The Harbinger of Deception - Doombolt Deceiver (420k crits unbuffed/unbannered - crucy 170 viable)

Being the idiot that I am, I did not realize that Valinov had already done up a very viable doombolt deceiver build:

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee.

^EDIT: Just wanted to fashion dawn it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

GT: <-- Edited GT link. Now with 70% WPS chance.
Youtube video:

My sincere thanks to the usual crowd. :rolleyes:

It’s always baffled me a little as to why they aren’t more Chaos deceiver builds posted. With 2 skills granting flat damage and attack speed, 2 on demand heals which give OA and DA, the best chaos RR skill available in the game, and possession - I would have thought it’d be a popular pick.

While I have no doubt that this build will do extremely well on a pyromancer, I feel that it would lack the defence needed to achieve the goal I had in mind: Clear 170 using no more than 3 buffs.

I had initially wanted to do it using just 2, but energy consumption becomes a huge issue past 150. (Strangely enough, I can consistently beat 150 unbuffed/unbannered with the current set up.)

At the risk of coming across as stupid, I’d like to mention that clear time and consistency increases TREMENDOUSLY with the vanguard banner as you can literally take nems out in about 6 seconds. Crits hit for about 650-700k per doombolt. We can literally shred 40-50% of a nem’s life the moment one spawns.

Logic of the Build
It goes without saying that the harbinger set is key to the build.

Shadowflame mantle was chosen for an additional WPS, and divinesteel hauberk for more defense.

I opted to snag the bloodsworn sigil as I have way more fire RR than I do vit RR.

Shard of beronath was used to get an autoattack skill.

Grand total of -135% RR:
i. -20% from weapon
ii. -10% from ring
iii. -35% from devotions
iv. -25% from death sentence
v. -10% from relic
vi. 35 flat RR from set bonus

All said and done, DB consistently crits for ~300k, peaking at 400k or so under perfect conditions.

Autoattack show a sheet DPS of about 89k - while not mindboggling amazing, it’s still a non trivial amount of damage especially when we consider the 70% WPS chance we have.

A thing to note about aeon’s - Not only does it allow us to double DB, it also allows us to reset both our heals. This allows for some pretty damn good sustain.

In addition, ‘The Harbinger’ proc (100% dodge for 8 glorious seconds!) + Ghoul allows for some mad facetanking. This essentially gives you enough time to facetank a nemesis mob and take out one before needing to kite.

Do note that this is one of the few builds I’ve done up NOT equipped with GDstashed items. The affixes are far from BiS - again proving that smart gameplay (if I may so toot my own horn) and an understanding of mechanics are the 2 things really needed to clear 170.

Affixes to lookout for:

  1. Anything which fixes your resists
  2. OA, DA, Flat HP
  3. Energy


  1. Purple crossroad
  2. 2 nodes into jackal
  3. Ghoul, viper, Eel, Sailor’s guide, Watchtower
  4. Spec out of crossroad --> Get green crossroad
  5. Spider
  6. Solael’s witchblade, Scholar’s light
  7. Spec out of spider --> Kraken
  8. Aeon’s, Dying God, 5 nodes into revenant

To be honest, I’m uncertain if I should squeeze in fiend. (This can be done by giving up 4 nodes in revenant, scholar’s light and the green crossroad for fiend and hawk).

Alternate, viable item options:

  1. As suggested by Korsar: Elite malmouth void pauldrons (
    Ptir pointed out that the shoulders I’m using essentially result in a slight DPS loss per the crappy attack animation of the WPS. I opted to keep my shoulders, however, because:
    i. My paranoid mind can’t handle not taking a free WPS
    ii. In a run-'n-gun situation, when you only have time to get 3 or so shots in, being able to proc that WPS before kiting results in more damage.

Nice setup. Was Harbinger buffed recently? I remember some people saying it’s bad when AoM came out.

I don’t know if it was buffed tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just really liked the concept of adding a fat 140% WD to doombolt.

EDIT: Just checked the patch notes: Nope. No changes made to Harbinger.

I dont understand the medal choice, you lose dps by converting vitality to fire which isn’t even buffed/focused in your setup at all.

Chaos/Fire is better than Chaos/vit cause relic, and the medal grants flat fire damage to DB where 25% is converted to chaos.

Hmm…it was also an issue which really bugged me, but what medal would you propose using instead? Short of MoD, I couldn’t find a better alternative.

I’ve tried running 2x voidhearts to get more fire --> chaos conversion, thereby allowing me to make better use of the flat fire damage added to DB. This is also very viable.

I would definitely use non mythical Blood Sigil of Ch’thon, it is still the best dps option works even better with higher conversion focused setups.

Note: Derped in item**

Finally a good Doombolt build for Crucible. Congratulations!

Why not take third inquisitor build?

Good build btw, gratz.

Also, Enchanted Earth is a better component in boots.

EDIT: Also, before you craft nice “of Kings pair”, I am guessing Bloodletter’s of Kings would be bis for you, use Stormtitans. Way better than your current boots - their proc reduces incoming damage.

Last time I checked shoulders WPS resulted in DPS loss.
Nice build anyway. =)

@Pyroscar: I’ll test out the sigil and let you know how it goes, but I feel like it’d be hard to fit it in given the loss of resists.

@Veretragna: <3

@Mad_lee: You’re totally right about enchanted earth. It’s almost always my go to when I’ve maxed movespeed. No idea why I derped that up.

@Ptir: Whaaaaaaaaaat??? Why would the shoulders result in DPS loss? It adds flat damage, and deals 100% WD, and I think it hits 2 or 3 times really quickly?

Whaaaaaaaaaat??? Why would the shoulders result in DPS loss? It adds flat damage, and deals 100% WD, and I think it hits 2 or 3 times really quickly?

I tested them pre- AoM and the animation was way too long. Dunno how it work right now, you should check them vs Dark Flame shoulders.

Dark flame was actually the shoulders I was debating if I should use! :smiley:

Hmmmm, still should be BiS for Pyro due to +4 to Brimstone, but that’s not this build case tho.

Just spent 25 minutes with the dummy. As I don’t have any fancy Damage breakdown tooltips, I had to guesstimate - which is to say I could very well be wrong.

But from my end, I felt that the 3 that rapid shots from the WPS make up for the horrible attack animation.

Might be a DPS loss if DW pistols though.

BTW Arcane empowerment provide better returns that Second rite. And onepointers into CoF/Vulnerability would increase dps output a bit.

Might be a DPS loss if DW pistols though.

it don’t work with pistols at all. Just kill dummy 3 times with these shoulders, then switch to black flame and try again. Compare kill times :roll:

Try Elite Malmouth Void Pauldrons though.

DUH. Silly spanks. It’s a 2H ranged WPS!

Will test out the kill time and post my findings here. :slight_smile:

@Korsar: Thanks for the shoulder suggestion. Will definitely check that bad boy out. I was thinking of benny shoulders if I happen to find a good pair.

You already have Solael’s witchfire on 22/12, so Benny’s shoulders are useless for you, but you totally needed that last point in Possession, which give you huge damage burst.