenger Warlord

:anger:Solael’s Pseudo Passer:anger:
:star:2h ranged Phys Cadence Smiting Warlord



:anger:The Beat of Ch’thon:anger:
:star:0greens 2h Chaos Cadence Witchblade

:star:0greens Markovian derp setup (my pref)

(green vers +26/26 Cadence/Markovian - less RR)

:anger:Should have used Bloodrager:anger:
:star:“standard” Bleeding Witchblade


Witch Hunters

:anger:the FakEoR; Voracious Witch Hunger:anger:
:star:Voracious Reach Physical Witch Hunter

:anger:Jackie Frost slinging icicles:anger:
:star:Winter King’s Might Cold Witch Hunter



I in no way mean to disrespect the community or builders by suggesting I invented everything/anything here, or was the first to get an idea, or snatched a build/deliberately not crediting an OG creator.
I don’t keep super up-to-date on most builds posted or game change discussion other than casual browsing. That’s not to say i don’t or haven’t browsed any builds or been inspired by a community builder to do something silly ever
And most of the time I’m also too lazy to do a cursory search, to see if stuff has already been posted/discussed, and tend to (now) just plop things in on a whim

Complete props and respect to any and all community builders, and folks on the discord for humouring me helping make all this possible, and full credit to anyone I haven’t directly credited

Honorary mentions (in no particular order) to:
 mamba, Dammitt, GlockenGerda, MadLee, banana_peel, sir_spanksalot, Nery, Ulvar1, AlkamosHater, Maya, 
Stupid_Dragon, Shopping, John Smith, Superfluff, Duchy, Nandi, fordprefect, grey-maybe, Dmt,
 x1x1x1x2, omnitro, Plasmodermic, ya1, fordprefect, Leopold, RektbyProtoss, jajaja, The_Mess,
afanasenkov26, DaShiv, thepowerofmediocrity, Duskdeep86, malawiglenn, Strannik, Sigatrev,
 Evil_Baka, Eard, Monccc, Maska, Crittrain, Valinov, Madroman, Kurossu, jens, TomoDak
Ceno, tqFan, powbam, medea_fleecestealer, eisprinzessin, #AllPraets, AtropaBellaDonna, 
 OrbPlaytime, Faust Wither, Childe Roland, KG, FlamingX21, Matthew, "that guy that got banned", 
anachoret, Halcyon, *

*and a thousand apologies + 1 million humble gnome offerings to anyone i missed :pray:

will add/update/edit format on a whim as i feel like, or not … :pensive:


Gnomish Reservation

gnome reserve

I love Gnome Gnooks. Some of my best friends are from those!

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I like this topic and the presentation. Also Gnuffi tag :smiley:

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I like the collection but a least some of the builds (that I’m able to estimate quickly) look totally legit which disappointed me in a way :rofl:

Yeah, having your own tag makes you a VIP in an instant :wink:


Looks like somebody wandered onto omnitro’s thread where he (and I) went to town testing out the forum’s features.

🔥 My Test Topic (Nothing Interesting)



I see comic sans I hit like


yup, :blush: - big help that thread :+1:
i’m mildly familiar with discourse stuff, but the coloring of “spoiler”/drop down boxes kinda alluded me.
Learning from yours/omnitro’s post it is handled via HTML (which i know 0 about), made it possible to break up the standard white on black very nicely :ok_hand:, cheers - and the keyboard input box just happen to look kinda awesome and fitting as is for this and GD overall :smile:
even if it’s mediocre contributions/“derp fun/semi-fail” builds collection, i thought to at least give it a little “flair”/colour like some of the other folks’ collections like Ulvar, Maya and StupidDwagon etc etc :sweat_smile:


Can we talk about the clever devotions of the arthritis mentalist :thinking:
Too bad those guns didn’t receive the 15% physical conversion other guns did, it would have been useful for once

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not sure i would call them “clever” :sweat_smile:

originally i had a much more offensive devo map, which was kinda awesome, but also meant it barely survived chunks on 65, so sustain was heavily needed.

Meteor was more for lulz instead of Ultos (which might be better), and Magi/Fissure is better proc/shotgun, but being “greedy” i wanted the oa+crit on Torch (tho could technically be semi-replaced elsewhere),
and ofc again not being greedy for crit using seal of destruction instead of skies means “missing” out on that 20% phys conversion

thankfully the triple heal devo procs function fairly nicely/reliably, and the overall “issue” is the arthritis nature of it all, and ofc featuring less dmg than something more “focused” :sweat_smile:

decided to “upgrade” my avenger toons since catching the smite fever
do you like wps bruv? :face_with_monocle:
probably already exists on the forum (too lazy to look), tho my archon is little different from shopping’s, still need fine tuning before adding tho


and here is another silly thing,
possibly the best infiltrator i’ve ever made? :thinking: Chaos Oblivion Infiltrator


Looks funny, also +points for only one GD stashed item :slight_smile:

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thanks, it’s been pretty fun to play :blush:

if you refer to the scepter it’s actually not critically relying either affix, as cast speed is actually capped without :smile:
i’m assuming (since i don’t do thorough testing) that the runecaster/racial affix is better than a regular flat/bonus dmg prefix, but i don’t know for sure :thinking:
and i’ve got a feeling, that even tho the suffix resist is replaceable, getting a reight prefix+useable resist suffix conduit is gonna take longer than fishing for a semi decent chaos scepter :sweat_smile:

How have I never noticed this. Can I introduce you to meme Valdun with OA?

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and another dumb little thing i can’t believe “works” (and would probably totally work better in different setups/dmg types :sweat_smile:)

Fake EoR Physical Witch Hunter

totally needs better CC res (affixes), stun in particular is stupid low, but luckily plenty of items that can be fudged :no_mouth: - kinda fun how plenty items can be replaced and it will still sorta work the same, like Eldritch Gaze helm, boots, shoulders etc
unfortunately Scales is mandatory because mana is a PITA without :pensive:, and depending on speed rolls on items might need to shuffle some devo points into ex 2pt jackal/3pt Wendigo etc to get attack speed up there
but dang, that phys res, and somehow a sheet dps of 200k, on a class with minimal native +phys/%dmg support :joy:

crits so low it flyes under the radar :wink: - cheers, i figured it could be made sorta to work/obtain more OA, :sweat_smile:
it’s just one of those i didn’t bother with much for more than 5mins, since it just wasn’t fun/lacking in so many areas :disappointed:

and doing another silly Witch Hunter, this time a version of Winter King’s Might

it’s squishy, a pierce resist affix is mandatory on greens, and the dps is sorta low :confused: - even at 200 cast speed and 70 slow resist Winter King just feels really slow slamming :man_shrugging:

keeping the theme going with some chaotic quick jacks;
Chaos StunQuick Jacks Purifier

sustain is a “little” low, but so far good enough to get through 65-66 at least, with a bit of care :man_shrugging:

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i took the Oblivion infiltrator and swapped a few points, devos and like 3 items, and ended up with this
Obsidian Tremor Infiltrator
3100 DA without even trying, somehow … @_@
most crazy part is it’s even better than Rah’zin Obsidian Deceiver or Pyro :thinking:, Ember’s Calling is just awesomesauce for Nightblade related chaos silliness :yum:, (don’t nerf Zantai :crossed_fingers:)